Breaking Up With A Narcissist

How A Narcissist Behaves When Their Relationship Ends

How A Narcissist Behaves When Their Relationship Ends ~ 

Being in an unhealthy relationship makes life painful, and when this involves being with someone who has narcissistic character disorder places you in a line of fire of devastating emotional and mental effects.

At this point when you collect the guts to leave them, it becomes crucial for you to know what a narcissist can do or does when the relationship ends so that you can break up easily but more importantly, staying safe.

A narcissist lacks empathy for others. They expect constant admiration for themselves.

Self-centered behavior is the greatest characteristic of a Narcissist.

In case this sounds familiar to you then, you surely know how difficult it can be to handle their behavior.

It is easy to get manipulated, confused, and ashamed, by a narcissist, when someone is in a relationship with them.

That’s why it takes a lot of guts and strength to leave a relationship with a narcissist.

But, when it’s time for you to make laws and break that relationship, it can feel like the world is being affected internally.

Nevertheless, you have taken the right decision to leave the narcissist.

How A Narcissist Behaves When Their Relationship Ends


When you break up with a narcissist, you should be prepared for their reaction. If you are not, it might hit you badly.

1. The Narcissist Will Try To Get Your Attention.

Since a narcissist is always self-oriented, they will always be concerned about themselves. In an effort to keep you close, they will do everything to get back your attention.

They can’t take the rejection when you break up with them. They try various tricks to get your attention back and hope to get you back in this process.

Once you break up with them, they will make midnight calls to you, they will send you multiple messages, and will try to explain and convince you that you should not leave them.

2. They Will Make Fake Promises.

They will promise to change themselves. They will play their card for being guilty of hurting you and for things they did to you and promise to change; expecting you to forgive them. Don’t get trapped in their fake promises and false words.

Don’t ask them to prove that they will change. They will easily convince you with their sugar-coated words and promises; that they are not going to keep at all.

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Understand, their sole focus is only to get out of the present situation. All they are looking for at this moment is to get you back.

Don’t even think of allowing them to come back in your life for once. And if you are thinking that, that means, they are still controlling your mind.

Even if you decide to take him back, the things he promised won’t play out in the end. It’s his way of telling you what you want to hear while still maintaining his control.

3. The Narcissist Will Become Mad.

Breaking Up With A Narcissist
Breaking Up With A Narcissist

When they realize they are failing in their plans, they will lose their temper. And they will start blaming you for everything. They won’t see any faults of their own and will raise their volume.

Remember not to go into any discussion with them, because a narcissist won’t take any criticism and you will be at the receiving end of their rage. They will start a personal attack if you go into a discussion.

Since the breakup is not expected and acceptable for them, they might use foul and hurting language for you. Don’t get provoked by their actions and keep your balance intact.

4. You, Will, Be Held Guilty By Them.

They will hold you guilty for everything and they won’t stop at anything to prove themselves right. Since a narcissist doesn’t accept their mistakes, you will be held responsible for everything and every fault.

You can even see some crocodile tears also in their eyes, as they try to hit your emotions and soft heart so that you can change your mind and take them back.

Don’t fall in their trap. And once you refuse, they will again start blaming you for everything and the breakup.

They might remind you, how much they loved and cared for you.  They will remind you of the nice things they had done for you.

All these are nothing but their desperate attempt to stop you from going away from them.

5. They Will Tell You That You Have Made A Mistake By Breaking Up.

They will tell you that they don’t accept your decision of breaking up, since it’s a mistake of yours and you need to rethink. They will keep on trying you to make you feel guilty.

Narcissists are very good at convincing, so they will try their best to convince you, that your decision of breakup is not the right one and you must go take them back. They might use cruel words also to hurt you emotionally.

In case, you have been with them for long, they know you well and will manipulate you to accept that it was your fault and will force you to be with them again.

It might be tough to control yourself of all you have been told by them, but you need to be strong and stick with your decision.

Don’t ever trust their words and actions, when you are

When ending a relationship with a narcissist, don’t trust the things they say and do.

Avoid passing any negative comment to them, as that will only provoke them to go more offensive. Remember not to listen to them and reverse your decision of breaking up. Don’t give them any chance to take control of your mind and you.

How To End A Relationship With A Narcissist

Make sure that the breakup is done with clarity and gently.

Remember one thing, they are not important and necessary in your life, as they make you believe that. And always have the confidence in yourself to end things and stand firm on the ground of reality.

Believe in yourself and don’t fall in any trap.

A. Take Support From Friends And Family

If you have pushed away your family members and friends; while being with a narcissist, get back to them at the earliest. You are going to need them.

Your support team of friends and family members will be able to see things clearly and will care for you whenever it will be required.

B. Close All Contacts With Them

If the narcissist won’t be able to reach you through any medium, like emails, phone calls, messages, they won’t be able to lure you back.

So, block their emails, calls, messages, and block them on your social media accounts also. Once they fail to reach you, your path of moving on will be easier and smooth.

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You need to take control of yourself. Your blocking them on every platform and way will tell them that, you are done with them and there is no way they can come back in your life to make it hail again.

C. If You See Danger, Don’t Hesitate To Take Help.

If the narcissist threatens to harm or hurt you, don’t hesitate to take help from the police also. Don’t take their threatening lightly and take the required action to be safe.

Report any threat from them immediately to the concerned department/authorities in your area.

D. Give Some Time To Yourself.

It’s never easy to get out of a relationship. But, a relationship that has always been painful, that takes away your peace of mind and life, is worth leaving and move on. Give yourself some time to recover from the breakup. Look at the larger picture which is ahead for you.

Feel happy for showing the guts to end your relationship with a narcissist and be happy for the coming good days in your life.


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