Lessons I learned From My Heartaches

6 Lessons I Learned From My Heartaches

6 Lessons I learned From My Heartaches ~

Pain and heartaches are no stranger to me. Almost like my shadow, they have been with me.

I have been in a few relationships and have seen the best and worse both of love & life.

My heart has been broken so often that I wonder how it’s still working and how come I never got a heart attack.

Lessons I learned From My Heartaches
Lessons I Learned From My Heartaches

Then I realize the intensity of my heartaches must have been more significant than the pain of heart attacks, and that’s why they pushed back any heart attacks to affect my heart.

Heart attacks might be fatal, and one can die because of it, but heartaches don’t let one die, though the severity of the pain is higher and remains for a long time.

I always gave my 100% to my relationships and got a significant 0% from all of them. Initially, I never learned my lessons.

But then, soon, I started picking up lessons after each heartbreak. And, I always knew; there will be much more to learn.

I am not sure if I used to be selfish in my initial relationships by expecting to be loved back when I used to love them.

But yes, I wanted that. I expected them to put some effort into the relationship, and I guess I was wrong in the first place for having expectations in love.

The voice of my love had always been loud, and in return, all I used to get were lame whispers.

Sometimes I wouldn’t know how long I have been crying. The pain was at its best, and life was nowhere near me.

Nobody enjoys pain; neither did I. Pain comes in different shapes. Some, as a huge blow and some gently.

And they all hurt you. Every time I could see the pain coming, I failed to guard my heart against aches and strains.

I was desperate for life. Just breathing doesn’t mean that one is living up life. I wanted to safeguard my heart and wanted to be happy.

I never liked the heartaches, so I never looked forward to getting another after being broken in love.

But, it won’t stop. I had to do something; I had to implement the lessons I had learned after each heartbreak.

I learned these lessons after each heartbreak, and here they are

6 Lessons I Learned From My Heartaches

No Heartbreaks Will Stop People From Falling In Love.

People who love to love will keep falling for love, irrespective of the heartbreaks. For them, the feeling of love stands tall, and they don’t stop.

They don’t go away from love. These people are sensitive, and they have a pure heart. They get hurt and pain in the process of love, but they don’t give up.

They firmly believe that someday, there will be someone, who will love them back the way, they deserved to be loved. This is a tremendous faith not only in love but also in people who they come across.

Love Has to Be Felt.

I was wrong in expecting 100% love and dedication in return for my love. People will love the way they can.

We all are different. We all have our way to express things and emotions.

We need to feel the love we are getting and not judge their love for us by our love parameter.

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We need to feel the love we are getting and not judge their love for us by our love parameter.

When we love someone, we shouldn’t expect anything in return. If there is love, it will be felt, and we must not miss that feeling of love.

Love grows with love; it doesn’t grow when it has expectations and limitations. So, while we should never stop giving 100%, we should be happy with the love we are getting back.

Let me be clear here; I am not talking about unrequited love.

Don’t Change And Be Yourself.

Never forget who you are. In search of love, you don’t need to lose your identity. Always protect your “self” and never surrender that to anyone for anything.

When we lose our identity, we lose ourselves. When you get someone who forces you to change your ways, be sure that they don’t love you.

We don’t change people we love; we accept and love them the way they are.

Guard Your Boundaries.

One has to be strong for not to get hurt easily. I know it’s not easy, but that is required. You need to guard your boundaries so that no hurt can cross that and touch your heart to make you cry.

Hurts, pain, sufferings will keep on coming. That’s part and parcel of love; what matters how strongly we take them, fight with them.

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We can’t control others from hurting us, but we can guard ourselves against being damaged by these hurts.

Getting hurt and crying when in love is OK, but allowing that hurt to make a permanent base in our lives is not done.

You Need To Love Yourself A Little More.

Before loving others, we need to love ourselves a little more. That helps for faster recovery when you are heartbroken.

It’s simple, if we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to love us? Once you start loving yourself, you will become much more potent than you are right now.

A strong, intelligent, and wise person can only grow in life.

Always Respect Your Sixth Sense

Sometimes, you will sense that you are in the wrong relationship. The moment you sense it, get away from it. There is no need to wait and watch.

You might have taken the wrong decision of being with the wrong person, but that doesn’t mean that you need to make another wrong decision by staying into it.

It’s good to prevent the heartaches, which you see coming. Stop them right there before they hurt you.

You will learn something new after each heartbreak. You just need to remember the lessons you learn. But don’t give up on love.

Love is divine. And some good people do feel the same and love to love. Wait for them, be with them, and once you have one of them, never let them go away.

Don’t stop falling in love, and don’t let heartaches break you to the core. Stay Happy!


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