5 Silent Things That Kill A Relationship

Sometimes in a relationship, silence is required to understand each other. But when silence starts getting longer, it becomes the base of the relationship, going nowhere and finishing with hurt and trauma. We are going to discuss 5 Silent Things That Kill A Relationship.

It is a normal thing, in a relationship, for one or both partners to keep silent when they are disappointed, angry, frustrated, or having some other negative emotion for the other.

Sometimes, silence is required to clear your own though process. A short period of silence helps us to get that. These short silences help going back to normal communication with each other.

But when these short silences start becoming longer and frequent, that is when the problem starts taking place, in a relationship. The key to a healthy relationship is communication, and that starts deteriorating.

A communication gap silently conveys a negative message “it is not worth “. Bitterness, anger, and frustration take no time to grow in this situation.


5 Silent Things That Kill A Relationship
5 Silent Things That Kill A Relationship

Let’s see 5 Silent Things That Kill A Relationship and How to Avoid Them

  1. Not Being Attentive

In a relationship, when one is hurt over something their partner does, the other one doesn’t reply properly. It lacks conviction and unwillingness to discuss the issue. On top of that, asking not to overreact, fuels it. This type of scenario if it starts taking place more often, then it’s alarming.

There are a few ways to prevent such communication difficulties right from the beginning. The very first thing is not to text message everything. Because a text message doesn’t convey the exact body language of the sender and can never represent the exact meaning to the receiver. The second way is, choosing the right place for interaction. This place should not have any distraction or else the seriousness of the dialogue will be gone. Making eye contact is a positive thing. Always do that and encourage your partner for the same. Third, be a good listener. Remember, when you are listening, you are giving a signal to the other one that you are attentive and willing to understand things. You might not be agreeing at all with what is being said at that point, but let them speak.

  1. Bitterness

If one feels bitter for their partner in a relationship, it is for sure they are not going to stick for long. Bitterness is the second Relationship Killer. If the partners have already discussed an issue and one of them still feels bitter, it’s crystal clear that the time of their relationship is over.

How to tackle this situation?

Always remember to reach a mutual agreement, on any issues which you have discussed. There might be some compromises for both the partners to do, and it can be done, only when you two are willing to stay together. Understanding each other’s points is very important.

  1. Suppression of Sex

In a Healthy Relationship, Sex plays a vital role. Now, if the partners are not happy about their sexual needs, often they don’t discuss this. There might be different reasons for this, but in most cases, it is the lesser frequency of sex between them.

This Sexual displeasure of one partner makes them uncomfortable for many reasons. They don’t discuss this with their partner considering this to be unnecessary, or to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings.

But this situation has to be resolved to make a Relationship Happy and Healthy. Intimacy between partners slowly can be lost, because of No or Less sex.

Be sure to talk to your partner regarding this. First, acknowledge and appreciate things that are working. Make your partner aware of your positive feelings for them. Then tell them what is not working. Ask them their opinion about that. This will indicate your willingness to carry on with the relationship. And this will show that you care for them and the relationship. Don’t ever go into the blaming game.

  1. Unsaid Disappointments

True, when you love someone, you don’t want to hurt them. But can you afford to end a relationship just because of some unsaid disappointments? I guess, “No”. Nevertheless, many relationships end because of this only. And to make things more complicated in some cases, both the partners have this issue for each other.

Here they again miss the Key – “Communication”.

One should always covey their disappointments to their partner, but only after a clear analysis of the disappointment being honest and neutral. You can’t be disappointed if your partner is watching some sports on TV, while you want him to do gardening. Stating your disappointments will make you feel warm and light. And the issue might not come again in your life,( if your partner is sincere enough ).

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  1. No Trust

Trust plays the biggest role in any Healthy Relationship. Mostly lack of trust is been seen in new relationships, but it has the same place in old relationships also. Any form of suspicion is dangerous for a relationship.

At the same time, both the partners should not do anything which gives a chance to the other one to lose trust in them.

Lack of trust only brings bitterness and tensions in a relationship. The relationship starts deteriorating because of no trust in each other.

To accommodate your partner in your life is good, but not by suppressing the crucial parts of your existence. Be crystal clear with your needs to be happy with your partner and understand their needs too. Make sure to resolve things at the right time, before it’s too late to act and rectify.

Happy Relationships are made by efforts and willingness. But that needs two of them to think and do the same.

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