Things About Men

35 Things Women Should Know About Men

35 Things Women Should Know About Men ~

Are you dating some guy right now? And not sure if he will be a great fit for you?

Watch out for these points, which will make you understand men in a better way.  

Things About Men

35 Things Woman Should Know About Men

If he is not at his best, in the beginning, he has worse to show. If you don’t see at his best on the first date, stop there and run.

Don’t ever go by the CV of a man. His CV might be a fake one, with catchy details, but he might just have that only on paper and nothing else.

When dealing with men, don’t behave like a seller, act as the buyer.

When negotiating, you might end up with the least and not what you were willing for. This applies to men also. So, stick with your high standards.

If you go for the hottest guy, you might end up with a looser.

Don’t distant your girlfriends, they can fulfill wishes that a man can’t.

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When a man loves you truly, he will do everything for you, until he realizes that he has you finally. So, hold yourself a little back, just to keep him on his toes, even when you give yourself to him.

You will come across a lot of good men since they do exist. Now one of them might become your boyfriend or husband. It all depends on how much respect you have for yourself.

If you need your friend’s opinion about any particular man, he already is a misfit for you.

Every man wants to be successful, in their relationships and at work front. If you want to see him happy, let him know that he has made you happy. But, if you complain all the time he is going to associate you with every failure he has.

35 Things Woman Should Know About Men

Stay away from men, who like you only because of your physical appearance. Looks fade away, charm doesn’t.

Nagging & Bitching won’t work for men. “Leaving” will.

If you know cooking, that’s great, most men appreciate that.

Even if in deep love with someone, men will always look at beautiful women, that doesn’t make them bad or flirt. Good men do it in a different way.

If you find someone, who shows his true love for you, don’t doubt yourself, doubt him.

Do not act hard to get… Instead, be hard to get.

In real life men don’t behave like on-screen characters, so don’t expect much from them and keep a balance between fantasies and reality.

If he really loves you, he will make everybody know it.

When it comes to men, do not be too nice. A woman who is too nice is a turnoff for men.

Always prefer to walk away from a bad relationship and never look back.

When in love, don’t use a map, be adventures.

Men have a different level of feelings and emotions and they might not like to watch “Faults In Our Stars” with you.

If he doesn’t chase you in the beginning, he surely will disappoint you in the end.

When in a relationship, don’t ever talk about your Ex.

You need not compete with any other woman for a man.

When a man fights hard to get you and your love, he will never let you go and he will never do anything that will cost losing you. So, don’t give in yourself easily and you will see that he becomes the love of your life.

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Before texting to any other man, think twice before you send it.

Remember, today is the youngest you will ever be. Live it up fully.

It should be your man to prove his worth for you and not you; proving your worth for him.

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A watch is not a bomb, it won’t explode. So, stop getting worried about the ticking of your watch, when you are with him.

Don’t doubt your gut feelings and always listen to it. You might feel that listening to your gut feelings is making your love life complicated, but do listen to them. You will be thankful to them at some point, for making your love and life better.

You might not look like a model, but, what matters is your confidence. Always carry yourself with confidence.

As you get older, good men will look better and better.

If you ever feel like checking his phone, he has already lost you, and it’s almost over.

Men will remain men, but still, you can find the best one for yourself.

So be careful before you start a relationship.

All the best and take good care of yourself!






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