Stay Independent In A Relationship

How To Stay Independent In A Relationship – 13 Top Ways

Many people today believe that to be in a relationship; you have to sacrifice your independence. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Genuine relationships are much more than just two people; it’s much more dynamic than what people portray in the media; there’s an essential aspect to staying honest to yourself, communicating, and working together in good relationships.

There’s a chance to maintain your sense of identity while you’re involved in a serious partner, and honestly, it’s what you can do or break off a relationship.

With a dynamic that focuses on succumbing to what the other wants each time, there is a lack of expression and passion when two people come closer and change from someone who isn’t really inside.

Stay Independent In A Relationship
How To Stay Independent In A Relationship

There is an art in staying strong and safe and working together as a team, rather than a couple who only depend on each other at every moment of their time together. 

Let’s check out these points to know How To Stay Independent In A Relationship.

1 Acceptance.

The essential tip in this entire list. Acceptance.

Learning to accept ourselves fully, showing ourselves love to the highest degree is how we all find our independence in any situation of our lives. Getting yourself means you have your independence with you, no matter what, and no one can take that away from you. 

Find someone who agrees with that in you, and chances are you have a beautiful connection to that individual, and that’s a magical moment full of compassion and understanding. Don’t give up your independence for anyone because that’s what keeps you strong in this world.

2 Know What You Need.

Learning what you need in your relationship and what you need to flourish is the most important thing to be independent.

Knowing what you need in life is an excellent example of using your independence to communicate with your partner, so they know what you want and can either help or stay away from helping; mentally, you are that strong. 

Having a partner who understands these limits and what you need when you need it can benefit the relationship. In the long run, take the stress off and hurt feelings when you need to do something yourself because you feel that’s the best thing. 

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It’s a problematic aspect to present in a new relationship because everyone seems to think that to have a loving relationship, they must help each other whenever there is something wrong, but that is not the case. Often, show more love when you step back to allow the person to do what they need to do.

3 Communication.

Communication plays a critical role in good relationships; anyone can tell you that it’s pretty common sense these days.

Being sure you communicate clearly in a relationship may not seem like an aspect of staying independent. Still, in reality, it shows that you can be a mature adult in the relationship, it shows that you demand respect as a strong woman, and it shows that you are willing to dedicate your valuable time to a cause that means a lot to you. 

A relationship simply can’t work alone in silence; you have to reach a point in the dynamic where it can thrive with two strong halves doing the whole. Communication is vital for a relationship to thrive, especially when we have so many means of speaking through technology; there is no excuse. 

You may seem to sacrifice your time, but you have to find balance within yourself and your partner to be independent in a relationship.

4 Teamwork.

A bit of change compared to the first tip in this series, but teamwork is the balancing factor for the ‘me’ time. Making sure you both work together as a team is a beautiful way to make your opinion known and your partner’s thought. 

They will be able to grow together as two strong halves that will make an incredible whole. You never know; it could be the next powerful 2K17 pair! 

Clinging to both strengths should end up making each other in the long run rather than causing confrontations and misunderstandings; it’s a great way to make sure you and your partner are really compatible and able to coexist over time together, rather than clashing heads every second.

5 Hobbies.

Stay Independent In A Relationship
Staying Independent In A Relationship

Making sure you hold fast to your hobbies and what you like to do in your free time while you’re single shouldn’t give up just because of your relationship. 

Partners should support each other in whatever they choose to do, which even comes down to aspects of their life before each other. Ensuring you keep your partner in their hobbies that don’t interest you and vice versa is a great way to maintain that aspect of freedom when you live together in a space. 

You will be able to keep the passions that make you happy, with the support of your partner, whether cooking, reading, art, etc., everything must be encouraged for this dynamic relationship to work. 

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You never know; your partner might want to try your hobby; stay open because this can be something the two end up doing together that helps them grow.

6 Me Time.

“Me” time is just as crucial as couples who spend time together. Strong bonding with yourself is the key to stay independent in a strong relationship. Making sure you have at least thirty minutes every day is a beautiful way to relax and make sure you have your plans for the day. It also helps in reducing anxiety.

Just because you spend time away from your partner and focus on yourself doesn’t mean there’s a lack of love or connection; it just means you’re making sure your mental health is under control so you can flourish the rest of the day.

 I love practicing this advice in the mornings when the day is new and fresh; while it’s quiet before my partner wakes up, I can spend a calm moment making a coffee and gathering my thoughts. A perfect way to start the day while you give yourself quality moments!

7 Opinion.

Having your own opinion while in a relationship, even if it differs entirely from your partner, is a normal and healthy way to see if the two of you are compatible. 

Different opinions are pretty beneficial when you maintain independence in a relationship. Both sides in the dynamic should have a civil conversation and discuss how to move forward while keeping respect intact. You will know when you start expressing your opinion respectfully, and reference is not returned.

You will know the red flags when it happens; you will learn in your heart if it can work or not; it is essential to go through these waves of a relationship to see if it will last. 

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Fights happen, but when there is no middle ground that can be reached for both individuals, it might be time to move on.

