Why I Refuse To Be Your Almost Love

Why I Refuse To Be Your Almost Love?

I fell in love with you in August, but by the end of March, you were merely a lesson.

I could never let you close. Somewhere deep in my heart, somehow I knew that the careless flirtations and the time we were spending together, would never matter to you.

You never looked like, willing to settle with me.

Almost Love

While all I want is a person, who is dedicated and serious about me. I wanted love, not almost love. And from the depth of my heart and soul, I always felt that you were not there for that.

And that’s why I decided to move on because I deserved more than your almost love.

I deserved more than meaningless suggestions for my life from you. I deserved more than empty promises, which you were not going to keep.

I deserved a shoulder to lean on my bad days, and I deserved support when I was at my worse.

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You were never there in the picture above.

I refuse to be your “Maybe” and I refuse to hear your BS because I deserve an absolute acceptance of me, the way I am.

I deserve to be loved unconditionally because I always put you first. But, you had other hidden agendas and issues. And I am not ready to be your “almost” for any reason at any cost.

You wanted physical attachment and not mental. I refuse to offer you any; a, b, c, d…g string; to break.

I refuse to give my body to someone, who is not willing to keep me in their heart and soul, and doesn’t want to be a part of me. I am not a sex toy for your cheap entertainment and I will always hold my morals high.

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And that’s another reason for which I will never become your almost love.

I might not be the most beautiful woman on this earth, but my body is a temple and it deserves adoration and love. My body is not for a one-night stand and lust. So, I refuse to be your “almost love”

Even if you consider me to be a piece of a**; I will still not be your almost love.

To fall for you so quickly was my fault, and I will rectify that, by setting you free. You had a mask and that finally fell down. You were an illusion.

I refuse to run after that and I refuse to be your almost love.

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I refuse to offer myself to someone, who refuses to invest his time and commitment in me. I have understood the value of my body and I have understood my worth too.

I fell for you that was a mistake, but being with you, was a punishment. Lessons learned and marked!

I deserve love and I deserve all the love of someone, who holds me tight in his arms like holding his life.

I don’t deserve almost love, and that’s why I refuse to be your almost love.

I hope this will help you to understand, why I refuse to be your almost love and that will help you to be a better person in the future.



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