Move On signs In Relationship

If You See These Signs In Your Relationship – Move On

If You See These Signs In Your Relationship – Move On – Even If You Truly Love Them

Everything looked perfect between them. She was charming and she loved him more than anything in her life. And she was blessed with his love.

He cared for her, loved her from the depth of his heart. She was his life.

They always looked like made for each other. They were awesome, the chemistry between them, their understanding of each other, and their love for each other, always used to set examples. For many, they were ideal for a perfect relationship.

signs of moving on

They were together for almost 3 years and all of us were eager to see them married. They also wanted the same.

Everything was perfect about them; at least that’s what we all knew. None of us stayed with them, so we never knew the inside story about their life and relationship, and yet, they were the idle partners for many.

And then, everything changed. And one fine morning she moved on and left the person she had loved more than her life.

Why? Because she didn’t have any other option but to move on.

Much later she told me why did she leave and moved on, though she truly loved him.

He was, in many ways, a great match for her, but they were headed in different directions, had opposite goals for their futures, and his struggle with addiction was something that she just couldn’t handle.

But how do you know if you should break up with someone? Through her tears, adamant about just how much she loved him, she accepted that sometimes love isn’t enough. And that makes sense.

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Apart from love, there are many things that are important in a relationship. There are many things apart from love that plays a big role in relationships.

Love is just not enough to make a relationship working for long.

There will be a time when you might have to move on, despite loving them truly. Sometimes you might feel that they are not right for you and sometimes they might feel the same.

 And when you feel like that in a relationship, it’s wise to move on rather than holding on and regret later. Doesn’t matter how much it hurts. The hurt of leaving someone you love will hurt you for a few days, but not leaving them and “feeling not right with them” will hurt you for a longer duration.

If you see these signs, in your relationship, you should not be with them, irrespective of how crazy you are for them, and how much you love them.

You Regularly Sacrifice Yourself For Them

Relationships mean partnerships. And in a partnership, everything goes equally. If someone is giving more than the other partner, be it emotional attachment, mental support, financially, or even the household activities; there will be a time when the person giving more will feel like being used. No amount of love will be able to wipe that off.

I personally won’t like spending my entire life picking up my man’s trouser from the sofa, doing all the household work alone, and paying bills regularly without his support and contribution. Though, I love him very much.

 You & Your Partner Have Different Plans For The Future

If you want to enjoy the feeling of motherhood and your partner doesn’t want even to think about taking the responsibility of being a father, you need to say bye to him.

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When it comes to kids especially, it’s almost impossible to convince someone to change their mind. So, irrespective of your love for him, you need to move on.

Both Of You Don’t Want To Compromise

Relationships are all about understanding, some compromises (not beyond a limit), and respecting each other’s feelings; people do all these to make things working because they want to stay together.

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Now, if you see that your partner doesn’t want to compromise, or they are forcing you to compromise too much, to the point, where it becomes unbearable, then it’s good to say goodbye to them.

Lack Of Good Sexual Life

The role of sex can’t be overlooked in a relationship. There are enough studies done on this and they confirm that sex plays a vital role in a good relationship.

It might not be great every time, but you two should have a decent sexual life for a healthy and happy relationship. While, there is always a scope of a loving relationship without sex too, but, why to miss out on sex?

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You Can’t Do Anything Without Them

When you love someone, you want to include them in every aspect of your life. But there is a difference between “want” and “need”, and when the “need” outweighs the “want,” you have a codependent state.

Codependency is a big sign of “unhealthy clinginess”.

It doesn’t allow you to live your life without your partner. If you see that despite your love for them, you are literally living for them and you cannot think of anything else, then it is a sign that you are not meant to be.

Healthy relationships will not spark such obsession in anyone. So, you need to live for yourself by moving on.



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