7 Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce Most People Don’t See

7 Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce Most People Don’t See. 7 Signs, you may be headed for divorce

Did you know there are signs of impending divorce alarm?

Well, yes, they do. Science and clinical experience allow us to identify several factors that should alert you when present in a relationship as they announce that you are approaching a point of no return.

Take a few minutes to read this post and try to identify if there are one or more signs in your relationship that may indicate that you are close to an immutable divorce.

Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce
Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce

Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce

When you start a relationship, illusion, infatuation, and plans for the future are so powerful that you probably can’t think of anything that can destroy your happiness.

However, the data does not lie, and we know that more than half of the couples end up breaking up. What happens to the breakup?

There are many factors, both inside the couple and external, that can play a decisive role. For example, confinement, uncertainty, health problems, and economic difficulties are putting many couples in check.

But how can you tell if divorce is imminent? In this article, I will discuss the warning signs that you should pay attention to to prevent yours from ending up breaking.


One of the greatest protectors of a relationship is trusting because it provides a positive perspective. I mean, when you sit near your partner, it’s easier to keep suspicion and susceptibility to a minimum.

However, as intimacy and closeness are lost, tension is becoming increasing. Criticism is taking center stage, and you’re inadvertently more attentive to your partner’s faults than you like.

In consultation, the complaint usually says, “you only see the negative.” It is an aspect that is not solved by forcing an optimistic vision but by working on reconnection.

This constant tension makes you live very intense and overwhelming negative emotions that lead to wear and tear over time and are therefore associated with an imminent divorce.


When tension is in place for a long time, one or both couple of members may throw in the towel.
Throwing in the towel means:
Accepting that continuing to argue doesn’t make sense because it’s too painful.

Recognize the impotence of not finding an alternative way to resolve differences.

Choose to lock yourself as a form of protection.

You will recognize this attachment when you feel it far away even though you are next to your partner.

This distance creates a sense of loneliness and emotional disconnection that are also ingredients capable of triggering an imminent divorce.


Before that moment comes, discussions generate great tension, helplessness, and sadness basically because you can’t get your partner to understand you.

It’s not about me being right or let you decide. It’s about you need to feel listened to and feel like you understand yourself.

As the relationship deteriorates, misunderstandings become more frequent, and you think worse about your partner. You get to attribute ill intent on him in many of his actions when in fact, he may not be there.

The more time you spend in this situation, the greater the pressure and discomfort in the day-to-day. And, of course, the minor is the feeling of finding shelter in your partner and a safe place.

In these conditions, take a privileged place for the riders of the apocalypse. 

4. SEX LIFE FADES ( Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce)

Above I mentioned intimacy, especially referring to emotional closeness. But the deterioration of the atmosphere ends up coming to bed.

Sex becomes increasingly scarce and less satisfying until it reaches a point where they seem like memories of a far-flung past.

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I like to refer to sex life as the icing on the cake in a relationship. If the cake has nobody, you will hardly be able to hold beautiful, bright icing.


The memory of humans has a very special character and is that it can be dyed from what happens in the present.

We don’t store the facts in a part of our brain to remain unchanged when we need to remember them. It doesn’t work that way.

That’s why when we talk about different episodes that you’ve experienced throughout your relationship, you have memories that are not only different but sometimes opposite.

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For this reason, as the relationship deteriorates, good memories of the past are polluted by negativity.

What you remembered with love and enthusiasm a few months ago can fade so that the little discordant notes of that moment emerge more strongly.

6. PARALLEL LIVES – Warning Signs Of Imminent Divorce

The bad atmosphere, the distance, the loneliness, the impossibility of communication flowing… they add up and end up getting you to have parallel lives more and more.

“If you’re late for work because you’ve preferred to go for a drink with your friends than be home, on Sunday I’d rather not come to your parents’ house.”

“If I put on a series for us to see together and you hang out watching your cell phone, I’d better go to the room and read.”

Here are a couple of examples of how, little by little, everyone is doing their own even though you’re still a couple.

A distance that becomes so great favors impending divorce as it is the ideal breeding ground for a third person to make way. Infidelity can be the ultimate spark that causes the couple to blow up.


Did you get caught thinking that if you get divorced, you’ll be better off? Thinking you were wrong to choose this couple? Comparing other men or women to your partner?

These kinds of thoughts can appear fleetingly at some point in the relationship. But if you feel they’re becoming more frequent, you can count on another risk factor for an imminent divorce.

Especially symptomatic are comparisons with other real and close men or women: That co-worker, that gym girl, that father from the children’s school, that girlfriend from the past who has ever knocked on your door.

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When you repeatedly think that any other candidate would be better as a couple than your current partner, beware.


If you haven’t taken the check as you read the item, I recommend you rewind. Count the number of signs of imminent divorce that are present at this time in your relationship.

No? Excellent!

Do you identify with any of the former? If you appreciate your relationship, you need to get going as soon as you can.

If you identify with them, ask yourself if you still feel like it and force them to fight for this relationship. If the answer is yes, it doesn’t have to be too late.


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