Warning Signs He's Not The Right Man For You

Warning Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

Warning Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

Warning signs to remember, in a relationship – to avoid heartbreak.

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Looking back at all the relationships that didn’t work out for me I now realize that in every case, there were some early warning signs.

Warning signs, which every man gave me, and I repeatedly failed to understand the signs of the heartbreak I was about to experience. Because I didn’t know, what to look for, I was not aware of these warning signs in a relationship.

warning signs in relationships

To make sure that you don’t get fooled by a man, here are the warning signs, you should look out for. This will only help you to break up with them before they break your heart and you.

These warning signs will clearly tell you that he is the guy, you should not be in a relationship if you are really serious about it.

He Makes You Feel That He Had A Life Without You & He Still has That Without You

It’s important to know about the person you are dating and to know about his friends, life, and all.

But if you get a sense of him missing his old days, and he keeps on going back to the flashbacks (even after being in a relationship with you) when he used to be with his friends and all, this is a warning sign.

This guy was happy with his friends and misses his liberty of being single. This is a clear sign that he might dump you at any point for the sake of freedom. Let him enjoy the freedom, and move on.

He Sets The Rules About When He Will See You

You don’t have any right to be with him according to your wish or plans. It’s always being decided by him.

And he decides to be with you mostly on weekends only, just to spend the night with you. So, in this scenario, you actually are an option for him and not a priority. Would you ever want to be treated like that? If no, then move on.

He Says, He Will Call You, But He Never Calls

This is not simple and easy. I agree, there might be workload or other important things coming up suddenly, where he can fail to keep his promise of calling you.

But if this happens every time, then this is not good. This sign clearly suggests that he has better things to do and you obviously are not one of them.

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If your man is really serious about you, he might not call at the same time, when he had promised, but whenever he is free, he will call you. It’s not about the call only, it’s about the intentions and priority too.

He Never Tells You About His Whereabouts

Men, who like to keep their options open, keep many secrets from their partners. If your man keeps you guessing about his whereabouts, there is a reason.

He is keeping his options open and hiding things from you. If he doesn’t open up about his whereabouts, you need not worry about him anymore. Take a step and move on. Secrets and hiding things are not good for any relationship.

He Goes On Missing, Whenever You Have A Plan to See Him

Obviously, there can’t be any good reason for this to happen. Unless, he has fainted somewhere or met with a serious accident, and admitted to a hospital, his not meeting you on a planned schedule is not acceptable.

Unless he is in a jail, where the cell phone jammer is active, or in a jungle, with no mobile network available, he could have always informed you about not being able to meet you.

And if you still decide to be with him, get prepared for heartbreak soon.

He Doesn’t Open Up Himself With You

If you regularly see him going into a shell and not opening up, while you ask something to him, take that as a warning sign. If he doesn’t say much, he might be hiding something or he might be trying not to be too close to you.

Many men talk less, and that’s not alarming or abnormal. Alarming is being silent when your man tries to hide simple details like where he grew up, where he works, and things like that.

Or coming up with some abnormal answers and try to divert your question is an alarm for you. Here your man is trying to keep you at a safe distance and doesn’t allow you to know anything about himself.

He Doesn’t Know Anything About You

Practically speaking, this might be a good point for a few ones over there. But, jokes apart, if your man doesn’t know anything about you that shows he is not interested to know much about you.

Either he is happy enough with himself only, or he is not bothered to know you as a good partner. Clearly, he lacks interest in you.

And that’s why he is not putting any efforts to know you, your choices, your likes and dislikes and other stuff like that. People like them, don’t take relationships seriously so you should look ahead and say goodbye to him forever.

No One Knows That your Man Has A Girlfriend

Your man never takes you to meet his friends or relatives. You haven’t met any of his friends or relatives to date. So, basically, the way he is hiding things from you, he is hiding you from his friends and relatives.

He does so because he is not sure about the relationship with you. He has yet to decide what he is going to do with you and the relationship.

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His doubts about the relationship stop him from introducing you to his friends and relatives. So, in case your relationship with him is around 5-6 months old and you have yet to meet his family and friends, it’s high time for you to take the exit route.

He Doesn’t Bother To Inform You When He Is Late

There might be genuine reasons for being late and things can be beyond his control, but he can always take a few seconds to call you and inform about the same.

Not informing you shows that they don’t respect your time and are not bothered about how you feel.

He Doesn’t Talk About His Future With You

Romantic moments with your partner will always make you happy. Love, romance, kisses, all these are important for a good relationship.

But, at the same time, your future is also important, especially when you are in a relationship. If your man doesn’t discuss his plans with you, you will never know where your relationship is heading up to.

If your man avoids any discussion about your future plans, get the message in their unsaid words – “You stand nowhere in his life”.

He Has Lots Of Female Friends And He Makes Sure You Know That

There is no harm to have friends of the opposite gender. But, be honest, how many “only friendship” or “platonic friendship” you have seen in your life? Yes, they do exist, but they are rare.

Mostly you will see there are feelings, going into one particular direction only. Either your man is having something serious going on with some of his female friends or his female friends are after him for some special reasons.

If your man is serious about his relationship with you, why will he need to be with his female friends leaving you alone?

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And when he makes sure that you know about his female friends, that’s just his favorite game. He wants you to know that he is in high demand among females.

And he doesn’t worry about any breakups and all, since he has his meal ready. You need not surrender to any mind games and act by moving on.

He Makes You Feel That If You Change yourself, Everything Will Work Out

So basically, he is cunning and diplomatic. So, while he might not ask you to change yourself openly, he will keep you giving signals which will ask you to change yourself.

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If he gives you hints to change your outlook for the relationship or change the way you take his faults, he can consider you as his serious partner, leave him then and there.

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His intentions are not pure; he is trying to change you by playing mind games and trying to blackmail you emotionally so that you should surrender to his terms and conditions.


The right thing for you to do will be just to ignore him and look beyond him. He might not need real things, real feelings, and serious relationship, but you do. Make him a free bird of his own sky and let him go.

If you see these or most of these signs in your man, chances are very high that he is just fooling you and not the right man for you.

Keep your self-esteem intact, and walk away gracefully from his life, and make it a point not to look back. He might come after you, but if all these days he didn’t change for betterment, chances are zero that he will now.

And if this is what has been regularly happening with you, you need a serious soul searching to know why this is happening to you.

You can take help from some counselors. It surely will help you to eliminate the root reasons for the same. It will help you to kill the cycle of toxic relationships, that have been going on in your life.

Don’t ever settle for less than what you deserve in a relationship. That’s why you should think twice before making someone your love, your partner.

Don’t jump straight into relationships, give some time to yourself. Implement the lessons, you learned from your last relationship, and you will see the difference.

It’s all about how much you love and respect yourself And listening to your sixth sense. If you haven’t discovered yourself completely, do that before you go into another relationship.

Explore yourself and know yourself in a better way. That will help you to understand what you really deserve in life and relationship.

Because you are amazing, you deserve someone who loves you the way, you deserve to be loved.

Wishing You Very Happy and Lovely Days Ahead!

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