The Importance Of Expressing Our Emotions

The Importance Of Expressing Our Emotions – Why It Is Beneficial

The importance of expressing our emotions, lets see why it is beneficial to express our emotions.

Did you know that expressing your emotions helps you free yourself from a psychological weight similar to carrying a burden on your shoulders? Not doing so can have an impact on your physical health.

Have you ever wondered what the importance of expressing our emotions is? If retaining emotions is good or bad?

The vast majority of human actions are based on some feeling or emotion. Therefore, we must always deal with what we carry in some way or another. 

The Importance Of Expressing Our Emotions

On the other hand, in expressing how we feel (as we think), we must not only take into account the benefits of “letting it out”, but we must become aware of the context and feelings of others. This is when assertiveness comes into play.

In this article, I will share the importance of expressing our emotions and give you the keys to developing emotional intelligence and leveraging it to gain well-being.

Expressing our emotions and feelings: necessary and healthy

Without a doubt, expressing our feelings and emotions is an intrinsic need of the human being because these form a fundamental part of our lives. 

It is a gross mistake to think that we must suppress them or try to make them cease to exist within us from good to first. 

Instead, it’s best to learn how to manage them correctly to learn from them, experience personal growth, and move on.

Part of what it involves learning to manage feelings and emotions has to do with assertiveness. 

This means that in addition to learning to live with them, we must learn to externalize them according to context to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

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It is not advisable to suppress emotions and feelings (neither positive nor negative) because this can then result in physical discomfort:

In the long run, the tension that accompanied emotions and was inhibited ends up being expressed through other forms, such as contractions or muscle stiffness, neck and back pain, gastric diseases, headaches and, of course, liver disease.

Most common related issues to Expressing Our Emotions

In addition to those already mentioned, among the most common problems that come with suppressing feelings and emotions, we can find:

An undue or inconsistent reaction to a certain time experienced.

A meaningless response to the moment lived.

Little emotions not according to what you live.

Suppressing emotions can have an impact on the function of some organs. For example, worsening stomach and liver conditions, such as ulcers, can be associated with poor sustained emotional tension over time.

In the popular sphere, it is said that:

Accumulating sad feelings can affect the lungs.

Excessive fear that builds up can affect kidneys and bladder.

Suppressing emotions resembles accumulating a lot of weight on the shoulders. 

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On the other hand, the stomach contracts, the intestines twist or very severe headaches occur. Besides, you can start suffering from insomnia, fall into depression, etc.

Everything we have talked about gives off the true importance of expressing our emotions and feelings. By doing it properly, it is not only our mind that benefits, but the whole body.

Emotional intelligence, empathy and assertiveness: key pieces in the puzzle

Knowing how to channel and express what we carry in our inner world cannot be achieved at a particular time just because we propose it. 

While this helps, it’s an ongoing learning process that deserves attention from us, as well as some effort. Therefore, it can be said that we always can improve and grow wherever we are or go.

Every person, situation, and moment can allow us to work on emotional intelligence and empathy and assertiveness, which are key pieces within the puzzle that makes up our inner world.


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By taking advantage of them, we will not only experience satisfaction with what we have learned, but we could get some relief (physical and mental) and increase our well-being. 

Something like an equivalent of physical relief that it feels like taking a heavy load off your shoulders.

The importance of assertiveness

We can understand assertiveness as the ability to express our ideas, concerns or convictions, in a clear, frank, respectful and serene way, without the need to assault others, without our emotions overflowing.

Developing this capacity is very important for our physical and mental health.

Being assertive allows one to express emotions when they arise and express them to their right extent, without aggression or shouting, even if they are of negative valence.

It saves many future conditions and avoids accumulating both physical and mental tension.

Learning to say what we think and feel without harming those around us or ourselves is the secret and importance of expressing our emotions to enjoy healthy well-being and relationships.


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