Why Does Love Hurt?

Why Does Love Hurt?

Why Does Love Hurt? Love, a wonderful feeling that inspires us to become the best that one can be.

It makes us see good even in bad. Love teaches us to value the smallest things in life.

Still, love causes us pain, pain that knows no limit No cure for the pain caused by love. And we all, at some point, have surely experienced this. Pain in love is inevitable. You can’t skip, ignore, pain in love.

So, why it is so hurting to be in love? 

Why Does Love Hurt?

Why Does Love Hurt?
Why Does Love Hurt?

1. When In Love, We Expect A Lot.

When we are in love, everything looks and sounds beautiful. Even our thoughts also become beautiful. We long for affection and love.

We start looking for tangible ways where our feelings can be represented. These cravings set expectations on how our love can be exercised, and when these expectations are not meet, we get hurt.

Failed expectations cause pain, and that’s absolutely normal. There is nothing wrong with you when you feel frustrated in this case. But there is no need to wallow about that.

Love teaches us to accept, what we have and not worry about things that we don’t have. Love comes in different ways and forms. It’s entirely on us, how we take it. And once that’s done, you will always be content and happy in love.


2. Not Being Loved Back Hurts Us.

When we love someone it’s natural to expect of being loved back. When that doesn’t happen we get hurt. Unrequited and unconditional love sounds good on quotes and sayings.

Loving someone and not being loved back by the same person kills us. But sometimes, we start loving someone, who just can’t love us back the way we want them to. this leads to you not expressing feelings openly to your partner.

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And that also causes pain because you suppress your feelings and this can even lead to depression also.

When you find yourself in such a state, it’s best to remind yourself that your love doesn’t ask for anything. though it’s easy to say than done, that’s the only best option you are left with, if you don’t want to let them go and are willing to be with them.

3. Giving All For Nothing Hurts.

We feel the pain when we see that despite only giving everything to the person we love, we don’t get anything from them. Here, I don’t mean things which money can buy.

We put everything in the relationship with the person we love. We give our time, patience, love, respect, trust, and everything small and big things.

And if the other person doesn’t value that, we get hurt, and isn’t that normal? So, we do and give everything and nothing works.

But, that doesn’t mean that we should give up on love. It just might be a phase or not the right person, you are with. That doesn’t make love something not to believe in.

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Take a step back, give yourself some time, analyze things, and see, what is not working. Don’t lose yourself in the process of loving someone. Always remember when you give too much of yourself you start losing yourself.

Keep some time and feelings for yourself also.

4. When we do not feel comforted by our loved one we feel pained.

We feel hurt even when our partner responds to our feelings. this happens, we do not feel comfort and contentment from the other side. This can be resolved easily, not doing so can lead to various issues and even some beyond repairable damages.

We are different individuals, and we all have a different concept of love and different ways to express it. While you can long for affection and touch, your partner might have a more practical approach towards love and relationship.

It’s better to talk to your partner about issues like this and work out. this will help you to find out a solution and love will not remain a formal thing for both of you.

5. When We Try To Win An Argument, Love Hurts.

While love makes us contented and happy, it also makes us childish and greedy. There are many cases when we fight with our partner because we need to get something, and we give our best to win the argument.

When we think only about ourselves and our gains, that’s the point when we get hurt, each time we make these fights and arguments.

Love is not only about giving or only about taking. Love is understanding. In a relationship, both the partners need to understand each other. Both the partner should give and take without causing pain to each other.

6. When We Lose Our Love, It Hurts The Most.

We might think that being in love with someone is forever, but reality differs. A long-lasting relationship consists of many things. Lots of commitments, sacrifices, compromises, and trust are a few to name.

People who stay true to these things always make their relationship a long-lasting one. even in the hardest time of their lives, they don’t give up on each other.

But, when we lose our love, it hurts the most, when our partner doesn’t want to be with us and goes away, it breaks us into pieces.

And if we are still in love with them, there is nothing that can heal that pain, they cause. The person who was our life suddenly becomes a stranger. We become irrelevant for them and what else can be more painful than this?

Suffering from this pain and the heartbreaking situation is normal and there is every valid reason to lose interest in anything. But, we must learn to accept reality and rise up again.  

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Ultimately, it’s our lives and only we can live it up. No one else can breathe for us. so while we breathe, let’s make it a point to breathe with an open and happy heart.

The future is not known to anyone, so you never know, what is stored for you. so, while you go through the pain, prepare yourself future also.

And never to forget one very important thing. when you love someone truly, give them everything, but please, keep some love for yourself also.

That will always help you to heal up if you ever go through the pain of love at any point. It would also be a remedy for grief and the only love that would let you lead your life as a much strong and better version of you.

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