Your Heart Is A Masterpiece

Your Heart Is A Masterpiece, So Learn To Protect It.

Your heart is beautiful. It is a masterpiece. He is neither ignorant nor broken. You are not wrong to make every effort in the world to be happy or to believe that you deserve a man who does as much as you do.

I know you sometimes feel like you’re “too much.” You like it too hard. You’re going too hard. You are too available. You are too compassionate. You are too concerned, too involved, too much…, too…, too much!

When your partner needs you, you are always there for him. You listen to him, reach out to him and do everything in your power to help him solve his problem.

But when the situation turns around, you find yourself alone. Indeed, you can’t count on him because all he’s interested in is his little person.

Your Heart Is A Masterpiece

On the one hand, you love it, even when you’re exhausted, stressed or when you feel abandoned. On the other hand, you don’t even get half of what you give.

Is that right? All your life, you have put the needs of others before yours. Moreover, since you have been with your partner, you feel tired of being the indestructible pillar of your romantic relationship.

He relies entirely on you without making the slightest effort to relieve you of this burden. Then in the evening, when you go to bed and look at the ceiling, you wonder why you’re doing all this for someone who’s not worth it.

You wonder how it is possible to be both “not enough” and “too much.”

You are the girl who finds herself all alone as soon as a minor problem arises within your couple. How many times have your ex left simply because they found “better”?

How many times did they leave because you had a ridiculous disagreement?

Basically, what does it mean “better”? After all, you’ve always given your heart 100%. You did your best to make your partners happy and not to look too sticky.

You didn’t want to stifle them, so you did your best to respect their limits. You were trying to find a small place in their lives without upsetting their habits too much.

And honestly, until then, you thought you were on the right track with your current partner. He never expressed his frustrations with your relationship as a couple.

And as I said earlier, you’ve really done what you can to give him everything he wants. But it wasn’t enough… No…

Again, your current partner is doing it to you backwards, like your ex. All of a sudden, he moved away from you. He became an unknown. But you know what that means? He never liked you. Never!

Your partner doesn’t understand you at all.

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Your heart is of rare beauty, so don’t let anyone tarnish it. Don’t let anyone break your morale because you deserve the love you give to others.

Protect your heart, for it is precious. But do not hide it because it is a gift. You are neither “not enough” nor “too much.” You are precisely as you are supposed to be.

No one has the right to ask you to change or judge you. Besides, have you ever wondered why your partner thought you weren’t good enough for him?

Isn’t being beautiful, intelligent, funny and independent enough for him? At some point, you have to stop questioning yourself and take the time to analyze the situation.

As my mother always used to tell me: “Don’t listen to what you are told; look at who is talking to you.” Indeed, sometimes it is not the words that count; it is the person who tells you.

Does your partner feel inferior to you? Is he afraid that another man will see your worth?

The same goes when he tells you that you are “too much.” Too much, what? Too present for him? Are you too nice to him? Being “too much” means nothing.

You just have to stop listening to what others are telling you.

Love is not someone who constantly tells you that you are “too much” or “not enough.” Love is when your partner accepts you as you are.

It is respect, tolerance and patience. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person who shares your life or if you feel like they’re trying to destroy your self-esteem, this man is not the one for you.

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So, thank him for leaving. Thank him for not recognizing your value because, in reality, he has done you a service. Indeed, he gave you an important lesson: you should not listen to anyone.

You have to trust your instincts and be the person you’ve always wanted to be. And you don’t have to apologize for being who you are. You are a great woman, and you have a heart of gold.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Take the time to focus on yourself, do what you like and be happy. You don’t need a man to have a fulfilling and fulfilling life.

Besides, never forget that love happens when you least expect it. Open your heart to the possibility of unconditional love, but don’t spend your life waiting for it.

Would you mind making the most of it and letting evil tongues get entangled in their negativity?


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