Relationship Issues

Multiple Relationships And Psychology

Relationships nowadays look similar to changing the diapers of a baby.

People are more interested in changing their partners faster than they change clothes.

Call it changing times, or changing people, the influence of social media, dating apps; but this is the fact, and no one disagrees with it.

We have adjusted to the practice of the world, and as we swing in the same direction as the world does. But if you cannot foster or support one relationship, there is no way that you are going to nurture the next one.


Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues

Just a small point, I would like to mention here. I am not talking about abusive relationships, where one of the partners suffers as a victim, and the other one is the accused. In this case, the victim is bound to move on.

These cases are not considered as I talk about people going into multiple relationships.

There are countless studies on this subject, and every author has their different opinion about this subject.

Because every author and research team; has its way of looking at the issue and own way to give their idea about the relationship

Let’s See These Practical Points

Positive Psychology Plays A Vital Role In Relationships

Positive psychology plays a significant role in a healthy relationship. Positive emotions and affection are essential in one’s relationship. In a long-lasting relationship, partners work through their misunderstandings and conflicts.

They resolve them out by communicating respectfully and forgiving the mistakes of each other. Couples, who do this, tend to gain high levels of satisfaction in their relationship, and they take their relationship to the next level.

This is one aspect; the other is the perseverance and endurance to work at your relationship, to make sure a deeper bonding. If there is unconditional love between the partners, they will always work towards sharing a strong and positive.

No One Is Perfect – And That Includes You And Your Partner Too

We, as human beings, are not perfect. No one is. We need to understand and accept that. Once we get that, it would be easier not to expect perfection in our partner.

There might be times when our partner’s behavior might irritate us; our partner might have some weaknesses that might be hard for us to accept.

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But if we love them, we will have to deal with that. We need to keep a positive attitude towards these issues. At any point, you can’t insult or humiliate them. 

That’s not love if we humiliate and insult them. And if you can’t do that, one thing is for sure that you don’t love them.

How can I humiliate someone I love? Is this possible? No, it is not!

Whatever the issue is, we need to wait for the right time to talk about it with our partner. And we must not be judgmental while discussing those issues with our partners.

That will make sure that our partner understands our points with an open mind.

Dump The Temptation

Relationship Issues
Relationship Issues

This new era/time/phase/generation (call it whatever you want) has got everything easy to get and to leave.

Be it a hobby, studies, friends, parents, or relationships. No second thought is required for anyone before they leave one and jump into another.

People nowadays are tempted with “fillers.” These fillers are better known as “Gap – Fillers,” which always enter your life at the most worse time.

When a friend or co-worker should give you the right advice, at the time, when your relationship is not doing good, they work as a replacement of your partner.

They have that every working idea that can make your relationship broken and some great time-tested tips to believe them, leave your partner, and move on with them, at least for a week ( it can be for a couple of days too).

These Gap-fillers have all the good talks and enough motivation to de-motivate you from the current relationship so that they can take due advantage of your weakness.

We need to stay away from these kinds of people if we truly love our partner.

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However, if we genuinely analyze, we would realize that if we cannot live or tolerate one partner, there is no assurance that we can handle any other partner.

The initial days of a new relationship may look the best, yet no one can tell that the same connection can be our most horrible one.

We need to give time to our partner and ourselves to figure out whethit’st’s indeed over or still it can work out with some serious efforts and will from both the end.

And yes, it has to be genuine and no false obligations on each other.

Anyone can make multiple relationships, but people with character make one relationship that lasts long.

That’st’s what Love is all about. Working together and Staying together, with Love & Peace.

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Stay Healthy & Stay Happy!


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