Relationship Issues

What happens when you don’t trust your partner?

What happens when you don’t trust your partner? – Relationships And Trust

Trusting your partner and being trusted by your partner, in a relationship, is the key to a beautiful relationship.

Trust plays the most significant role in the development of a relationship. Some people cheat, and some people are loyal.

It’s normal to analyze each other’s actions and activities to remain safe. But, at the same time being obsessed with doubts and not trusting our partner, is something dangerous for a relationship.

Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues

When we trust our partner, and they break that trust by cheating on us, is a sin. Their breaking our faith breaks us. We start not trusting anyone, and more importantly, we don’t trust Love anymore. This is a normal painful situation; people usually go through and face.

But what about a condition, where the partner is loyal, doesn’t do anything wrong, and is not involved in anything suspicious and still being doubted by us.

Have you ever thought about what they go through when we doubt them without any reason and any proper justification? We make their life hell and ours also.

While nothing much happens to us while being at the stage of not trusting them, their lives become miserable, and every moment passes like a nightmare for them.

We will try to analyze what exactly happens when a partner is being doubted without any valid reasons and why this happens?

Why people don’t trust their partner

Relationship Issues

  1. Fear Of Losing Them

Sometimes being too possessive about your partner plays a vital role in not trusting.

This happens because you love them too much, and there is a constant fear of losing that love. Mostly it has been seen that people who do not have their family members feel insecure about their partner.

They feel that their partner will leave them, and they will be left alone.

This mostly happens with females. Males don’t suffer that much as compared to females, about losing their partner.

  1. Because people have preconceived ideas and fear of being cheated.

Their preconceived ideas influence people. People have read and seen so much about cheating that they cannot believe their partner.

Whenever their partner talks to the opposite gender, they start losing their peace.

They are always afraid of starting an affair, between, their partner and the other one. This happens in both males and females.

  1. Being Jealous

If one of the two partners is more attractive or more successful, then this also becomes a reason for not trusting.

Jealousy works here, which makes you doubt your partner’s success or charm, eliminating you from positive thinking.

Male suffer the most from this, and it has been observed that females, naturally appreciate and love their partner’s success and being more attractive than them.

  1. Inferiority complex

People who lack self-confidence are always going to doubt their partner.

They cannot believe anything about their partner. Such people are either victims of physical debility or mental perception.

Such people, instead of trying to rise above their weakness, consider it better to doubt their partner.

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Consequences Of No Trust On Partner

Relationships become a burden

A relationship where there is no understanding and trust, it will feel like a burden to anyone. The same happens in relationships where one partner does not trust the other. In such a situation, not only relationships, but people also become a burden on each other.

There is nothing left between partners like love, but people probably live together to avoid hurting each other.

Your partner starts feeling suffocated

The person; who is suspected, without any valid reasons, feels suffocated. And it is wholly justified. You do not go into relationships for this.

Every person wants happiness in relationships with their partner. And in such a situation, far from being happy, where they are being doubted, their unhappiness is reasonable.

People feel like trapped, where neither can they leave nor they can stay with an open and happy heart, in a relationship like this.

You lose respect

People get fed up due to continually being doubted, and in such a situation, after a specific time, they do not give you any value. Gradually they stop respecting you. 

Because you always doubting them unnecessarily; it makes you fall out of their sight. You lose respect, and they don’t feel like being close to you.

Leads to fights

Doubting your partner and doubting them unnecessarily is not justified in any way. And when this happens, again and again, relationships start to sour. 

Wherever you start, everything ends on fights. And these fights happen only because of unnecessary suspicion and not trusting your partner.

People who doubt their partners do not talk to their partner on this issue. They keep on storing inside them, and this makes them irritable.

Fighting becomes common in everything. And everything becomes ugly, and love has no place to sit and watch the game going between the partners.

Relationships slowly start getting deteriorated. And the relationship begins dying.

Your partner starts thinking about parting.


No one can be happy in such a situation, and you would not want to be in such a position and in a relationship where you are always suspected.

Your constant suspicion on your partner, fights, needless complications, and a continuous, never-ending tension keeps your partner away from you.

They might be physically present with you, but the mental attachment is already gone, from their end.

They not only start disliking you but also start thinking of going away from you. Even if they love you very much, your behaviour forces them to end their relationship with you.

And then the day comes, where they end their relationship with you and move on, and you are left, alone, in a world of doubt and misery created by yourself.

If you are in a relationship, please make sure that you don’t do the things mentioned above. A loyal partner is rare, and love is precious. You don’t see a reliable partner every now and then. They are rare. If you have one, treasure them.

Don’t destroy your relationship by not trusting someone who is loyal to you and makes you happy.

Stay Happy And Stay Blessed!






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