unrequited love

Why People Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Them Back

Facts About Why People Fall for Someone Who Doesn’t Love Them Back ~ 

When love is reciprocated, it becomes blissful. But, when it is not been reciprocated then what?

We might want to be with someone in love, who might not have the same feeling for us.

In this case, what should we do?

unrequited love

Some of us might accept the fact and move on while, for some, it becomes simply impossible, to accept. They find it completely unacceptable to accept unreciprocated love.

This is not only alarming but also dangerous. This acts as a self-destruction for them. They continue pursuing their love. This is not done at all.

You can’t force someone to love you. And you must respect other’s feelings and decisions. There is no point one should try to convince someone to love them back. Love is a feeling and not logic.

So, you can’t and shouldn’t try proving any point to love you back.

What can be the reasons for that, some people can’t take unreciprocated love?

Let’s check out some facts about this.

 Reasons People Continue To Pursue Someone Who Doesn’t Love Them Back:

  1. They project what they want to be true.

When we tend to see something we want, in someone, we project these things in an unusual way. These things in reality don’t apply to the person, we are targeting.

But, we remain focused on our projection and start assuming things on their behalf. These projections are normally illusion and imaginary.

For example, we will see that person, hugging us, kissing us. We will see them with us at a romantic dinner. And all these happen with our open eyes, and being in the complete sense.

So, it’s not any kind of daydreaming. This is something that we want to happen with the person who has not reciprocated their love. This is dangerous and needs to be stopped by you only.

Our admiring and loving that person insist us to project these things from a distance. What we don’t see are the flaws, which would be there if we were to live with them regularly.

  1. They Like Drama More than Reality.

Getting addicted to the chase, knowing they won’t get anything; becomes an addiction for these people. They become obsessed with their fantasy.

The pain, they go through for their unrequited love, becomes acceptable and pleasure for them. Reality becomes irrelevant for these people as they find their own ways to be happy with their own thoughts of being loved back by their love.

These people need to get back to reality. Again, only they can do that, by accepting the facts and staying away from the drama of their own.

 It appeals to some people without love. If they chase for a long time, they do not face the anti-climatic feeling of coming down from the romantic high.

It creates and stimulates high drama, and provides the ideal antidote for any boredom that may occur in their lives around.

  1. They Fear Intimacy.

Some people are shy and don’t want to get involved in real love. Some of us protect themselves by not going into a real relationship. Some justify not going in a real relationship to avoid getting hurt.  

They prolong their search for love – in this case, chasing them without following – becomes a way to maintain the feeling of being loved without any risk.

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These chases become a bargain where they satisfy their craving for love and need to protect their vulnerable feelings at the same time.

Being in love with someone who does not love them allows them to feel the intensity and passion involved in a relationship without going into any type of commitment.

  1. They Remain In the Past.

There might be a past experience of losing their love with these people. The painful experience and the hurt they might have got in their past, stop them to go for real love.  

Sexual or emotional abuse can also be the reason for their recent behavior. Some people who are too sensitive also behaves in the same manner.

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Any of the above conditions can bring attraction to unrequited love. People who go for this, rather who are forced by themselves to go for this; suffer from pain, which ultimately becomes a pleasure for them.

They remain one step away from being really happy because of their own designed world of illusions and magic.

If you are also, one of them, who loves someone but is not being loved back, I would suggest you not waste your life and time for them.

A relationship needs two people to feel love for each other. You need someone who loves you back and not someone, who is nowhere in your life and have no feelings of love for you.

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You need to take the risk if you are looking for love. You have to be realistic and will have to come out from the imaginary world of yours of being loved by the person, you want to.

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To have a real partner, who loves you, cares for you, thinks about you, and feels the same for you is awesome. To be with them is what we all look and desire. That’s how you should also look out for your love.

Be realistic, accept facts, and look ahead. You are wonderful and you truly deserve to be loved back, in real and passionately.

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