Online Relationships

Online Relationships – A Quick Look Into How Good (Or Bad) It Is

Online Relationships – Falling For Online love – Online relationships can also be rewarding and enriching.

Although it is always appropriate to be cautious, many couples know each other thanks to new technologies and enjoy a stable, committed, and happy relationship.

Love in the era of apps has a bad reputation. It is said that meeting someone online is a risk, that the links are fragile, that ghosting abounds, that you can’t trust anyone, and that the only thing most people are looking for is sex. 

Online Relationships

Maybe that’s the way it is. However, the truth is that falling in love from a distance is already the most common and sometimes even works… It’s even worth it.

The ways to meet new people and potential couples have entirely changed in recent years. So much so that we could say without making mistakes that it is almost easier for most to resort to an online portal or an application than to go out into the real world to socialize. 

Likewise, in this time of pandemic and confinement, it seems more useful than ever to turn to the virtual window.

Are Online Relationships Real?

Some people distrust it; it’s true. However, no one can deny that it is more comfortable, close, and easy enough to need nothing more than to sign up for some application and then look at a series of profiles and wait for the longed-for match to appear. 

What happens after that is unknown, but that transit ranging from the virtual to the real often brings as many disappointments as beautiful findings.

Falling For Online love and through an app: something becoming more common.

We don’t know what Jane Austen would think if anyone had explained to her that more than two hundred years after the publication of her novels, Elizabeth Bennet would no longer need to attend public social events to meet Mr. Darcy.


It would have been enough for him to be dating in Tinder, OkCupid, or Badoo. You no longer need to leave home to have an appointment, and this is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

Psychology Of Failed Relationships – Why Some People Fail In Love

When it comes to disadvantages, these are undoubtedly well-known leftovers. Sometimes, after sorry for days or weeks, talking to someone, and feeling exceptional, magic and charm go into the sewer after the first encounter. 

In many cases, face-to-face needs more than just a physical attraction or the collaboration that is sometimes built in the online world.

There are factors, elements, and small details by which you can drain the attraction. Instead, other times, one can fall in love from a distance and later, after that first encounter, feel that he has found the person in his life. 

This is undoubtedly a topic that has been interested in psychology for decades, and this is what we have discovered.

Authenticity and falsehood in the online world

In the online world, reality seems to become more straightforward. We’re like remote, anonymous islands trying to connect. There will be those who reach others through a pirate ship: through falsehood and evil intentions. 

Others, on the other hand, thanks to this daily interaction, reveal their true self with all frankness and authenticity.

Myth – Online Relationships Are Hard

Relationships that have their start on the Internet or in online applications can be successful. The fact that this is fulfilled is part of the fact that, in some instances, people can reveal their personality even better through this virtual scenario.

Relationships of couples formed through applications are just as happy as those initiated in a more “traditional” way.

Our parents may have met at a party, in a classroom, or at a bar while having coffee. We have found our partner in a dating app does not make the relationship less sincere or happy than in past generations.

This is also what research at the University of Geneva in 2018 also tells us. After following the case of 3248 couples who had met online, it could be shown that falling in love from a distance and online brings a significant part of the issues a successful result. Not only can you find love, but this can also even be good love: a stable, enriching, and happy one.

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Couples who have met through an app have a greater interest in going to live together.

Falling in love from a distance and online will be a good part of relationships in the future.

We will continue to meet amazing people at parties, in the classrooms of universities, on the subway, and even in the most unexpected places. 

However, falling in love from a distance and online will become increasingly common. And this will be the case for several reasons:

The first is because it saves us time, is easy, and allows us to be more selective. If there is an advantage in using the apps or even in Facebook groups, we can meet like-minded people. 

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Departing from common interests is always a big step. Secondly, because online technology allows us a faster, more direct, and everyday connection, this constant interaction, which is gradually constructed with complicity, sincerity, and intimacy, can form a powerful bond in practical matters.

However, as we well know, the most important thing is to be cautious and cautious. We always run the risk that we have a phony on the other side of the screen, but this isn’t really new. 

They only use more sophisticated mechanisms. Falsehood and even disappearing without explanation is something that has been going on since Jane Austen’s time. Despite this, love always makes its way in all its forms and channels.


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