How To Cope Up When Your Partner Cheats On You

How To Cope Up When Your Partner Cheats On You Several Times

How To Cope Up When Your Partner Cheats On You Several Times ~

One of the most challenging situations a couple can face is living with someone who has cheated on them many times.

This can mean breaking a fundamental pillar in a relationship, trust and therefore, we are attacked by doubts about what to do when our partner deceives us and even more if they do so on several occasions.

In this post, I want to help you with what to do when your partner cheats on you multiple times.

I will explain the reasons why infidelities often occur, the causes that lead someone to lie and hide the affair, why infidelities and lies are repeated and how you can deal with this situation.

How To Cope Up When Your Partner Cheats On
How To Cope Up When Your Partner Cheats On

After discovering infidelity or a lie, it is most common for you to wonder why: Why has your partner deceived you? Why was he unfaithful to you? Why infidelity occurs in a marriage or relationship:

To feel the excitement.

Some people like the adrenaline of being with someone else having a partner and having to do it all in a way that misses you. Maybe that adrenaline he feels when he cheats on his partner is the same one that makes him do it more than once.

For the lack of passion in the relationship

One of the things that can lead a person who has a relationship to mess with another person is the lack of passion in the relationship; perhaps he feels distanced from the couple in the most emotional realm and is the first thing you find in a lover.

Still, it should be mentioned that even if the passion in the relationship has been a little deteriorated, you should always be able to communicate and talk about it with your partner.

To meet needs

Perhaps the relationship does not meet your needs, and when talking about needs not only emphasizes sexuality, there are many other needs that a relationship must meet reciprocally.

If these are not covered, it can happen that the person searches outside the relationship and that led them to commit infidelities on more than one occasion.

To be tested

Perhaps he has doubts about your relationship, and the way to reaffirm wanting to be with you is to be with other people and finally thinking that with the person I have next door is with whom I am better.

If at any time you feel that the person next to you needs a constant reaffirmation of your love and seeks it, so it is essential to take a proactive attitude and think about whether you deserve this.

Because there’s no love

Maybe the person is no longer in love with you, and that leads him to go with other people, on the other hand, we usually find a lack of infatuation next to an emotional dependence that leads him to want to have someone next to him and not want to be alone.

Revenge or anger

Maybe your partner’s way of expressing anger is to go with other people. It should be noted that at all, it is the best way to resolve a partner conflict.

Here you can see how to act if you think your partner is cheating on you.

Why a person is unfaithful and denies it

Two great reasons lead someone to deny that they have committed infidelity:

Fear of consequences

It is one of the most frequent, the fear that when he says the infidelity committed the couple will put a point and end to the relationship, so he will try to lengthen as much as the lie can.


Maturity involves taking responsibility for the acts committed and for assuming the consequences of it. Lying about an act you’ve already done is not wanting to consider the results of your actions.

What to do if your partner cheats on you and denies it? In this article, we explain how to act if your husband or wife cheats on you and doesn’t recognize you.

Why a person repeatedly deceives you

To understand why infidelity is recommitted over and over again, it can be interesting first to know the feelings experienced by an unfaithful person. The reasons that lead him to deceive you repeatedly are:

Have a chance to do so

Perhaps your partner repeatedly deceives you because the person with whom he commits infidelity is also willing to assume the role of lover and likes to occupy this position.

Lack of self-esteem

Lack of self-esteem can lead us to commit acts that morally harm others. Perhaps the person with very low self-esteem can try to find someone else who also looks at him or her and the way to reinforce them.

To get attention

It can be an unhealthy way for your partner to be trying to get your attention, perhaps seek care not received by the partner in someone else.

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Lack of feeling

It is one of the most common reasons that lead a couple to be unfaithful, not to feel what it should feel but at the same time not have the courage to let go of who you have by your side.

What to do when a person is unfaithful several times

How to act on the repetition of infidelity? In the face of the second (or more) deception, we recommend the following:

1. Eviction

It is crucial that this repeated situation you are experiencing does not keep it for yourself, but that you look for someone you trust – family, friend, co-worker – to tell them about your concerns, doubts and discomfort.

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Remember that shared penalties are less worthwhile. Also, a third-person’s vision can help you see things differently or from a different perspective.

2. Be worth it

Someone who cheats on you several times is not someone who is showing you the respect you deserve, so you must value yourself and see that maybe the person who has your next door does not know how to know the person you are or is not worthy of respecting what they have by their side.

3. Listen to yourself

Listen to your feelings and what makes you feel the situation of constant deception. Think and value whether you deserve this in your life.

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Suppose you feel like fighting for a relationship and consider whether the person next to you would also defy the same for you. Listen to the signs your body sends you and don’t follow in something that doesn’t make you feel good.

4. Talk to your partner

Have a candid conversation with your partner about infidelities. What to tell your partner when he’s been unfaithful to you? Try to hear what exposes and also explains how it makes you feel and what generates these behaviours in you.

5. Put point and end

Faced with repeated deception, the option that may be, at first more painful, but in the end, more liberating is to put an end to the relationship with the other person.

Don’t anchor in something that doesn’t make you happy, remember that even if it’s painful at first, there are always more paths than you can imagine.

Don’t forget that you can go to professionals to help you overcome infidelity, strengthen your self-esteem and feel good about yourself or yourself.

Take Care, So Long!


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