What Is A Female Led Relationship And How It Works

Female Led Relationship

What Is A Female Led Relationship And How It Works? In a relationship, when the woman is the dominating partner and leads from the front, is known as Female Led Relationship (FLR).

In such a relationship the man plays a supportive role and the woman takes all the decisions of everything,

She has the authority to make changes and to decide whatever has to be done.

Neither like the old way, where the man leads and takes important decisions nor like the current model of equality between the partners, the woman is the authority in a Female Led Relationship. Sometimes you might notice a Female Led Marriage also.

In this post, we will look into the various types of Female Led Relationships (FLR), their characteristics, and also the positives and negatives of it.

Female Led Relationship
Female Led Relationship

Female Led Relationship

Types Of FLR

On the basis of the levels of intensity, there are four categories of FLR

  1. Low Level Of Female Control

In this kind of FLR, all the decisions are taken mutually and the woman normal has low authority. Here though the man allows his partner to take a few decisions on her own in some other conditions, she needs to take permission from her man.

  1. Medium Level of female control

At this level, the female takes the day-to-day decisions. But she consults her man also when she feels that her decision might not be the right one.

In this scenario the female enjoys the role of a leader, for a while, to take decisions and enjoys the feel of ruling her man. This feel helps to boost her morale and confidence.

It helps their relationship to become more positive. Sometimes the man also enjoys the dominating attitude of his partner.

  1. Defined control

At this level of FLR, the female makes most of the decisions and leads like a man too. Areas, where it can be effective, are defined to ensure there is demarcation.

  1. Extreme control

This is the ultimate level of Female Led Relationship. Here the female has extreme and complete control on making decisions. This is normally seen in a relationship, where the female likes to have all the power in the relationship.

Certain Rules Of FLR

There are certain rules which help define a Female-led Relationship. Some of them are mentioned below.

The male partner shares their opinion while making a decision and the woman may consider that. But the female has the last say in most of the household decisions.

By being authoritative, the female helps her man to help get rid of some bad habits as, too much smoking or excessive drinking.

Though the male and female partners distribute the household work, the male partner sometimes cooks and does cleaning also.

The female has the upper hand when it comes to making a financial decision, and the male partner trusts her abilities and wisdom to take that decision.

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The female partner decides about attending or not attending any social gatherings or parties.

So, why some women want to lead from the front in a relationship by taking additional responsibilities? And why some men happily agree to play a supportive role and don’t try to reverse the roles?

Because, there are certain benefits in a Female Lead Relationship, and these men know that.

Why Some Women Prefer A Female Led Relationship?

Some women prefer to control everything in their lives, right from the kitchen to investing money and changing the channel on TV.

Some women find an opportunity to mold their man, the way they want them to be. They think, by dominating their male partner, they will have complete control over their lives as well.

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Since the male partner doesn’t resist while any decision is been taken by the female, this ensures no fights and tensions in the relationship. Hence, there is more peace in such relationships.

The male partner who accepts an FLR never minds being dominated. He might even love his partner more for taking care of all those things, which he was supposed to look after.

Why Does A Male Prefer A Female-Led Relationship?

So, what makes a male be in a Female Led Relationship? While they are supposed to play the dominant role. Why do some males prefer to give up control? Here are the reasons for which a normal healthy man, happily goes into a Female Led Relationship.

In an FLR, the male needs not to worry about making decisions and the results of those decisions. He is less responsible for anything that happens. Since the female is controlling every decision.

In such relationships where there is no struggle of power between the partners, the male partner has a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Some male prefers their female partner to take responsibility for everything so that they can concentrate on their field of interest or on their career.

Drawbacks OF Female Led Relationship

Obviously, like any other thing, there are some drawbacks also of a Female Led Relationship.

Traditional views of society and Social stigma can severely affect FLR relationships/marriages.

The male partner might be scared enough to oppose anything even if he doesn’t want to be in that relationship anymore.

Just because of the natural instinct the female partner might never discuss with her man before making a decision and that might be a wrong decision.

Every relationship has its own challenges, doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in. Be it an FLR, a Male Led Relationship, or an Equal one. Balance is required in a relationship. When all the decisions are been taken by one, both the partners can’t be happy for long.

So, type 2 and 3 are the best to ensure a stable and healthy relationship. Type 1 is too soft and might not be a wise option for many. And type 4 as you saw is too extreme and many men won’t accept that.

Creating Balance

The female partner can do more to maintain a healthy relationship by maintaining balance. They should encourage their male partners to contribute more to the relationship. They should also encourage their man to take initiative to make the relationship worthy.

Another important factor is to respect the man. Doesn’t matter if the female is taking most of the decisions, they should always respect their man. Mutual respect is the key to a healthy relationship. And the last option remains is to take a break and start all fresh from scratch!


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  1. I like making my own decisions about everything opposing all female dominance. I had a very dominating wife and hated everything about it. I wasn’t allowed to make any decisions. She didn’t like my family and stopped me from having fun even with my own brother and his wife. I have PSTD about it and after my divorce from her I am afraid to trust anyone again. I cannot bear to go through another marriage of being hen pecked to death and financially ruined. It will never happen again and I am prepared to die a single old man someday.


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