Sad Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

Sad Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

Sad Facts About Lisa Marie Presley: Mary Presley was known to most people as the only child of Elvis Presley.

And it wasn’t always a happy experience for Mary Presley. Like her father’s life, she was full of upheavals and twists. Most reflective of her father’s story was his tragic and shocking death.

Read this post till the end to learn more than 50 painful things related to the life of Lisa Marie Presley. You can feel her pain and understand how Lisa Marie Presley must have suffered her pain.

Sad Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

50 Plus Tragic Lesser-Known Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

1. She Was Born With A Golden Spoon

Mary Lisa Presley was born on February 1, 1968. Mary Lisa Presley was born in a house without a shortage of money. His father, Elvis Presley, was a rock star.

Elvis Presley still holds the record for the best-selling solo artist ever.

But her father’s wealth and prestige did not affect Mary Lisa Presley’s upbringing.

2. Lisa Was Extremely Spoiled

Elvis Presley gave his young daughter many extravagant gifts. Lisa Marie didn’t need much jewelry as a kid, but her father gave her that too. Concerned about her child’s development, his mother started complaining because of these gifts. But after this, Elvis Presley did something that all these gifts fell short of.

3. She Might Have Had Anything She Needed

Often children have a lot of unrealistic desires, and parents also try to fulfill their dreams. But for Lisa Marie, who lived in Memphis, Tennessee, her father went ahead to see natural snowfall. He took Lisa Marie to Utah on his recently purchased plane so she could play in a real snowstorm. It must have been an unforgettable memory for Lisa Marie, but life hasn’t always been as smooth as ice.

4. Tragedy Hit Her Family Early

When everything was going well in the Presley family, something happened: Lisa Presley had to face a terrible truth. Unable to maintain mutual relations, her parents separated from each other. Lisa Marie was just five years old when her parents got divorced. The remarkable thing is that at that time, he was only. However, it was too big of an accident to break the heart of little girl Lisa Marie.

5. Her Father’s Untimely Demise

On August 16, 1977, when Lisa Marie was only nine years old, she suffered the most significant tragedy; on this day, she suddenly lost her father forever. The whole world was shocked by the sudden death of Elvis Presley. Who can handle himself after losing his father at that young age?

6. Lisa Was A Monstrously Rich Beneficiary

Lisa Marie was the sole heir to Elvis Presley’s vast fortune. Since Lisa was too young, her grandfather took over managing the property. When Lisa turns 25, she ultimately inherits Graceland.

7. She Had A Dark Habit 

At a time when most children were spending their time in school, Lisa had become a part of a dark world. Unable to tolerate her father’s death, Lisa immersed herself in the world of drugs. She had taken this disastrous step in the tragedy of losing her father. And as it happened very soon, she lost control and was now addicted to drugs.

8. She Attended Rehab

At age 17, Lisa Marie went into rehab, but she had a frightening side during her recovery. She attended the infamous Scientology Celebrity Center. With time and proper help, the beleaguered heiress began bettering herself. Now, things had started looking a little better for Lisa Marie.

But destiny had more surprises for her stored on the way ahead; some came while she was still recovering.

50 Plus Sad Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

50 Plus Tragic Lesser-Known Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

9. She Met An Aspiring Musician

In rehab, Lisa Marie found something that made a big difference. Danny Keough was a musician whom Lisa met in rehab and in whom she found one of her father’s traits. Danny Keough had a passion for and a good sense of music. He was not as great as Elvis Spreesley, but it didn’t matter to Lisa, and soon both were imprisoned in each other’s love.

10. They Were A Perfect Couple

After meeting at the Scientology Center, the couple became very close. During Lisa Marie’s recovery, Danny worked as a bass player on tour. Those who saw them used to call them an ideal pair. In 988, two years after this meeting, the duo made a significant decision.

11. Lisa Pricley Got Married

It was an extraordinary moment for Lisa as she got married. They married in a relatively private gathering at the Church of Scientology in West Hollywood. Including Lisa Marie’s mother, only nine people attended the ceremony. Despite having a simple wedding, Lisa wanted to do something big.

12. They Had A Massive Honeymoon

Lisa Marie wanted to celebrate her wedding in style, and she did that exactly. The couple went on a massive cruise…1q2qszon, a Scientology vessel. If that isn’t romantic, there’s more. They went for a subtropical destination: the Caribbean. Lisa made that an unforgettable honeymoon with Clear blue water, luxury cruises, and parties.

