Loving You Will Destroy Me

We Are At A Dead-End – Loving You Will Destroy Me

We are at a dead-end: I want to love you, but you… You want to destroy me!

My biggest dream was for you to accept my heart with open arms. I just wanted to love you and be loved in return. And what did you do? You broke my heart.

Before you, no one had hurt me as much as you. Besides, I don’t know why you did it. After all, you had a choice. No one forced you to hurt me.

I imagine you sitting on your couch with your phone in your hand, “Hey, I’m going to hurt her. Just for a laugh…”. That is how I imagine it.

Loving You Will Destroy Me
Loving You Will Destroy Me

Because, honestly, I don’t understand that someone can consciously hurt another person. Knowing the consequences… By being aware of the injuries, it was going to cause.

By the way, why did you go out with me if you weren’t sure you wanted me? From our relationship? You didn’t need to engage in a relationship that you clearly didn’t want to engage in.

Yet you pursued me. Yes, you’re the one who ran after me… And not the other way around! You wanted me to be your girlfriend, to be yours…

I don’t understand why you did this when all you wanted to do was play with my heart.
Maybe you just wanted to spend time with someone until you find someone better. Was I just an option for you?

What is clear is that I did not mean much to you. Besides, did you ever intend to make an effort? To love me sincerely?

You seduced me with an old catchphrase. You made me laugh, and I fell in love with you. For a while, I was even thrilled.

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Indeed, I thought that you were not like other men and that we could have something special.

You were special at first. You didn’t look like the other men I’d met before. That’s why I fell in love with you so easily and quickly.

It only took me a few days to want to love you for eternity, but I made a mistake thinking that you felt the same way for me.

We had a lot of memorable moments together. We had fun and laughed. But we also fought, and we cried.

On this path, our romantic relationship could have lasted a lifetime. But you’ve ruined everything! You showed your true face and your dishonest intentions.

Even now that you have left me with a broken heart, I still remember those beautiful moments that we shared, and I suffer from them.

Loving You Will Destroy Me

No matter how much you hurt me, I always cherish the special bond we had. Even if you destroyed it in the blink of an eye, that bond was sacred to me.

Loving You Will Destroy Me

You chose to destroy me and destroy everything we had when you decided to throw yourself into the arms of another woman while you were happy with me.

Maybe you didn’t know you were going to betray me, and perhaps you didn’t want to destroy us. For a long time, I tried to convince myself that you had not done it on purpose.

That your intentions were not unhealthy; in fact, I tried to find excuses. Imagine?! Still, the truth is, you knew what you were doing. You were fully aware that this was going to destroy our relationship.

That’s when I realized I didn’t matter to you at all. From the moment you saw a woman you physically liked, you forgot my existence. Isn’t that right?

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You chose another woman, but you didn’t dare to tell me.

Every time you go to, you’d choose her. Every time you made physical contact, you chose her. In short, you made the conscious decision to destroy me when you knew I was in love with you.

All the lies you told me and the excuses you found for being with her destroyed me. Every time you kissed her and made promises to her, you destroyed me.

While you serenaded him, you kept making promises to me. Yet, if you had continued to choose me, I would have loved you forever.

Instead, you chose it. Are you sorry now?

What’s the difference? Your apology doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. I might find the strength to forgive you, but I could never forget what you did.

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Once everything was said, you wanted me to come back, and you were willing to do anything to get me back.

You cried and promised me you would never see her again, you begged me to forgive you, and you told me it was a mistake.

It’s time to take responsibility.

But it doesn’t change anything. It’s something you have to learn to live with. I really wanted to give you a second chance. It was my greatest wish to be able to forgive you and get back on track.

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But I couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened because you had ridiculed me. You did something unforgivable when you decided to lie to me and cheat on me.

Everything I believed in and all my hopes for us were dashed when you chose to betray my trust. You didn’t treat me as your girlfriend, or even as a stranger, but as your enemy.

Everything we’ve been through together and all our common memories mean nothing to you. Didn’t you promise we’d be together forever? Why did you have to destroy everything at that time?

What did you promise her?

Don’t tell me it’s not what you wanted. And that you had no intention of hurting me. Denying only makes the situation worse.

I was completely shattered, and I found myself alone in the consequences of your actions, not mine. It was terrible for a while, and I was a wreck. But I managed to pull myself together.

At first, I was afraid of being alone. But I get it! Thanks to you, I became aware of my worth. Even though you destroyed me, I managed to get back on my feet.

Now I’m even sorry for you, and I hope karma won’t be to you. But maybe it will help you become a stronger person, just like me.


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