5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh

5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh

The most effective way to warm things up in a close and predictive relationship is to start in the bedroom. Take a look at these 5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh.

Familiarity breeds contempt

When you feel too comfortable in a relationship, it can lead to predictability, which can become dull or irritating; or worse, they can both stop making an effort together.

It can be as if they don’t even exist because they’re so used to each other that they ignore the romantic or sexual side of their relationship.

5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh
5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh

You may not even realize that the two have become so accommodating until problems arise in their relationship.

However, here are the Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh before we get to that point.

5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh

1 . Take a break together

Moving away from the daily routine of life is an excellent way to get back the attention they so much need because they will be surrounded by an unfamiliar environment and begin to see themselves with new eyes.

Going to a relatively remote place where few external distractions can also be helpful, as you will then be forced to concentrate more on each other rather than the getaway itself.

Your getaway doesn’t even have to be romantic. Often, suppose you choose to go to a romantic place with your partner specifically to rekindle the fire in your relationship.

In that case, only the pressure can build up, and you’re unlikely to be able to relax properly. So choose a simple place, like a weekend break in a cottage in the countryside where they can go for a walk and enjoy each other’s company.

2 . Get verbal and talk about your fantasies

Talking about your private sexual fantasies with a partner you’ve felt so comfortable within everyday life can feel strange and unsettling.

You may feel uncomfortable talking about things of sexual nature for a variety of reasons; for example, you may think that you draw attention to the fact that you are not sexual enough in your relationship and that no one wants to feel inappropriate with your partner.

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You may even be afraid to discover new things about your partner that you thought you knew so well or be afraid that your partner will learn new things about you that may make you see it differently.

It takes confidence to open up and make yourself vulnerable when talking about your fantasies, but it can also be sexy and exhilarating.

The good thing is that all the years of union that you already have under your belt will be instrumental in allowing you to resort to a giggle because both will be nervous about exposing themselves anyway, and having fun with them will eliminate seriousness and will enable you to relax more.

3 . Get out of your comfort zones

Couples get too used to and neglect the romantic and sexual side of their relationships because things can become mundane when they become too familiar and routine.

The obvious way to combat this and keep them both alerts is to insert at least one unknown factor.

By inserting only one or at most two unknown elements into your relationship, you will have enough change to incite anticipation, but not so much as to feel wholly intimidated or threatened.

If you’re used to cooking and eating at home every day, try to get used to dinner once a week, just two of you, and turn it into a memorable event doing it on the weekend and going to a nice place so you can make an effort to get dressed and get in the mood.

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Or, if you eat out regularly, swap the restaurants you usually choose for something unknown. When you step out of your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of something unfamiliar to you.

When things become familiar, happiness is often confused because you know what to expect, and therefore, your senses are not completely alert to what is going on around you. If, on the other hand, you are awake and pay attention, you are more likely to be noticed as well.

4 . Put yourself as a couple in social situations

5 Ultimate Ways to Keep Your Relationship Always Fresh

Sometimes watching your partner interact with other people can draw your attention to how much it attracts you. It is widespread for couples to isolate themselves from the social world because they get used to staying or just spending time together.

In the early stages of a relationship, this is understandable because they are loved and just want to be together, but it can often become the norm and lead to laziness.

When you decide to go out as a couple and attend social events where you have to interact with other couples and single adults, you challenge yourself as an individual and as a couple.

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There will be plenty of opportunities to mingle with other people who may or may not have sex. This will prevent you from both taking it for granted because you will be able to see how much other people appreciate your partner, especially if you catch a harmless flirtation! Socializing together can bring some healthy emotions to the surface that will help rekindle your initial spark.

5 . Stop being so open about your life

Just because you’re in a long-term committed relationship doesn’t mean you or your partner have to know absolutely everyone about each other.

A little mystery can work wonders for a relationship where you feel taken for granted. Withholding certain information at times or altering your usual routine will make your partner sit back and pay attention.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll start making more efforts to get involved and get your attention back.

The same thing happens the other way around as well. If you’re bored of your partner’s predictability, encourage them to do other things. Tell him you have a girls’ night and suggest that he do the same with the boys.

How do you keep things fresh in your relationship?

How long have you been with your partner, and what do you do to shake things up a bit? Please let me know in the comments section.


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