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The value of life isn’t in its duration…

According to Myles Munro, The value of life isnt in its duration, but in its donation. Youre not important due to how long you reside, youre important due to how effective you reside .
Everything in your life may be a reflection of a choice youve got made. If you would like a special result, make different choices. - Unknown

Life comprises of the alternatives

Our life comprises of the alternatives that we make every single minute of our existence. Your life thus far consists of all the alternatives you made within the past, and your future little question depends on all the choices youll take from now on. Choices we make and therefore the path we fancy create our lives. Whether we take responsibility for our choices or not, these choices progress our life. It makes us different from our peers, it makes us who we are today and what results we are seeing in our life. Life may be a chain of unlimited choices. once we plan to do a thing without doing another, this suggests that we are making a choice. So always try your best to form the proper choices and do your best to find out from the incorrect ones.


Sometimes struggles are exactly what you would like in life.

Life may be a beautiful struggle. You want to keep the journey going. Sometimes struggles are exactly what you would like in life. If you were to travel through your life with none obstacles, youd be crippled. youd not be as strong as youll are . Give every opportunity an opportunity , leave no room for regrets, and dont forget the facility of struggle.

Life is gorgeous

No doubt, life is gorgeous & every momenta celebration of life, but one should be always able to face adversity and challenges. A person who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success.

Difficulties test the courage

Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a persons being. Adversity and hardships make an individual strong and prepared to face the challenges of life with equanimity. Theres little question that there are often no gain without pain. its only one toils and sweats it out that success is nourished and sustained.

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Life isn’t easy

Indeed life isnt easy but who said it had been getting to be easy? Its a road filled with ups and downs and as we call it a road. We should always know that bumps are sure to be there. For some, its a touch bumpier than others on the other hand thats called life!

Stop wasting life complaining and whining

However, its unfair to complain about things we dont have or have lost . Without appreciating all that we came return but within the hassle of this busy life. We all forget to thank the Almighty for whatever he did give us. Stop wasting life complaining and whining about whats fair and whats unfair and what went wrong and what you dont have!. Life is just too short to spend it like that.

Appreciate the great things

Just check out what went right and whats good around you. Appreciate the great things around you and realize everyones life has ups and downs and bumps, but its still beautiful at the top of the day!

Life is gorgeous

To sum up, life is gorgeous a bit like roses but its challenging that is like thorns and need to be faced and overcome by all. Those, who accept these, challenges and succeed, are those, who skills to measure life in its true sense. Thus, enjoy life but even be prepared to touch the pricks of pain.

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