Break Up Without Hurting

How To Break Up With Someone Without Hurting Them (Updated)

How To Break Up With Someone Without Hurting Them – Sounds Impossible? It’s Not.

If you are looking to break up with someone without hurting them, this article is for you.

Ending a relationship with someone you love is indeed something hard to do.

You had loved and cared for this person, but now as you don’t see any future with them, you want to make things clear for yourself. But at the same time, you don’t want them to go through any hurt.

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Please follow these steps to break up without causing any hurt for them (or at least, with little hurt).

How To Break Up With Someone Without Hurting Them

  1. Don’t ghost them.

This is the worst way you can break up with someone. You had loved once. It might look painless, as when you disappear and don’t contact them, they understand what you mean, and they move on.

But, this is not how it works.

We all need to know the reason for being left alone in a relationship, especially when this breakup comes up from nowhere and without any hints.

The way you would not like your partner to ghost you, leaving you wondering what wrong you did; and how could they treat you like that, the same goes for them.

So, if you ghost them, that will cause more pain for them. And that will be heartbreaking also.

It would be best if you ghosted them only when they are ghosting you.

Ghosting will only make things worse. So, give up the idea of ghosting if you don’t want to give them more hurt.

  1. Being Straight And Honest Is Good

This is very important and crucial when you are breaking up a relationship.

Don’t beat the bush. Be straight and honest not only to yourself but also with them. Honestly, answer their questions.

You might not get the right words to express, but you need to find and use them. Don’t give lame excuses for the breakup.

Tell them what didn’t work and why you think that it won’t work? If you feel you don’t love them anymore, tell them in soft words. Don’t be rude and harsh.

If you just like them but don’t feel that necessary attachment, let them know.

If you have started feeling for someone else, it’s good to tell them. This will make sure that they know the reasons for the breakup. That will help them to move on without suffering from much pain and hurt.

When your partner knows the facts and reasons for the breakup from you, they will be able to move on, which will surely help them recover from the heartbreak.

  1. Don’t Be Rude.

While stating the truth, you can remain kind to them. You need not use bitter words and naked truths. Because if you do this, they will be in more pain.

Suppose they don’t have a job, and this is the real reason for the breakup. Don’t tell them, “You don’t have a job, all day you eat and sleep. I feel ashamed to introduce you to my friends.”

It’s advised to be honest, not rude. Choose different words and use a different kind of delivering the same facts.

You can tell them that you two have a different ideology for life and success, and you think that won’t work for both of you. And this unevenness is stopping you from continuing any further in the relationship.

So, this way, you are not talking anything terrible about them; instead, you are letting them know about your plans, aims, and the way you think your life should continue.

With this and distributing the reason for the breakup in a way that states your feelings against their shortcomings, you can minimize the pain and break up without causing much pain and hurt for them.

  1. Don’t Drag.

If you have decided to break up, do it quickly and decisively. That will help your ex to recover faster and will also help them to move on.

Don’t ever leave them, go away, come back to them, and again go away. This will worsen things for both of you, and you will cause more pain for them.

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Once you are clear that you want a breakup, do it; don’t drag it for any reason.

  1. Don’t Show Up With Your New Partner Immediately.

Suppose your partner is the person who breaks up with you, and the very next day, they post a beautiful picture of them and their new partner on social media.

How would you react to that? How would you feel? Won’t you start questioning each everything about yourself and the relationship?

Yes, you will. You will feel betrayed and cheated on. And that pain will be too much for you to bear after the breakup.

This is the same; that will happen with your Ex if you come up with your new partner too soon. Even if there is someone in your life, please, give some fair amount of time before you come up to disclose your new love.

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So, you need not do this to make sure your partner doesn’t go through this hurt.

Remember, while you want the world to know about your new love, at the same time, you don’t want your Ex to suffer from any unnecessary pain.

Respecting your ex will make sure that you have broken up the relationship without breaking their heart.

Final Words On How To Break Up With Someone Without Hurting Them

Just disappearing will only cause more pain for your partner. So stay there and face them.

Be kind and honest with them. Answer their question with respect, and don’t be rude.

Don’t come up with your new love immediately after the breakup.

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These steps will help your Ex to recover quickly from the pain of breaking up. Not only this, but; this will also help you not to have any guilt feeling for breaking their heart.

It’s true that their heart will be broken after you break up with them, but the right and respectful way to break up will ensure they suffer less and heal faster.



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