Relationship Myths

8 Great Relationships Myths We Should Know 

Relationships Myths We Should Know  ~ The many ways that people look at their relationships, build them, or break them.

There are lots of relationship practices that break the barriers of working relationships. Nevertheless, one of the most well-known is the repository of pre-determined desires that all individuals have in relation to how a relationship should work.

These beliefs, conscious or unconscious, may bias them to see beyond that belief.

At this point when someone in a relationship does not understand these expected fixed limitations, they are expected to do the same things that have not previously worked. Learned from youthful lessons and experiences of life, these myths-expectations in a relationship interferes in the way of a successful relationship.

Relationship Myths
Relationship Myths

There are endless examples of these disguised “lock-ins” and everyone begins their relationship with a particular setup of mind. They are regular unseen factors that create expectations that are not defined.

Below are the eight myths which are most common in a relationship. You need to check these at your end with your partner. Ask yourself and your partner if any of these myths apply to your relationship and if any other exists. Then discuss if these myths have affected your relationship in any way.

8 Great Relationships Myths We Should Know

Relationships Myth – 1

True love happens once only.

You come across many people in the journey of life. There are always chances that you can love more than one person. In fact, you can deeply and truly love different individuals at different stages of your life.

It is clear that “real love” in the future is better than the past love and lessons that you learned in your past relationship will make your future relationship better. Because you have the benefits from those past experiences to know what worked and what didn’t.

Some people do not understand that they both discovered their “one” after putting lots of effort to make their relationship a success. The bond they have drawn together in the hard-working, emotional channels of a normal relationship is much stronger now than when the relationship had started.

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There are people who cherish and lose a relationship, move on and go in another one, let go of those relationships again, and finally once again together. The one who was once beautiful changed to “one” at present. Who was once replaceable now becomes “the one.”

Relationships Myth – 2

When you have discovered the right person, you are sure about lasting it forever.

Passion and infatuation are normal in a new relationship. It can last for about half a year if the partners have strong chemistry between them. The love that goes on, has many characteristics and is beyond that passion and infatuation, which is the most thrilling moment a new couple experiences.

A beautiful relationship, which is old enough, is a result of many factors. In this type of relationship both the partners work on every aspect, right from the smallest to the bigger issues.

A dedicated commitment to each other doesn’t happen overnight. These kinds of relationships are the most beautiful ones and are rare.

On the off chance that you and your partner have common interests for all intentions and purpose, you like both, common dreams, financial understanding, physical happiness and versatility in each other and a sensible amount of resiliency, you will have the chances to make that “Forever” and as one of those rarest couples, we rarely see nowadays.

Partners who have a beautiful relationship never take their love and each other lightly. They value their commitments and respect each other, only to take their relationship to the next level.

Relationships Myth  – 3

Fighting in a relationship is normal and OK.

Despite the fact that differences are an integral part of each relationship, they are not always healthy and good. Fights or differences should always be resolvable and shouldn’t be carried forward for the next session. And if it happens, they can damage the relationship.

Fights are normally negative and mostly the old issues get dragged. Repeated fights lose any hope of resolution and continue to weaken the relationship. Fights take no time to go into blaming, bullying, and invalidation, and with every word coming out only threatens to more serious issues coming up.

Differences can have a better effect on relationships when both the partners invite each other’s point of view and try to understand and accept them with an open mind and heart.

Relationships Myth  – 4

Sex plays an important role in a relationship to be successful.

Despite the fact that physical attraction improves any relationship, moving forward with sexual excitement is generally not important for a relationship.

The way a person deals in life, their ability to persist through it, and come up against the hardships and accept and appreciate the different situations and liabilities, are in fact better indicators of whether love and relationship will go any further or not.

Someone who justifies their behavior by stating the loss of physical attraction as the reason for straying is unfaithful. In any case, this is usually the real cause of the anomaly.

Fatigue, major issues that have recently developed, family disruption, monetary stress, unexpected misfortune or request, or any kind of negative astonishment, are regularly more real motives for why someone in a relationship seeks something extra beyond their relationship and invites infidelity.  

