23 Signs He Truly Loves You

23 Signs He Truly Loves You And Is The Right Man For You

23 Signs, He Truly Loves You And Is The Right Man For You ~ 

Hearing, I love you, from a man, always sounds and feels good.

But, there can be moments when you are not sure if the man really means too. There are many fake, toxic and unworthy guys, who might say “I Love You”.

But how do you know if they really love you and are worthy of your love?

How do you know if you can trust their words and be in love with them?

While you don’t want to be a victim for fake and toxic love at any cost, you also don’t want to push the person away by just not believing them and because of the known fear.

This is not only a tricky moment but also a moment, where you need to consider a few things, before proceeding ahead.

So, how to proceed?

How would you believe a guy, who says I love you and how you would be sure that he is the man, who deserves to be your man, your love of life?

I will try to give you a real picture of this guy, who truly loves you, and how you can see that in his actions. If you notice these things in him, believe me, he is the man you ever would like to be with and he is the man, you will always be happy with.

Here are the signs, you should watch out for.

23 Signs He Truly Loves You
23 Signs He Truly Loves You

1 He will always include you in all his plans, like hanging out with friends or going for dinner or watching a movie.  They will make sure that you be a part of his happy times.

2 He will talk good about you in his friend circle and family, because he is proud of you, and he feels complete with you. He feels you are someone, who deserves to be mentioned to his friends and relatives, just because he knows your worth and value in his life.

3 In front of your friends and family members, he will be decent because he wants your family and friends to have a good impression of him. So, here he cares for your choice to be considered as a good one, in the eyes of your family and friends.

 4 He won’t take you for granted and will always respect your decisions. He will take your opinion on crucial things to know what should be done.

5 He will plan surprises for you to make you feel special and worthy. He will take you out for some romantic outing or dinner. (Don’t watch out for the costing/place of the dinner, watch out for his love for you, that matters the most)

6 If you drink and visit bars with him, he will make sure that you don’t drink too much and at the same time, he won’t try to stop you from drinking. That shows he cares for you and doesn’t want to interrupt you from having fun also.

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7 He not only makes you laugh with his sense of humor but also has deep thoughts and serious conversations to do with you. 

8 He doesn’t get tired to click you, your smile, and your actions on his mobile. And he happily clicks you with your phone for 100 times, when you ask him to, for your Instagram feed.

So, basically he not only loves to capture you in his phone but also doesn’t get irate when you ask him for any favor. This shows his temperament and love for you.

9 Sometimes, when you ask him to go for a movie or outing; and even if the timing doesn’t suit him; he agrees and goes with you. That just shows that he is happy to make changes for you and is willing to keep you happy. (They are keeper, don’t let him go)

23 Signs He Truly Loves You
23 Signs He Truly Loves You

10 Out of nowhere, he hugs you and kisses you a lot. And it’s not about getting into sex; it’s just his way to tell you, “I Love You”

11 At any point, if you lose your temper, he doesn’t and remains calm. He tries to cool you down and doesn’t make you feel unheard.  He doesn’t make things worse by going into a fight and doesn’t blame you.

12 He expresses his feelings for you and doesn’t try to hide them from you. He is never shy from holding your hands in public places. He does it because he is proud to have you as his love. And he wants the entire world to know how much he loves you.

13 He doesn’t have any problem with sharing his laptop or phones with you. This is so-so important. If he does that, you can be rest assured that he is not playing with you. And that’s why he doesn’t have any secrets to hide from you.

14 He always puts you first. Your needs and demands are important for him and he makes it a point to fulfill the first. This shows his selfless nature and deep love for you.

15 Since he loves you he will try to make sure that your family members rate him as a good person. This shows he is looking for a long term relationship and your family’s view matters to him.

16 He encourages you to achieve your goals and you find him always supportive of your dreams and goals. He never behaves like an obstacle between your dreams and you.

17 He buys gifts and chocolates for you without any occasion or special days. He believes, his love doesn’t need any special day for gifts and he keeps you amazed by his lovely gestures.

18 He always responds to your text msgs without delay. That doesn’t mean that he has to respond by leaving something very important which he might be doing. But he doesn’t make you wait for his response.

19 He is always there for you whenever you are looking for support or to lean on. He makes time for you and doesn’t give excuses for not being able to be with you, whenever you need him.

20 He wakes up and the first thing he does is to send you a good morning text. This only shows that he starts his day by remembering you. Can you dare to lose him? No… no one can. It’s not about the text-only; it’s all about his thought process and shows how valuable you are to him.

21 He helps you in your day to day household works. And has no problem with cleaning dishes or cooking to make your workload lighter by behaving like a true partner.

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22 He mentions, “We and Our” while talking about his future plans. This proves that he always counts you in his future.

23 He tries to explain to you, how you two will be a perfect couple. That shows his love for you and his willingness for being with you.

If you see these signs in the person, who says, “I Love You”; don’t let them go. He is the right and the best partner anyone can ever have.


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