You Need A Suitable Man

You Need A Suitable Man – Not A Perfect One – A Must Read

You Need A Suitable Man, Not A Perfect One – A Must Read If You Feel Yourself Unlucky In Love

This post is for all those women who are unlucky in love or simply chose unless indicated for them and did not notice it at the time.

Sometimes men who go through our lives are a reflection of who you are. Yes, that hurts.

“Have you ever wondered why you only attract the wrong men or “jerks”? Your love life has been a mess for a while, you can’t make any way out of a formal relationship, and the people who have gone through your life have only taught you to see what you don’t want in a couple.

You Need A Suitable Man
You Need A Suitable Man – Not A Perfect One

If the pattern of men who have hurt you repeats itself, maybe the problem is not them, it can be you, and you don’t realize it.

How? Sometimes you can inadvertently give the wrong, ideal signs and only see what you want to see.

Suppose you have repeatedly stated to be attracted and in love with someone.

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Shortly after starting the relationship, you realize that this person did not turn out to be the person you had idealized, making you lose faith in love. In that case, it is probably because you always attract the same type of people.

We usually look for and agree to date gentlemen who meet the same kind of patterns, based on the ideal boy model we have in mind; however, we don’t realize that we’re making a big mistake because pitifully, that person is never going to become like us idealize them no matter how much we try.

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So why do we only attract the wrong patterns? It’s all that we’re the reflection of what we attract; the level of value you see in yourself is the same one you’ll draw from other people because we accept the love we think we deserve.

Also, we will always look for someone with whom we feel comfortable as we are afraid to change and try new things.

You Need A Suitable Man – Not A Perfect One

For this reason, it is essential that you fall in love with the man you see in the mirror, focus on your imperfections because only then can you attract the best for your life.

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Take some time to reflect on who you are, meet, and find out what you require of a person to be happy.

We repeatedly dedicate our energies to finding a way to change the behaviour and feelings of the other person so that he becomes the person we dream for.

However, it is time for you to realize that the ideal person does not have to be perfect but suitable for you and only when you know and accept yourself can you accept him with his virtues and flaws.

Therefore, a woman should not force things into a relationship; everything must follow her course when you meet someone new.

You have to be cautious without pointing out all men as evil and meet minor by little without expecting to fall in love.

Never forget your flaws so you can say them without fear by accepting yourself to be accepted by others and appreciate how good and evil you are.


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