An unfaithful partner may rationalize his or her behavior by claiming loss of physical attraction as the reason for straying. But that is rarely the true cause of the betrayal. Boredom, emerging deal-breakers previously ignored family interference, financial stressors, unexpected losses or demands, or negative surprises of any kind, are often more the true reasons behind why one partner seeks a relationship outside of the relationship.

I have seen people breaking up in good relationships also when sexuality increases unevenly. But I have also seen a few cases where people are unable to maintain physical attachment but have increased their mental attachment and love for their partner. And these people remain deeply in love with each other.

Relationships Myth  – 5

Forgiving and forgetting is the most ideal approach to move through troubles.

Unfortunately, this condition is one of the most inaccurate and wrongly understood expectations of the response to a hurting situation.

The culprit partner, who tells the other to just forgive and forget, actually doesn’t have the intentions for a resolution. They just want to take advantage of this myth and force their partner to move on with them. But that is not a solution, understand that.

Effective relationship partners use errors and heartbreak to examine which factors drove them into that situation. And work out to change their behaviors so that those mistakes should not happen again.

Successful relationship partners use mistakes and heartbreaks to explore what factors drove them to happen and to make plans to change behaviors in the future to avoid them.

A much-improved system is to change the expectation of “forgive and forget” to “don’t forget and let go”. In this way, a couple can use the method to prepare and develop for the better goal of disillusionment that occurs in the future.

“Letting go” may possibly occur when the partner who caused the tragedy feels genuine regret.

Relationships Myth – 6

It is better to resolve any issues immediately.

It’s true that Couples should go to bed angry. But think wisely, there might be a better time to talk and resolve the issue later. Trying to address the issue then and there may provoke your partner furthermore.

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In fact, much distress may contain all the signs brought on by current relationships, which are in reality left-over from the previous ones. At this point when a dispute quickly escalates and none of the partners of the two can listen to the other, it all happens more often that an uncertain conflict from the past extended over the present experience.

Therefore, to separate the past from the present, to fulfill their responsibility, and to actually accept what they see from their fight, the partners must give time to each other.

Relationships – Myth 7

Try not to change your partner.

People who have recently been disrespected regularly are rightly flawed to accelerate the emotionality of the other partner as the person in question seems to be.

Don’t try to change your partner. People newly in love often are caught up in the romanticism of the other partner being perfect exactly as he or she is

In the real world, most people look ahead to be praised exactly as they are, while at the same time changing the other person to be exactly what they always want. Obviously, they would prefer those advances to come naturally and without cost, yet this is usually the situation.

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The vast majority who love each other want to give the other what the person might desire. For some, reason, may or may not always sacrifice them to do so.

The ability of the quality negotiation needs to be enhanced and their enthusiastic tastes are considered, as it may be, even if with good motivations, usually the partner may or may not meet different needs or requirements.

On the off chance that they can tune in without judgment and cause the other partner not to miss when there is a gap that is not someone’s problem, they can start nurturing whatever is accessible, And may accept obstacles with nobility and altruism.

Relationships Myth – 8

The right kind of love can overcome all.

Something that is defined as ideal for one person may not be good for another. There are many real and precise definitions of love and even individuals who love each other very much may not agree with that.

Some people define love as a mental attachment, that is, a friend or family member is someone you will love. Others depend on ready friendship and accessibility. Many individuals cannot be perceived without realizing that continuity, dependability, enthusiasm, relationships, and commitment are the ordered parts of the bundle.

The right kind of love for one partner can be a dependence on security and forever commitment before they even believe that love exists, while for the other, the option of forgiving the transgressions or welcoming the troubled family members might be the most important sign. That nurtured behavior is all that could possibly be needed.

The true kind of love is love that is not more frequent for two partners. True love, heals, and promises what partners need to feel satisfied and maintain trust in the relationship.

All of us have internalized some fantasies and myths about relationships since we came to know about this word. If we are not aware of them, we will project these myths and unreal expectations in our relationship, without understanding what we are doing and what are the consequences.

Together, a couple can explore these myths that each one of us has brought into our relationship, retrieve and revive the things that have worked for us and can let go that didn’t work.

Look beyond the limitations and work together to make a beautiful relationship, way beyond relationships myths, and unreal expectations.



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