9 Top Ways To Lose A Good Woman

9 Top Ways To Lose A Good Woman ~ Tested And Trusted Ways To Lose A Good Woman

Yes, you got that right; I am here to tell you how to lose a good woman? Effectively, efficiently and without any chances of failure.

There are endless examples of a man losing a good woman just for some very basic things, which are required for a long-lasting healthy relationship.

There are certain things you should know about when you lose a good woman; what follows next?

Men normally think that women can’t leave them, and they have the upper hand.

What they don’t see is that it’s not only possible but also, this is precisely what’s happening.

9 Top Ways To Lose A Good Woman

And once they lose a good woman, they have no idea what happened and how the f*** it happened?

Any man, who has a good woman and doesn’t want to lose her, shouldn’t make the points given below. Anybody doing these things to their women can rest assured of losing her at any given moment.

Don’t listen to the people who tell you, don’t lose a good woman; if you lost a good woman, you will lose many things in life and be solely responsible for the hell you created for yourself.

Trust me, losing a good woman is easy, and one can do it without putting in lots of effort. In case some innocent people don’t know how to lose a woman. I am here to help them out.

So, Here You Have 9 Top Ways To Lose A Good Woman


  1. Stop Paying Attention to Her.

A strong and independent lady won’t need anybody’s attention to thrive. However, she would always be happy when her man paid attention to her.

When you pay attention to her, she feels your love. That makes you more loving to her. Since you want to lose her, stop paying attention to her, and don’t appreciate anything about her. This will surely make your wish and job easy.

  1. Stop Trying To Know Her.

Yes, you might know her somewhat. But, ask yourself honestly, do you know her favorite singer, or dish, or color?

Do you know what makes her smile? Do you have any knowledge about what makes her sad or happy? If you don’t know all these things, that’s good for you.

Please don’t put any effort to know her, and that will help you lose her sooner or later.

  1. Don’t Listen to Her, Whenever She Talks.

If you are already doing this, please carry on. Whatever she is talking about, that might be something completely irrelevant to you and of no interest, but listening to your partner is an excellent sign of a healthy relationship.

It shows that you respect your partner. It also shows that you care for them and are willing to listen to whatever they have to share with you.

But, why should you care and do all that while you are willing to lose her? So, whenever she has something to share with you, you can keep on playing some video games or can remain busy with your phone, doing nothing at all.

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So, keep ignoring her, and you will soon lose her.

  1. Keep Breaking Her Trust.

Isn’t that great that though you had broken her trust many times, she had forgotten you and still loves you?

Yes, it is. Because she still thinks that you will change and her unconditional love for you will make you a good person. But, you don’t need to bother about her trusting you.

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You are a “PRO,” so keep breaking her trust, say sorry, and stay for a few more days with her. This time she will surprise you by leaving you and moving on.

Oh… I forgot that’s precisely what you want. Would you mind continuing to break her trust by all means?

  1. Don’t Make Yourself The Right Man For Her

9 Top Ways To Lose A Good Woman

Whatever logic, arguments we give to others, deep inside, we all know the truth. So, you surely know if you deserve her or not.

Now, if you feel that you deserve her, in that case, ask yourself why you are doing things that will make you lose her?

And if your answer is “No,” then don’t wait for her to leave you, instead tell her that she deserves someone better than you and go.

  1. Don’t Make Her Feel Safe With You.

Never make her feel safe with your love and words. It’s not about keeping her safe only physically; it’s about emotionally too.

If you make her feel that you are with them with all your heart and soul, she will feel safe and never leave a man like that.

Now that will spoil all your plan of losing her. So, you need not make her feel safe at all, never!

  1. Stop Doing Little things For Her.

It’s not very complicated when you do small, little things for your partner that show your care and love for them.

A surprise kiss, some cute text messages, pulling the chair for them, offering help in day-to-day work, all these things are so simple and little, but they carry the world for women.

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People, who do all these for their partner, enjoy a powerful bonding and lead a healthy relationship.

But why should you care? Ultimately, you want her to lose, so please stop doing all those little things, and in case you don’t do them at all, you are on the right track to losing her. Just continue doing that with the same perfection.

  1. Don’t Bother About Emotional Attachment And Keep It Only Physical.

When women find a mental attachment with a guy, they tend to love them more because they value that mental attachment more than physical.

You might have seen some pleasing couples/partners holding onto each other for a long. These couples/partners have a solid mental attachment, and the male partner(in that kind of marriage/relationship) is not always and only after sex.

These men have a solid mental attachment with their partners. That helps the bonding to grow.

All I am trying to tell you is that, break it if you have any mental attachment. And if you don’t have any, and you use her only to fulfill your sexual needs, then you are almost there.

She can leave you at any time; it’s just a matter of some days.

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  1. Don’t Ever Make Her Laugh.

Women by nature like and love men, who can make them, laugh.

Men need not be funny to make them laugh; there are other ways to make others laugh, and even if a man has to be funny to make his woman laugh, what’s wrong?

Appreciate his efforts to make his partner happy and making her laugh.

The point is, you have to make sure that you don’t try to make her laugh and happy. You have better things to do and no need to put any effort into such things.

Please follow the tips mentioned here, and one day you surely will be able to say proudly, “I lost a good woman.”

I am sure men, who don’t want to lose her, will never do these things and will lead a happy and healthy relationship.

Take good care of yourself and your family. 

Till next, so long!



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