Fake Love

Clear Signs Your Partner Is Faking Love

Clear Signs Your Partner Is Faking Love ~ And You Must Act

How do you know, if the person you are in a relationship with, faking love for you?

It’s true, that a good relationship needs, commitment, trust in each other, time for each other, no communication gap, and love for each other.

But imagine, your partner is doing all the good things, mentioned above, and everything is fake.

Fake Love
Fake Love

Then what? First of all, how would you know if they are faking their love for you?

No one would ever like to be with someone, who is faking their love. But, sadly there are people who fake love and there are people who come to know that their partner never loved them.

And they have been used. All these days, their partner faked their love just for some benefit.

There are many who go into a relationship only to use the other one. Sadly, people fail to recognize their fakeness and fall for them. They get trapped and till they realize the truth, it’s too late for them to recover.

Here are a few things to look for in your partner, to be sure if they really love you or just faking love.

They Are Not Concerned About You

A genuine partner will always be curious, concerned, and involved with you and things related to you. That’s how a relationship grows.

A true relationship will spark feelings for each other. There will be so many things to share and know about each other.

But, if your partner lacks these things and you don’t find them making any attempt to know you, your ideas, and plans for the future, that’s an open sign of fake love.

A real partner won’t behave in this way, and it’s good to cut off all strings with them.

Because, you won’t like to take the pain of being cheated; physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

They Are Not Cooperative.

If your partner doesn’t initiate in any activities, like, going for dinner, outing, shopping, day to day works, that shows their character of not being bothered about you.

If they don’t ever compromise for any small things, that shows they are self-centered and not worried about your choice and your happiness.

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Their lack of effort is nothing but a clear and loud sign of having no interest in you and fake love.

They Don’t Have Any Emotional Attachment With You

A person who is faking their love, avoid clear communication. They either will hide or won’t share anything about their life with their partner.

They don’t interact on a full length and always will try to avoid any personal questions related to their life and thoughts. So, you will never know what is going on in their life or on their mind.

And if asked, they will come up with excuses for not been able to share with you for fake reasons.

While someone who truly loves you will always share whatever is there, with you. They neither will hide anything about their life nor will avoid your questions.

So, if you are with someone, who fits in the second picture, don’t let them go, and if they fir in the first picture, don’t be with them.

They Are Never The First One, to Patch Up

Every relationship has conflicts and fights, and issues. That’s normal.

What is abnormal, that when after any conflict you are the only one, who has to patch up things and your partner never shows any willingness or interest to do the same.

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This also shows; that your partner is not attached to the relationship and that’s why they are not bothered about any resolution for the conflict.

This is a major sign of their not taking the relationship seriously and they are faking love for you. These types of people, never care about a relationship.

They are with you for some certain gains and profits. Since their love is fake, they are not bothered about your love, feelings, and relationship.

Go With Your Instinct

Our gut feeling mostly goes right and never fails, to warn us, before something bad happens. You need to go with your gut feeling.

Listen to what your instinct has to say about your partner.

If you pay even the slightest of attention to them, you will clearly see, if your partner is faking love or they are real.

You can check their body language and eyes while talking to them and at the same time, go by your sixth sense that never lies.

Ask yourself, how safe you feel with them, and are they really worth being with you? If you hear a “NO” from yourself, if your gut feeling warns you, go with that.

Either go away from them or ask them to go. They are with you not because they love you, but, because of some real reasons, faking love to use you for their benefits only.


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