Broken Woman

Only An Honest And Sincere Man Can Love A Broken Woman

Only an honest and sincere man can love a broken woman ~ 

She has suffered! She suffered because she had invested herself like crazy in her romantic relationship.

She put all her soul, her whole body and her mind into it. And, what did she get in return? Disillusionment!

She was injured, abandoned, broken… After the separation, she felt that someone had ripped her heart out.

Broken Woman
Broken Woman

An important part of her being was missing. And, she did not know if she would regain the strength to love one day.

In fact, she did not know if she would emerge unscathed from such a painful situation. But she ended up seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Indeed, after months of fighting to repair her broken heart, months spent rebuilding her self-esteem, she succeeded.

To be a broken woman is not to be weak. Well, on the contrary… It means having the strength and courage to face your wounds in front and come out victorious on the other side of the tunnel.

And she did it. Of course, this does not mean that she has forgotten everything or forgiven everything. She is finally on the right path to be happy.

And, contrary to what one might think, she did not draw a line under love. She did not decree that all men were goats.

Indeed, it has remained positive. A broken woman fully understands that falling in love is taking a risk.

So, of course, this time, it didn’t pay off, but that can predict the future. Maybe next time she’ll be right to offer her heart.

Understanding A Broken Woman:

A broken woman knows how to value love!

For a broken woman, love is precious! It’s something that makes her want to live his life.

She is always ready to throw herself into the arms of love and fight for her relationship because that is what gives her life a taste.

Yet love is also something that frightens her. She is afraid of suffering, of being hurt or misunderstood.

But despite this fear, whatever the situation, she will always choose love. Emotions are in the first place.

Some people may see that she is afraid and that her voice trembles but her love is so strong and powerful that it feeds everything around her.

Her love is stronger than fear, uncertainty or injury. She has a crazy fear of it, but she continues to choose love over and over again.

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Whatever happens, she prefers to love with all her heart rather than invest only half. Indeed, what would life look like without unconditional love?

How could one live an entire existence without feeling this kind of emotion? A broken woman is aware of the consequences that can hide behind the misplaced trust.

But she refuses to become pessimistic, negative or fatalistic. She knows that she will find true love one day because she has not closed the door to her.

She doesn’t know when…

Love is not just a word!

For a broken woman, love is more than just a word. It’s not just an emotion. And, it’s not a lie you use to lure someone before you break their heart.

For a broken woman, love is eternal and frightening at the same time. She suffered a lot, and she was heartbroken too many times.

Yet she is still ready to fight for love. What for? Simply because it gives her strength. That’s his greatest belief!

So if you have fallen in love with a broken woman, know that you must love her for her courage.

Indeed, she dares to face her fears and offer you her heart so that she can love you sincerely.

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She doesn’t give up, and she doesn’t run away even though every fibre in her body screams “Pars”.

That’s why you have to love it! If you are interested in a broken woman, you must understand that she chose to trust you.

And, for that reason, she destroyed her protective walls to let you approach. Its heart is tender and loving, so you have to learn how to handle it carefully.

Of course, it is broken, but that is not what defines it. This woman is also strong, intelligent and independent.
A broken woman knows how to love like no one else.

If you are in love with a broken-hearted woman, you can count yourself happy. This kind of woman knows how to love unconditionally.

She knows what love means so she will offer you everything she has to make you happy.

A broken woman will never take your love for granted, and she will never betray the trust you gave her. Indeed, she is aware that love and trust are sacred. And, she knows how much it hurts when someone betrays you.

So she’ll never put you through this. She will categorically refuse to take you through this kind of ordeal.

Besides, a broken woman will never neglect you, and she will not abandon you either. You can always count on her!

Indeed, she will always be by your side, loving and understanding. It will be patient and tolerant.

And that’s why you have to love it. For her, being broken is like a shame. So she’s trying to hide that side of her personality.

She doesn’t want you to see her weaknesses, her wounds or her scars. Thus, behind her devastating smile hides her true suffering.

A broken woman hides her suffering.

She’s scared. She hides her suffering and pain because she doesn’t want you to discover that unflattering side of her character.

But that’s not all! She hides her broken heart because she is afraid that you will leave her. And, maybe you’re wondering why?

Simply because she thinks that if you find out that she once let someone belittle her, abuse her or make her sad, you’re going to think she’s not worthy of you.

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For you, this logic may be difficult to understand. Why would she be afraid that you would leave her because she suffered?

But, in her mind, it’s pretty clear. Indeed, she had trouble freeing herself from the idea that if she suffered, it was because she allowed someone to hurt her.

She trusted the wrong person and did not react when she noticed that her behaviour was toxic.

And, for her, it is a sign of weakness. It’s evidence of a lack of judgment. So she thinks if you find out about this weakness, you’re going to be disenchanted.

That’s why you have to be completely honest and sincere with her.

Her life is a beautiful puzzle.

Her life is a collection! Indeed, she has fought many battles. She’s won some battles. And she lost others.

These are medals of honour for her! So learn to love her for the wonderful woman she is.

The fact that it is broken is not the only thing that defines it. She’s much more than that! Yes, she has incredible talents.

She has a joie de vivre that she gladly transmits to others. You must also know that a broken woman knows far too much what suffering is to hurt you.

So she is faithful and patient. She supports you in good times and bad, and she is not the type to easily give up.

This woman deserves to be loved for all she has to offer but also to make her forget all the past sufferings. Her heart is as big as a mountain, so she will always offer you everything she has to make you happy.


Indeed, she will not be satisfied with a little love or a relationship of couple half-figure half-raisin. With her, you’re going to discover true love.

Passion, sincerity, respect and communication will come naturally. She will offer you everything despite her fear of being hurt again.

So love her for her ability to smile after all the pain she’s felt. Appreciates her strength and tenacity.

But please, if you’re not ready to love her, let her go! Please don’t lie to her. Don’t try to manipulate her to get something from her.

Be honest, sincere and direct. If you show these qualities of character, you can love her as she deserves.

You can love and support her. And so you can build a healthy, lasting and happy relationship.

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