13. She Had A Family

In 1992, just one year after their marriage, Lisa Marie became a proud Mom. She gave birth to a daughter named Riley. She again became a mom. This time she had a son named Ben. Despite this golden age for the couple, something needed to be fixed.

14. Their Marriage Had A Massive Problem

Usually, young couples get along relatively well when they have a problem. Lisa Marie had unimaginable power and wealth as the only heir to the Presley dynasty. She was also young. On the other hand, her husband didn’t have any of those qualities(?). Soon everything was wrong.

15. They Parted Their Ways

The couple finally decided to part ways after six years of marriage. Sometimes huge differences become a sufficient reason for divorce. Such was the case with Lisa Marie and Danny. Danny and Lisa filed for separation in the Dominican Republic. Where divorcees usually seek to settle down for a while after suffering a failed marriage, Lisa Marie’s life was about to take a different turn.

16. She Already Had Someone Else

Lisa Marie was already seeing someone even before the beginning of their divorce proceedings. This man was on equal footing with her and closer to her stardom status. It was the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. They had met decades ago in a different venue, one familiar to both. However, their relationship goes beyond that.

 Interesting Sad Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

17. Lisa Met Jackson Under Odd Circumstances

In 1975, when Lisa Marie was 7, she met Michael Jackson, who was 17 then. They had known each other well for a long time. In 1992, they met again, and this time as adults. That helped scandalous rumors to go as wildfire. This was the time when Lisa’s marriage was going through turbulent episodes.

How true it was that she, at that point, was engaged in extramarital relations with Michael? It’s easy to imagine since her next step was dubious.

18. They Stunned The World With Their Announcement

At the MTV Music Awards in 1994, Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson appeared in a legendary venue. They stunned the world by announcing their engagement on live television. In front of an ogling audience, they then kissed each other. Lisa Marie looked uneasy about the act but went ahead, taking things further without any hesitation.

19. Lisa Shocked The World By Marrying Immediately

It was only the 21st day after Lisa Marie’s divorce when Lisa married Jackson in a shocking step. It looked like Lisa Presley was hurrying to tie the knot with Michael Jackson. The celebration of Lisa and Jackson’s wedding had almost wholly forgotten her former marriage. Lisa and Jackson were extremely wealthy, famous, and young, but sadly, not all of that is important for successful marriages.

20. Lisa Marie Later Deeply Regretted It

Getting married after dating for a few months is impulsive. It also shows your maturity levels. Lisa Marie was quick enough to regret her decision to get married to Jackson. A few people close to her knew how bad it was for her. She even referred to it as probably the biggest mistake of her life. She didn’t think it over before jumping to act. But unfortunately, the saga of misfortunes in her marriage continued for worse.

21. They Never Agreed On Anything

Lisa Marie and Michael, the newly married, never agreed on anything. There always needed to be more disagreement with them regarding everything. While Llisa wanted to become a mother again, at the same time, she was worried about having one with a superstar like Jackson. She was afraid that if they had a child and if they ever divorced, she thought she’d lose the custody battle.

This particular issue created many unpleasant disagreements in their relationship.

22. She Wanted To Save Him

Lisa had a ton of compassion. To be honest, perhaps excessively much. She cherished dealing with others, particularly Jackson. Thus, she forcefully remained close when he began encountering a few legitimate issues. More than that, she said she needed to save him. Although she’d been youthful, watching the outcomes of notoriety on her dad made an imprint.

She was devoted to her marriage, but it was only a matter of time before things fell apart.

23. He Had A Strange Side

Although the duo was clearly in love, there was something wrong with this relationship. Jackson was said to be obsessed with Lisa Marie strangely. There were speculations that Jackson loved the idea of her being the daughter of Elvis Presley and wasn’t interested in herself.

It was pretty visible that their marriage won’t last long.

50 Plus Tragic Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

24. Lisa Again Took A Divorce

They called it quits after two years of marriage, though they had a fiery start to their romance. Lisa Marie mentioned they had “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the separation. It looked like Lisa could no longer keep saving Jackson. Despite their marriage ending, they had a surprising development.

25. They Remained Close To Each Other

Though separated, they remained in touch with each other. Lisa often talked to Jackson over the phone and sometimes even traveled to stay with him. The breakup surprisingly benefitted their relationship. Such agreeable partings would characterize Lisa Marie’s definition of romance. Nevertheless, Lisa was more than just keen on pursuing lovers.

