Expectations In A Relationship

Expectations In A Relationship – A Practical Approach

Expectations In A Relationship – A Practical Approach

Expectations are there in every relationship. Expecting from your partner is quite natural.

We all do so. But some relationships break up because one partner does not meet expectations, and some expect too much.

Today we will try to understand how far these expectations are justified or illegitimate.

Expectations In A Relationship

Be Honest And Analyze

We need to check back if our expectations were very high and in such a situation our partner was not in a position to do anything. If the situation is like this, then the fault is ours, not our partner’s.

First of all, we have to assess our expectations properly, which we have from our partner. We have to decide that if our partner expects the same from us, can we fulfill them? We have to answer this question with complete honesty.

To understand your partner, try to know them. From the beginning of the relationship, do not try to dominate and be demanding. This can spoil the relationship.

Expectations In A Relationship
Expectations In A Relationship

Don’t Expect A Movie Theme To Be In Your Life

Do not hold expectations from your partner in real life, influenced by the Movies and TV serials.

Being influenced by a movie story, expecting your partner to be with you for 24 hours, and sitting next to you, holding your hand, is wrong. Apart from you, they might have other works also to do; they may have some responsibilities, to fulfill.

So in such a situation, if you think that they do not have time for you or you are not important for it, then you are wrong.

Reality Vs Expectations

You have to keep a balance between your expectations and reality. If your partner never gives you time, or always avoids you, then the matter is different, but if you do not expect to get time from them at all times, it will be better for your relationship.

When you expect too much from anyone, you only harm yourself. In a good relationship, both partners take care of each other’s feelings and take responsibility with an open heart.

Yes, they do expect from each other, but only those expectations which are practical and which they themselves can also do for their partner.

Maintaining good standards in life is a very healthy thing. If your partner does this, then be happy, and do not spoil your relationships by expecting more from them.

If you have unjustified or huge expectations than necessary, your partner will slowly drift away from you, because your expectations are not reasonable and justified.

And if you do not stop doing this, then you are ruining the happiness of your life. In such a situation you will never get a stable relationship or a good partner.

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Every person wants to be loved by someone who values ​​them and makes them feel special. This is completely justified, but when you overdo that your partner may be scared or fed up with your expectations, and might consider moving on.


Talk to your partner about your expectations from them. Take their opinion; ask them if you are asking for much. If they give their opinion, then respect that. And ask them about their expectations too.

It is equally wrong to suppress your expectations, as much as it is to raise high. Therefore, it is very important to talk openly in a healthy relationship. And maintain the much-required balance between justified and unjustified expectations.

Your partner can not read your mind, so tell them what you are expecting. Unless you openly tell them, your hope will remain in your mind, and you will unnecessarily blame your partner for not fulfilling your expectation.

Execution Of Your Expectations

Do not express your expectations like an order, do it with humility. You will also not like to take someone’s expectations as an order. Will you? No, that is why it is very important that you tell them your expectations in the right tone and right words.

You can make a list of your expectations with your partner. Try to have this list only for 10 points. This will help both of you to know the expectations of each other, and in such a situation, the risk of both hurting and getting hurt will be minimal.

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When you are expecting something from your partner and your partner knows about that, you need to give them time to fulfill that expectation. Do not become restless and don’t show your eagerness. Be patient and wait for their action.

You must have seen some couples, who have been together for a long time and are very happy. These are the people who truly love each other, value each other, and do not put a mountain of expectations on each other.

If you do this too, you will see that slowly you will not even need to state your expectations and your partner will have fulfilled your expectations before you even think or say.

If you want your relationship to be healthy and happy, make sure to tell them about your (genuine) expectations clearly and put an end to your unjustified and unnecessary expectations completely.

Once you do that, believe me, you will see how beautiful a relationship can be.

May you have a great day ahead…




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