Let You Go

I Am Going To Let You Go – I Promise

I’m strong enough to promise you I’m going to let you go.

That’s it; I have finally decided! This is the best and the worse time of my life.

Best, because I have decided and worse because I should have taken this step much earlier. That’s why this time, I have decided to let you go.

Now I’m making a promise, a promise to myself!

I Am Going To Let You Go - I Promise

Today, I promise to let you go finally. To leave you in the past, where you ultimately belong. I’m going to turn a new page in my life, and you’re not going to be part of it.

Today, I make a promise to myself that I do intend to keep…

Now I promise that I will not miss you again and learn to live without you. That you will cease to be the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up and the last image I see when I try to fall asleep.

I promise I’ll stop looking at our old photos and stop replaying the songs that remind me of you.

I promise myself I won’t reread your old texts, wishing these good times would come back.

So I’m going to block your number, your social media accounts, and I’m going to take a big step forward.

Indeed, I’m going to delete all our photos and throw away all your stuff.

I Am Going To Let You Go – I Promise

It’s decided, I’ll stop waiting for you to crawl back and finally understand that I’m better off without you.

I will stop putting my life on hold while you’re out there somewhere, living yours as if I never existed.

I’m going to stop hoping that you’re the one calling me every time I hear my phone ringing, and I’m going to stop expecting you to come to my door and tell me that you’ve made your mistake and that you can’t live without me.

The truth is that you will not come back to me and tell me that you are aware of what you have lost and that I am the only one you can love.

I promise to stop waiting for you to come to your senses and get back on your feet. Besides, I’m going to have to make up my mind…

You’re insensitive, and you’ll never change!

I promise I will no longer wait for you to take responsibility for your actions and finally offer me the conclusion I deserve and hope for desperately.

You will never apologize, and you will never reassure me about the importance of my presence in your life.

In a short time, there will be no more of those horrible sleepless nights where I think about all the things that happened between us and all that could have been.

There will be no more crying about the things we haven’t accomplished and no more questions about why I felt abandoned like this.

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It’s decided, I promise to find the strength to forgive. I promise to forgive you for all the pain you have caused me, even if you never asked me to.

I promise to get rid of all grudges and resentment and free myself from you. But most of all, I will forgive myself for loving you.

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To have believed that you would stay by my side until the end of time, to have found excuses for your behavior so that I could continue to love you, and to have justified your every move.

I will forgive myself for being an idiot who thought you could change and that I wasted so much time with someone who didn’t deserve me.

I will forgive myself for forgiving you so many second chances and hoping you would end up on the right track.

Finally, that’s it… I’ll let you go!

Yes, I let go of all our memories and all our potential. I renounce my hopes of one day repairing or saving you, and I finally accept the harsh truth that we were not destined to be together.

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Please don’t wait for me anymore because I promise to abandon you and move forward in my life. That is why I say one last farewell to you, and I will erase you from my heart and mind.

Now I am strong enough to save myself from the love I have for you. I take off my blinkers, and I see you for what you’ve always been.

Besides, I also see myself as the person I was before you entered my life and before you broke my heart.

That’s why I promise to love myself more than I’ve ever loved you. To appreciate me and respect me enough never to let you into my life again.

And I promise to stop holding on to you. Now I dare to detach myself from you and heal my broken heart.

I hope, you must have found this article pretty close to what you might have felt at some point.

Thanks a lot for your time. Take Care!



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