8 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic Men In Relationships

8 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic Men In Relationships

Intentionally or not, weve all run into a bad boy. I give you the keys to stop the vicious circle and keep them away from now on!

When was the last time you saw him? Did you feel butterflies in your stomach?

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic Men
Best Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic Men

Lets be honest; if lately all your relationship achieves is to cause you anxiety or complicate existence, youre likely to find yourself in a toxic relationship.

Accompanied, but alone? Maybe your relationship doesnt fill you up anymore.

Weve all come across those infamous bad boys: from the one who swears he doesnt want to lose you but just isnt ready for a relationship; even the jealous one who wont let you out into the corner alone.

Intentionally or not, toxic kids hurt people around them, and its because they usually become like an addiction that just doesnt do you any good.

Take note of these 8 ways to get rid of that toxic relationship once and for all.

8 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic Men In Relationships

Be clear about your limits.

He accepts that the change wont happen overnight. Human beings enjoy comfort, which makes it harder to change the situation.

However, the more straightforward and more realistic you are, the sooner you can do something about it.
Decide its over

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Develop a withdrawal plan and do it! If you dont have decision-making power, you wont get very far; lean on your loved ones.

Love, a brave thing. Do you dare try it once and for all?

Don’t use justifications, explanations, reasons, or debates.

You dont need to argue with him. If youre not comfortable, you just have to say it and get away as soon as possible.

Consider finishing things in neutral territory.

Avoid talking to him at home - or worse, in his - its much better to find yourself in a restaurant or café thats neutral for both of you.

If you feel very insecure, ask someone close to you to stay close to give you moral support as soon as you need it.

Having a familiar face around will give you the strength to face what you dont necessarily want to hear.

Say goodbye to their social media.

Under no circumstances do you keep in touch through social media. If you just cant do it, maybe its worth taking a break and closing your accounts for a moment.

You can always stay in touch with your loved ones through other means.

Write him a letter.

Dont you have the clear stuff? Write them down. You dont need to send the letter if you dont want to, but youll have a lot more idea of what you feel and how you want to tell it when you read it.

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Look, an email works too.

Learn to live with yourself.

Although it might sound strange, we forget about our inner self after a toxic relationship and even dont know it.

Fall in love with yourself again and take the opportunity to do all that you didnt do while you were in a relationship. Box lessons? The sky is infinity!

Surround yourself with positive people.

Spend your time with people who make you feel good because they are the ones who will help you strengthen.

Don’t Waste Your Time For Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

Also, spend your time on activities that help you be a better version of yourself, such as exercising, learning a new language, or even getting to know another culture.

Take your time to heal.

Yes, you just opened a wound, and it probably hurts, so you need time to heal it.

Consider your favorite activity and work on rebuilding your interior - especially when you leave a toxic relationship - so it will be harder to get hurt again.

Lets celebrate! You did it!

Look at things in perspective and realize how things change. Ask yourself: Are you comfortable with this decision?

Although it can be challenging to see things like this, youll be ready to let someone else in over time.
You deserve this happy, healthy, and above all, valuable person. Stay away from bad influences!

Keep yourself safe and be happy!


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