26. She Got A Late Start

Lisa Marie was an exception, like most musicians who dive into music at a young age. She recorded her first album, To Whom It May Concern, when she was 35. The album was critically successful. Lisa was praised for her singing and writing.

27. Another Young Musician Enters In Her Life

The way things were shaping, it was sure that Lisa Marie loved young musicians. John Oszajca, a new musician from Hawaii, was about to enter her lie. They had many everyday things in-between. Both of them had only just come out with their first album. The duo suited each other, and the bonding looked better than she and Jackson’s. But as usual, this was supposed to last only a short time like Lisa’s other romances.

28. She Canceled Her Engagement for Someone Else

The pair remained engaged to one another for over 16 months. It was about to end now. They went to a party in LA hosted by the Ramones, where she met Nicolas Cage. Reportedly they got along very well. Going with her habit, Lisa Marie canceled her engagement with John Oszajca.

29. She Dated A Star

Lisa Marie dating the Hollywood star was no surprise to anyone. Soon after breaking off her fresh engagement with John Oszajca, she and Cage publicly showed their love in a Tom Jones concert. Lisa’s new relationship also accelerated quicker than her old ones.

30. They Married In 2002

Lisa and Nicholas Cage tied the knot in 2002. It looked like nothing could ever stop Lisa Marie from discovering true love. Lisa looked like experimenting with love. She devoted herself to this marriage, but fate had other plans for Lisa.

31. Cage Was Obsessed

He had an obsession that was not okay with Lisa Marie. Nicholas Cage may not have loved Lisa Marie for herself. Cage was known for his famous Elvis impressions, especially in his acting. In David Lynch’s Wild At Heart, he even sings Elvis’s famous “Love Me” and “Love Me Tender.”

With such a reverential mentality, perhaps Lisa started feeling quite creeped out. One way or another, it finished in tears.

32. They Had Legendary Arguments

The duo was infamous for their explosive fights. Once while on a cruise, they got into a lousy argument. In anger, the award-winning academy actor took Lisa Marie’s $65,000 diamond ring and threw it into the ocean. This is another way to end your marriage. However, later Cage regretted his temperamental behavior and tried to retrieve the lost ring.

33. Cage Hired An Underwater Crew To Discover The Lost Ring

Finding a small item in the sea is troublesome, but that doesn’t stop Cage from attempting. The star asked scuba jumpers to look for the lost ring. It was unclear whether the ring was found, even though it’s improbable. One way or the other, it was a horrendous sign of their relationship.

34. Months Later, They Parted

Good or bad, the duo quickly realized they’d made a big mistake by being together. They married in August and, the same year, filed for a divorce in November. However, it took almost two more years until they finally went through with it. Lisa and Cage finally parted ways.

35. They Regretted The Divorce

While their divorce proceedings were going on, it looked like everything was over between Lisa and Cage. But it was not the case. After their separation, both of them began having regrets. Nicolas Cage went ahead and called Lisa to apologize for filing the divorce.

But Lisa was not destined to sit silently and cry.

36. She Had A Relationship With Her Producer

Surprisingly, Lisa spent a few years alone this time, but the loneliness was too much for her. In 2006, she got romantically involved with her producer, director, and guitarist, Michael Lockwood. Michael didn’t have anything remarkable to his name at the time, but when did Lisa ever care for that?

Soon, they were deep in love.

37. Lisa Went For A Japanese Wedding

By this time, Lisa was married three times, but she was all open to trying again and happily ready to risk it again for love. Michael Lockwood and Lisa got married in 2006. They probably wanted to escape Los Angeles since their marriage ceremony’s venue was surprisingly set in Japan; in a traditional Japanese ceremony in Kyoto, Lisa, and Michael got married.

Wait for the names of some guests, please.

38. Guess Who The Best Man Was?

While Lisa Marie’s mother and son attended her marriage, Lisa Marie’s first ex-husband, Danny Keough, was also there, and believe it or not, he was the best man. It’s odd to contemplate your once-spouse wedding you off to another man, yet that appeared to be entirely satisfactory for these people.

39. She Had Twins

Lisa Marie became the mother of twins in 2008. Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood and Finley Aaron Love Lockwood came into the world on October 7 of the same year. She was now a mother to three girls and one boy through two marriages. However, Lisa had to go through some scary difficulties during delivery.

