Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals

How Social Media is playing a crucial role to destroy Relationship

Talking about relationship goals is usually frowned upon. Thanks to the very fact that during this day and age numerous people have unrealistic views of how relationships are alleged to work.

Social media often makes dating appear to be you want to sleep in a fantasy world so as to be happy.

So many people strive for these so-called “relationship goals,” which are often just pictures of couples smiling, kissing, or standing in some beautiful atmosphere.

But what people got to realize is that those aren’t true “relationship goals.” I mean, yes, who doesn’t want an adorable picture of their boyfriend within the ocean (tbh, I’m always up for a cute picture), but having a relationship goes much deeper than all of that.

Dating doesn’t need drama

Dating is meant to be happy and fill you with butterflies that make your heart warm. Yes, I do know that sounds cheesy but it’s so true.

Dating isn’t alleged to create drama, stress & feelings of sadness. lately, our generation is focusing more on the way to have their relationship be perceived as perfect on social media.

But, honestly, that just makes everything all the more stressful. If you’re during a happy, healthy relationship, all of the fun comes alongside it.

For a relationship to be happy, couples got to understand that everything may be a two-way street; both partners got to be fixing 100%.



Although, personally, I need to say that once you date to your ally, everything is very easy. you’ll have heard this before, but the quote “your boyfriend should be one among your best friends” is spot on.

Am I saying drop all of your best girlfriends? No, keep your girl’s best friends; they’re even as important. Am I saying it’s not okay to be single?

No, I’m not saying that in the least, but that’s another subject that I will be able to get into later. Anyways, back to the fundamentals, couples should be striving to bring joy to at least one another and if you’re during a healthy relationship, that’s not hard in the least.

Simple things matter a lot

The simple stuff in life has the most important impact; it is often as simple as telling your boyfriend/girlfriend what proportion you care about them.

Another important aspect of dating has someone who wants the planet for you. you would like so far someone who goes to assist you to achieve all of your goals, dreams, and needs.

Your spouse should be standing by your side able to cheer you on during your high points, and willing to be there to cheer you abreast of your downfalls.

Your partner should want you to be the simplest version of you that’s possible. Together as a few, you ought to be bringing out the great in each other.

To sum up

I cannot stress this enough but a relationship shouldn’t be filled with jealousy. a real relationship means confidence in one another’s love for every other. you ought to be ready to go have your “own” time.

Let your girlfriend hang out together with her ladies and have a girl’s night. And, the other way around, let your boyfriend have guy’s night.

Time apart isn’t bad – it’s said that it makes the guts grow fonder. Friends are important too, and it’s even better if your friends enjoy having your partner around.

Also, another important feature is it doesn’t matter what people think as long as you’re happy. So leave there, have fun, continue cheesy dates, and importantly, put the phone away, enjoy one another, sleep in the instant.

Communication is vital. Try to not get all trapped within the negatives and check out seeing all of the positives. In such a materialistic world, people often overlook the important relationship goals and appearance into fraudulent relationship goals.

Finally, to my single friends, don’t go wishing every day that you simply could get a boyfriend because, trust me, once you aren’t looking, that’s once you find. Life works in mysterious ways, so don’t go flocking to desperate guys.

Instead, confirm that your boyfriend/girlfriend has what it really takes to be the truth “relationship goals.” I will be able to endways this quote: “Be the person who you’d want your future son or daughter to be dating.”

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