If you make sure that your opinions are appreciated in your relationship, you are already one step closer to fully exercising your independence in your connection. From the outset, it must be clear what their views are and what they are to work together to form a strong bond like no other. 

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When thoughts and opinions hidden in the avalanche of love are neglected and usually caught to attention in the worst moments, moments will end up being poorly reflected in them rather than a time that could have been beneficial and worked together. 

Making sure your views are expressed early on can show how independent you are from your partner and how strong you are, but you’re also willing to work as a team. Hiding these views will only keep you in the shadow, and you won’t have independence in this way.

Staying Independent In A Relationship Things You Need To Know

8 Equality.

A good relationship, or a good marriage, is based on respect. If it’s not based on respect, nothing that looks good will last long.” Amy Grant

Remember to keep the value of equality high in any relationship you start or have today. Get with the times when people left, the days when one person has a higher position than the other in a relationship. 

We are all equal. Having equality is an essential aspect of any relationship where both parties fully understand what that means to each other, making your association stand out from the rest and thrive. 

We can not just put expectations on the other person in the relationship and hope it to be perfect. Every person in the relationship has an equal share, and that’s so important to make their independence shine in their current relationship. What’s the goal here.

9 Love For Self.

Stay Independent In A Relationship

You have to learn to love yourself thoroughly before you can love someone else. And once you make it, you can’t let self-love fall by the wayside, or it will all be in vain.

It takes many steps to gain confidence, from learning to love your physical body to love your mind and make it wonderfully unique. If you lack trust in a relationship, it is obvious and will cause some challenging moments in the relationship most of the time.

 So, the first tip on the list is that having time for yourself is a beautiful way to start your self-love journey. You will learn to love everything about yourself and accept yourself to accept your partner completely. 

It’s simply not fair to rely on your partner’s love to feed your passion for yourself. This process won’t happen overnight, believe me, but eventually, it will happen; you’ll notice the differences and the new control you’ll find in your life, and you did it all for yourself! 

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One of the most important reasons is key to being independent in a relationship; it is fair to everyone involved and leaves room for true love to be expressed.

When they have a passion for each other in a deeply connected relationship, it’s straightforward to let their independence fade away, and if that’s what they choose to do, so be it. 

But, the plus side of having some independence in a relationship is that they both find ways to connect and make things work while complementing each other rather than suffocate in the process of love.

Being passionate is just as important as the independence aspect, but both can easily complement each other when you find the happy medium that works for everyone involved. You can’t establish a relationship; it just ends up being an unhappy waste of time for everyone.

10 Assertiveness.

Being assertive doesn’t always mean you like to take on everyone who has a different point of view than you; it just means you’re sure who you are and what you want; it’s not a shame!

Like the above topics, having confidence is not something to be ashamed of; if you’re generally an assertive person, that shouldn’t change completely for anyone. Instead of using it to benefit you, find a man who fully accepts it for you; you should never have to pretend to be someone who isn’t just because he’s steadfast in the things he pursues. 

Being an independent woman is hard work, and it’s even harder to find a partner who understands.

But don’t let that depress you in your search for love; it will come on time; just focus on yourself and your life, the positive things around you, and everything will eventually fall into place.

11 Being Calm.

Many people tend to think that being an independent woman means you’re aggressive or domineering, that’s not the case, and when it is, there’s a reason to do it! 

Being independent means that you know yourself, who you are in every way, and you can stand up for what you want in your life because it’s nobody’s but yours.

It also means managing life with grace and a sense of calm in every situation, being the best person in toxic problems, and doing the right thing.


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As women, we sometimes face very illicit acts from the world around us, from people we know to those on the street, but staying calm to make the necessary decisions in everything we do is key to being an independent woman. She can take care of herself and not get lost when it comes to a relationship.

12 Find Yourself.

The meeting is much more complicated than it seems; it could take days, weeks, or even years to fully realize who you are as a person, self-love, what you like, and what you want to do with your life. People always mention finding their vocation and purpose; you could say it’s pretty similar to this because it’s so important to be in the process. 

Staying independent in a relationship is about knowing yourself; you need to know yourself and know your partner well enough to thrive and grow together, and they should be doing the same. 

The two will be grateful in the end because they will have a stronger relationship than most; it will be deeply rooted rather than superficial and picturesque like a postcard. If you don’t know who you are, you’ll get lost in the relationship, and it’s up to the other person, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid.

13 Financial Equality.

One might suspect that there are more aspects of equality in a relationship that usually arises more than once, financial equality. 

If it’s what you want for yourself, you should never allow a vital person to determine whether you should work for your own money or not; it’s a personal and correct choice that’s so important for well-being and quality of life. 

If you choose to work even when your partner is also making money, that is your choice as an independent woman.

It’s magnificent for everyone to have their own goals in life and their career; it’s a feeling of healthy pride for anyone; it makes you feel good and allows you to develop your career and follow your passions.

No one should take that away from you when you’re in a relationship. If they suggest it, let them know and tell them how they feel honestly and grow together in their paths and careers.


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