11 Stages Of Being Completely Single That Women Go Through After Breakup

11 Relatable Stages Of Being Completely & Utterly Single That Women Go Through After A Breakup

Breakups suck, theres no denying it!

Even if youre the one breaking up with someone, you still feel bad and go through your own time of mourning for the relationship.

Regardless of who broke up with who, there are a few specific stages of grief most women go through while getting over an ex after becoming single again.



And some of them definitely are not pretty.

Here are 11 common stages of grief single women experience while going through the grieving process and healing a broken heart.

1. The break up is new and you are not feeling it.

This is always the hardest stage because its the first. Its a time where you just dont give a care in the world about your ex or the relationship in general.

You may be emotionless or bitter, and thats totally normal. But youre just over everything.

2. You’re riding on an emotional roller coaster.

Now that time has passed, its allowed you to reflect on some things. And with those memories comes an overabundance of emotions ranging from anger to regret to sadness and joy all at once.

Again, this stage varies for everyone.

3. You swear off dating.

Youve decided that you cannot cry any longer so its time for you to move on and not let that negativity ruin your life. So you swear off dating because its just not worth it after what youve been through.

Unfortunately, it wont last.

4. You enter the rebound phase.

Youve been single for a while and its time to move on. Maybe the best way to get over someone is to get under another, or maybe its best to go back to an old fling to remind yourself you still got it.

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Regardless, you get with someone new for a confidence boost (followed by the regret of giving yourself up while in a moment of weakness).

5. Now, you’re super bored.

Having a significant other often means that you have someone to occupy all your spare time with. So the loneliness and boredom hit you really hard.

And conveniently, all your friends you still have left are busy so no one can occupy your time, and your stuck thinking again (and probably crying too).

6. You download dating apps.

Because of your newfound boredom, you decide to download at least one dating app of some sort to occupy yourself and simply see whats out there. You may get excited to see whats changed in the dating world and to see what kind of matches youll get.

But dont worry, that excitement wont last for long because …

7. You delete the dating apps you just downloaded ASAP.

Just as fast as you downloaded it youll delete it, because you realize what gross people walk on this earth and how disappointing it is.

Send pics or dtf? messages will come in your inbox as quickly as your matches wish to do to yours in real life and itll turn you off from dating again.

8. You begin relying on friends more than normal.

You may become clingy to your gal pals but you need someone to talk to or hang out with to help yourself from going crazy or just to see something different than your bedroom walls.

Your calendar will be full soon of fun plans and youll have a hard time finding time for yourself because of all the fun things youre scheduled to do.

9. You then forget about dating.

Because youre so busy at creating your new and improved life without your ex youll completely forget about dating. You become so happy with where you are and wont want to change it.

When you do think about dating itll scare you, but then you move on and get ready to do something fun for yourself.

10. You become happy with being single.

At last, happiness. When you were beginning your life as a single woman you never thought youd get this far but eventually, you will. Youll be radiating confidence, independence, and self-pride.

Some may be intimidated by your newfound life, but it just means theyre not happy with theirs and wish they could be as secure as you.

11. You want to date again because now you’re truly ready.

Remember when you swore you were gonna stay single forever? Me too. It was short-lived, luckily, and you are ready to put yourself out there again. You may regret that decision a few times, but it wont discourage you from dating.

Theres no shame in saying youve experienced any of these stages of grief. We all have.

Times of disappointment and loneliness is normal, just as finding moments of happiness again is inevitable.

The key is to stop thinking and start living. It may take a few months or years to get to that part, but you will. And itll prepare you for the next love of your life when you find them.

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