Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure steps you Can Take immediately

Ways To Fight Depression: 4 Sure steps you Can Take immediately

First of all, if you are looking for ways to fight depression, let me tell you despite what you are going through right now…you will get over this.

I know it feels like the absolute end of the world, but trust me you have the strength inside you to get through this.

You may not feel it right now, but its there.

Yes. Depression sucks. I dont need to tell you that. I personally have been struggling with depression for as long as I can remember.

Its what they call Smiling Depression. So basically I function and act normally in front of people, but what goes inside is a whole different story.


To top it off, I am an introvert and suffer from social anxiety. And I even became suicidal at one point. Yeah, go figure.

Depression is that the worst thing one can ever feel in their lives.

Its not that you feel sad. Its like you feel nothing. Theres just a sense of numbness inside that creates everything looks bleak and meaningless.

Theres always a sense of heaviness inside that you cant get despite your best efforts. Your mind, body, thoughts, and emotions all seem to be drained of energy.

You dont desire to do anything, and only your bed seems to supply you some solace.

You cry out for no reason and hate yourself for feeling this manner, you would like to try to something about it, you would like to urge out of this bottomless dark pit youre stuck in, but you dont have the mental strength or willpower to try anything.

And sometimes you are feeling such as you havent anyone to assist you, albeit you desperately want someone to worry.

Here’s the thing. They care for you. But, there are ways to fight depression.


See, there is a difference between being depressed and being merely upset. We will be upset about many things in life. But eventually, it passes. 

Depression on the opposite hand may be a completely different feeling that goes way beyond the emotions of sadness.

So its important you identify the warning signs of depression. Here are a couple of signs and symptoms you would like to seem out for-
Anxiety & Restlessness
Uncontrollable Emotions
Losing interest in daily activities
Changing in Appetite & Weight
Fatigue, insomnia, and sleep problems
Reckless Behavior
Decreasing Energy Levels
Anger & Irritability
Suicidal Thoughts & Tendencies

Yes, You Can Fight Depression. And Win

Once youve got made sure that this sense inside is depression, then you would like to create up the courage to work out that you want to fight this.

That youve had enough. That THIS version of you isnt the important you. Then the crucial fight begins. Make no mistake. This is often a fight.
This may not be easy, and itll need you to be very strong and determined. Its going to take tons out of you to survive this, but youll survive this.

Talk To Someone  

It doesnt matter who you talk to… your parents, your siblings, your friend, or just someone who cares. Ask someone you recognize will hear you then let it all out.

They dont need to understand everything youre browsing. They got to hear you out. The more you retain things to yourself, the more severe itll get, which was my biggest mistake.

Even after having a loving family and a caring girlfriend, I decided to stay my depression to myself. I felt ashamed to speak about it. But I used to be so wrong.

Eventually, I shared everything with my girlfriend, and thats where things began to change on my behalf.

When you share what youre feeling with someone you trust, you are feeling relieved, albeit for a couple of moments. Once the skills, what you are feeling, theyre going to give the love and kindness you would like immediately.

Youll know the healing power of a hug once you get one. Cry. Shout. Scream. Cuss. or simply talk. Do whatever you would like to. Just let it out.

Consult a Doctor  

Depression is not a joke. And quite frankly the most straightforward thanks to deal with depression is seeking professional help. It doesnt matter what percentage of hours you research online trying to find tips.

The importance of consulting a doctor simply cant be overemphasized. Yes, you ought to attempt to heal yourself and take all the required steps youll to empower yourself.

But taking the proper medication will offer you the precise treatment you would like immediately.

Theres no shame in visiting a doctor for this critical issue. The foremost important thing here is your psychological state and your life. Nobody goes to think any less of you if you seek treatment. Theyre going to be proud.

Once I told my girlfriend about my depression, the primary thing she did was to take me to a doctor. I used to be as reluctant and hesitant as youll imagine. I didnt speak to the doctor even once.

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But then the most straightforward thing happened. He prescribed some antidepressants. I used to be sceptical as I believed that no amount of pills can fix the issues in my life or how I feel. It didnt.

But what it did do is give me the clarity and mental strength I needed to repair those problems. Medication will help rewire your brain chemistry back to normal, which can provide the strength to fight back this region of a sense.

However, be sure that you do not dabble with antidepressants without consulting a doctor first. This is often vital. The dosage and intensity of your medication will depend upon the state of your depression.

Seeking help from a professional is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to fight depression.

Eat Healthy & Do Workout

Being an athlete, I have always been engaged in some physical activity, whether its rigorous Kickboxing training or weight training, or just some body-weight exercises.

Exercise is one of the most essential and best tools that have helped me over the years to fight with my chronic depression. But only things got out of hand; I had to consult a doctor and take medication.

It doesnt matter if you havent figured out one day in your entire life. Start now. The keys to stay consistent. Take small steps and make weekly goals that you can do.

Join a gym, check-in for a kickboxing class. Choose Zumba. or just hit the road and start running. It doesnt matter. Just get the blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping. Itll make a world of difference in how you are feeling.

You also got to confirm you begin eating healthier and avoid crappy food the maximum amount as youll. Stop binging on frozen dessert and chocolates.

Stop ordering food online whenever you are feeling low. Eat food that your body needs. Educate yourself about lean protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

And for Gods sake stand back from SUGAR. Its a killer. Having said that its also essential to possess a cheat day and indulge a touch too.

Start Some Meditation

Being spiritual, I always had a keen interest in Buddhism and therefore, the Eight Fold Path. This led me to Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing your attention to this moment by that specialize in your breath. I started meditation at my lowest point, and it gradually gave me inner peace and peace of mind that I had completely lost.

No, I didnt become perfect immediately. But Im way better than what I was or used to be.

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Is meditation one the simplest ways to fight the depression that you simply want to try? Trust me, YOU DO. If youve got never meditated before or find this a touch confusing, then let me tell you mindfulness meditation is easier than youll imagine.

But its tough. All you would like to try is to sit down in a place where you wont be distracted and convey your attention and awareness to your breath.

Try to watch YouTube for a few instructional videos or maybe try a few guided meditation sessions to urge the hang of it. Just google, itll assist you to measure within the here and now and knowledge life in its true essence…through your breaths.  

Give Yourself Another Chance

Coping with depression isnt easy. Youll have to be determined and have enough mental strength, something you are feeling you dont have in the least. But you have that.

Trust me. Its deep inside you. You merely got to look inside and reach for it. Dealing with depression starts with self-help. But you already know that.

Your journey to urge out of depression are going to be worthwhile in the end, despite how hard it gets.


If I can do that, so can YOU.


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