Love Is Not Enough

Love Is Not Enough For A Happy Relationship

Love Is Not Enough

Love is not enough to maintain relationships and marriages. Along with love, there are many things that are necessary for a healthy relationship.

Lots of people are busy having affairs. Couples increasingly prefer cohabitation to marriage, they avoid commitment. They consider commitment as some type of disease. The divorce rate continues to go high and is more than 54% as of now.

Still, people have more interest in getting into a relationship than anything else. Most of the people think that marriage is an essential part of being happy in life.  Most people depend on their partner for a healthy mental status, however, after a certain period, they get bored, and being close to their partners also doesn’t work for them.

People always consider love to be enough for a happy relationship or marriage. But reality differs. And when their marriage or relationship doesn’t work, they hardly remember what brought them together in the first place.

Basics, Where It goes Wrong

If we talk about the basics, then, proper financial management is required for most couples. Believe it or not, Money plays the number one role in any conflict in marriages and relationships. Sex comes second.

Love Is Not Enough
Love Is Not Enough

Tensions severely affect kids during any conflict or fights between partners/couples. A kid will always withdraw from his/her father when he is fighting with their mother.

Research shows that in the first 3 years after the birth of a first child, more than 65% of couples distant from each other. Surprisingly, it first happens in the female partner followed by the male.

Handling conflict is not easy and most of the people handle it poorly, to make things much worse. “I am sorry” seems to be the most difficult and impossible sentence to utter, during a conflict and thereafter.

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Infidelity counts. Once it happens. The other partner has to decide firmly. They need to decide if they will forgive their partner or not. You can’t choose the middle way. In fact, there is no middle way for this. Once you are forgiving them, do it wholeheartedly, and if you can’t then move on. While forgiveness has to be earned, it can’t be done cheaply also. Forgiving too cheaply makes people using the experience to do it more.

While forgiving or not is entirely a personal decision. Remember not forgiving is too bad for you. If you don’t forgive you are producing poison for yourself. I am not asking to forgive and stay with them. You can forgive and kick out that person forever from your life.

The offender hardly pays attention to the pain they have caused to their partner resulting in unhappiness and trauma in the relationship.

Physical abuse might look a relationship problem but, this is a self-regulation problem,

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Physical abuse is not a relationship problem, it’s a self-regulation problem. Abusers don’t feel shame for what they do. They have an internal punishment system, which is not controlled by them. When a normal person violates an attachment bond, they will feel self hate and will be ashamed. But abusers lack compassion for themselves.

When the wish of loving someone becomes bigger than the wish of being loved, that is the moment when we become an adult. And soon we start killing this love. The way we treat our parents, the way we handle negative feelings, the way we treat a beggar, or a homeless person. All this helps to get love killed in our character and then soon we don’t even recognize love and don’t appreciate it. This continues and this is the same way how we treat our partners in a relationship or marriage also.

People don’t believe in commitments anymore. Couples are not sure if they have been chosen by heart or have been chosen as an option. And very soon, one of them comes up saying, “I’m not sure if I really want to continue with you or not”. People don’t address and resolve this issue, and that’s why the same happens in their next relationship also.

People look for opportunity and growth. And that makes sure that love is not forever. Relationships and good marriages are rare. It feels so good to see a happy couple who have been together for a long time. It needs efforts from both the partners to make that type of marriage and relationship. People need a mature brain and not a mature age to act sensibly.

And once you are sensible everything falls in the right place. Be it marriage or relationship.



3 thoughts on “Love Is Not Enough For A Happy Relationship”

  1. I am grateful for this article which I will forward to my daughter who has been with an abusive individual. She is 8 months pregnant and now he’s playing the I’m sorry game. She holds so much guilt that her first marriage didn’t last. She is more concerned for providing a father for this child than what he is doing to her and the things he is not doing for her.
    Also love Bob Marley and have always felt those words as relatable to us and the way we live our lives and the way we ought to live our lives. Thank you for all of this. Namaste

    1. Ways To Live Up

      Thank “You” Anita, for your words, and I am really sorry for your daughter. I hope she will understand things and her life will be a happy one soon. you too take care of yourself and don’t worry much.

  2. Hello Anita
    I hear you and can completelly understand your concern for your daughter. I’m not young anymore as she is, but I’ve been there, done that. My struggling with an alcoholic, abusive man lasted 15 years and I was hoping till the very end that something will happen, he will change,but of course it never happened. It simply doesn’t worth it, try to explain it to your daughter that people doesn’t change. If he is bad now, he will get much worse as the years go by. Her child will be much happier with a single mother in a calm environment than in a family where arguing, shouting and crying is a daily routine.
    Sooner or later she will find the right one who will make her happy and will consider the child their own.

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