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20 Red Flags That Your Relationship Has Run Its Course

20 Red Flags That Your Relationship Has Run Its Course ~ 

It’s absolutely true that any relationship can become a great one.

All the good stuff like; falling in love, cuddles, and romantic dates. All of us want to have that someone special who we can do all these with.

But we must know, it is not all fun and that simple. Relationships can also be tough and require lots of effort to keep up. Sometimes a relationship might be toxic.

red flags

Unfortunately, sometimes most people tend not to notice or they pretend not to notice.

Many relationships involve a series of red flags that lead to the downfall of the relationship. Sometimes, after a relationship ends you need to look at all the things that didn’t work, and where your partner did wrong things to you.

Had you been alert at that time, when the red flags were prominent, but you either ignored them or didn’t notice, you would have been in a better state of mind.

That’s why it is important to notice the red flags in a relationship and act accordingly.

Let’s check a few simple red flags that are not so simple. These red flags either go unnoticed or we pretend not to notice because we tend to avoid fights or we want to remain in the illusion of being loved madly by our partner, and hence they can’t do anything wrong to us.

 And this is where we invite problems and complications for us that ultimately finish in a bad ending.

Red Flags In Long Term Relationships

It’s always and only you doing all the work in the relationship, like beginning the conversation, planning dates for an outing, and making the phone calls.

You have to keep on arguing with your partner over the same things again and again, and there is no resolution for all that.

Your partner doesn’t know how to balance between you, your friends, and their friends. It’s always their friends first for them.

There are no deep conversations between you two. You can’t talk to them regarding any future plans with them. Because every time you tried, their reaction was not healthy and you don’t want that to happen again.

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When you sit next to them, they try to hide their phone, while texting to someone.

You can’t focus on bettering the relationship as a whole, because you are always focused on changing their unacceptable habits.

They don’t try to reassure you about being committed to you only, whenever their ex resurfaces. They never worry about bringing their ex back into their life or/and conversations.

red flags

It’s mostly about the physical needs and attachment than a mental attachment with you.

They don’t mention you on their social media accounts and you are a complete stranger for their relatives and friends.

They constantly talk about their Exs and previous relationships. And they have all bad words for their Exs.

They become completely mean towards you when they drink too much.

They easily humiliate and disrespect you in front of others.

They make you feel guilty for everything. They manipulate you to think that it’s entirely your fault for things not working.

You constantly ask yourself whether it will work, though you see clearly that nothing is working.

They suffer from unexpected mood swings and blame you for that too.

They are allergic to your friends and avoid hanging on with you and your friends.

They want to change the way you look and dress. Why? Simple, because they don’t like your ways of dressing sense.

You lie to your friends and relatives about your relationship is all good and the “all is well syndrome”.

They don’t become support in your bad times; they can’t handle you when you need them the most. They can be with you only when you are happy.

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With each passing day, you are sadder and you miss those moments when you were single or with someone else.

Sometimes, it doesn’t work and you can’t hold on to something which doesn’t have a base to hold on. You need to understand and accept that.

These issues are hard to sweep, especially when it’s a long term relationship. But you simply can’t let your partner take out life from you.

That’s not love, that’s not a healthy relationship. Remember you are not a tree and you can move.

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If you have these signs in your relationship it’s time to start afresh for your new life. Never lose yourself, while trying to find someone else.

It’s high time for you to get some oxygen and get away from the poisonous mine of carbon-di-oxide, you have been in.  


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