40. She Needed A Cesarean Section

During Lisa Marie’s pregnancy, when difficulties emerged, specialists needed to face an enormous challenge. At the Los Robles Clinic and Clinical Center in California, Lisa went through a C-segment. Fortunately, the medical procedure succeeded, albeit the kids weighed five pounds each.

The low birth weight of the infants didn’t create any complications or threats to the children. They grew up well. Despite having a happy life, something wasn’t right for them.

41. Her Husband Was Disturbing

For a few days, they lived happily. A whole decade passed in their marriage passed without any drama and fights. Everything looked well. But soon, major pitfalls arose. It looked like they would be together through the ages. But, there was something bound to happen in Lisa’s lie. Lisa Marie found something on her husband’s computer that would hurt her badly.

50 Plus Lesser-Known Facts About Lisa Marie Presley

42. She Found Something Unpardonable

Even though the marriage between Lisa Marie and Michael was tranquil, she found something completely shocking on his computer. When scrolling through Michael’s computer, Lisa found many illegal videos and pictures of children. The revelation had shocked her to the core.

Obviously, things didn’t remain the same between them, and Lisa was ready for her next step.

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43. She Filed For Divorce

Lisa filed for divorce and requested protective custody of her kids. She, indeed, had discovered something troubling. So, did Michael hide it from her for all these years? He must hae. However, Michael Lockwood wasn’t ready to let it go without fighting. Their battle reached the courtroom.

44. She Had A Grueling Legal Battle

Lisa’s marriage to Michael would remain her longest. But she must not have expected it to end the way it did.

Lisa did not go through any tough times with her divorce, but it was not easy. Michael had practically no money with him when he married Lisa, and Lisa wanted to see him in the same state again.

The courts obliged her by fulfilling her wish. Michael didn’t get any spousal support from Lisa Marie per the court’s directives.

45. Lisa Was Again Struck By Tragedy

Another unimaginable tragedy hit Lisa Marie in 2020. During the pandemic, Lisa Marie learned that Ben, her son from Danny Keough, had committed suicide.

Lisa had only one son, Ben. She was shattered and became inconsolable. The tragic end of her child even made her accomplish something she never thought she would.

46. Lisa Went Back To Her First Husband

Losing a child is the most painful experience any parent can ever go through. Lisa found it impossible to bear the pain alone and returned to her first husband, Danny Keough.

When grief is mutual, grieving together helps to recover faster.

47. She Fired Her Business Manager

In 2015, the Presley home was going to pieces. Dumbfounded at how far her resources had fallen, Lisa sacked Barry Siegel, who dealt with her funds at that point. She accused him of squandering more than $100 million and never illuminated the condition of her fortune.

Lisa entangled herself again in another ceaseless lawful debate. Would all these ever end?

48. She Went Completely Broke

Close to this time, Lisa learned that she was destitute, yet additionally in the red, as a matter of fact, $16 million in debt. The legacy of Elvis Pricley had essentially evaporated. After being rich her whole life, she would now need to live grimly.

Remember, it was the same person, Lisa Pricley, who had a private jet named after her.

49. She Turned Graceland Into A Business

Having lost much of her legacy, Lisa still received good income from Graceland. The almost 14-acre mansion draws in over 1,000,000 guests yearly, matching some other fascination in the US. Not long before her passing, the only offspring of Elvis Presley had been utilizing her dad’s heritage for her potential benefit, maybe to reestablish her disintegrating funds.

50. She Dated Another Hollywood Actor

Rumors started doing rounds in 2018 about Lisa Presley again. According to these rumors, Lisa is dating the superstar Johnny Depp. Both had been embroiled in tiresome legal battles between their former spouses.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they parted in 2019 after spending just one year with each other.

51. She Witnessed Her Dad’s Death

Lisa was only 9 years old when she lost her father. The tragic demise of Elvis forever marked Lisa’s life. The 9-year small kid was the unfortunate witness to the exact moment of her dad’s passing.

She recalls asking, “What’s wrong with my daddy”?

52. She Passed Suddenly

In the new year, 2023, everything seemed to look up for Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa was busy in Elvis’s biopic, a production of Baz Luhrmann’s, and she even was present at the 2023 Golden Globes ceremony supporting the cast. But, then fate again looked at her.

January 12, 2023, was the day Lisa, 54, was at her home in California when she had a massive cardiac arrest. And she couldn’t fight this last curse and failed to make it.

Did you know who announced her tragic demise? Priscilla Presley, her mother!!!


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