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9 Sure Tips To Make Your Man Feel That They Will Lose You

Normally, men are clueless to see and understand how their women feel about them. Mostly they take it for granted that their women are happy with them and they don’t need anything else.

This makes them avoid or overlook their women’s feelings and needs. And if you have a man like that in your life, you know how it goes and feels to be with them.

While you want them to know about your feelings/needs, they hardly understand the unsaid things. And if you need words to express everything and every time, in a relationship, there is something wrong and you should work on it.

Everybody wants to be treated a little better by their partner. Understanding each other when words are not spoken is the best kind of relationship. However, even in a good relationship, the male partner may not understand the unspoken words of his female partner.

Relationship Tips
Relationship Tips

Now, the woman, in this case, would not like to spoon-feed her man every time about her needs, but at the same time, she would expect her man to understand her in a better way. So that he can treat her a little better.

Now, suppose the woman tries everything even communicates also to her partner about her needs/feelings and her man doesn’t change his ways of treating her. then what this woman is supposed to do?

If this man truly loves her and doesn’t change his ways, he needs to be scared of losing her. Only this can change his ways of treating his woman

And in case, you are that woman who needs to change her man for this particular reason, here are a few things you can try and be in the winning position. Remember, you are doing this to change your man’s ways of treating you, and not for any other reason. So basically you love him and don’t want to lose him. You are doing this to make sure that your relationship becomes much healthier and beautiful. Your intentions should be clear to you before you proceed any further.

I hope, this is loud and clear. Now, let’s see how to get things done.

9 Tips To Make Your Man Feel That They Will Lose You

1. Start Avoiding Him For A While And Focus On Yourself

Get some extra time to take care of yourself. Pay more attention to your hobbies, looks, and other things. Avoid him when you are engaged in focusing on yourself. Make your partner feel that he is not your entire world and there are other things also, that matters to you. This will make him realize how to make you feel being loved by him and he will start changing his ways.

2. Go For Shopping And Outings Without Him.

It’s always good to know your value and worth, but it’s equally important for your partner to know that they are important. Once you start making plans that don’t include your man, this will give them a message that you can manage things without him. And you are capable of doing things on your own. Make them feel that you don’t need them anymore to be with you for things, they thought can’t be done without them. This will make them feel insecure in your life and they will act immediately to win your love back.

3. Don’t Always Remain Available To Them.

Make it a point to make your man feel that you have other things also to do in your life rather than being with him. If you man plans an outing with you, don’t just get ready and be happy. Tell him that you have some other important things to do and you will let him know when you are free.

And the fact remains that being a woman, we literally have hundreds of works on hand to do, All these needs our attention, time, and energy. so, it’s not possible for you to go with him, whenever he just asks you. Again, a short reminder, you need not be rude, while saying “NO” to him.

4. Don’t Reply Instantly.

By doing this you will make him feel that you are not always waiting for his messages and not dying to reply him back instantly. That might be completely wrong, and in reality, you might be always waiting for his messages. But it’s required to change his ways of treating you. So though it might be tough for you but you need to follow this to get him on the track.

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5. Flirt A Little With Other Men.

Tell him that nothing is set between you two in stonewalling. If you are not being treated right, remind him immediately that you are capable of other people as well. But, you should not cheat on him. Cheating is A BIG NO. Just a small amount of flirtation here and there will be more than enough to alarm him.

6. Hang Out With Your Friends.

Apart from your love life, you have a social life also. And this should not be solely your lover’s. Take some time to hang out with your friends also. your man needs to realize that you can still go for social fulfillment and companionship from others. The person holding that card should not be the same.

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7. Try Something Completely Different In The Bedroom.

Like all men, your man is also surely afraid of losing sexual privilege. Don’t forget to remind him, how amazing you are or can be in the bedroom. this will compel him to think about losing you. And in case you include some new stuff in your routine, your man will be compelled to do the same

8. Don’t Say “Yes” All The Time.

If you can’t say NO, then start learning it. No one wants to make their partner unhappy by saying NO, for anything their partner come up with, However, this practice is not a very good idea. Always saying Yes, to your partner might compel you to compromise on so many things and that’s absolutely not a good thing for you.

9. Denai To Be His Second Priority.

Don’t ever let your man treat you as the second priority. Suppose, your man has a plan to hang out with his friends and suddenly it’s canceled. Now your man calls you up and asks you to be with him or offers to come down to your place, reject him (his offers). Make the point clear that they can’t treat you as an option, according to their convenience.

Try out these tips on your man, strictly when they are not treating you the way you want, and don’t overdo anything to hamper your relationship.



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  1. once my ex did these tips , and yep i left her , cause an old saying says once your woman have the ability to ignoring you then shes not yours anymore

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