Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

15 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

15 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

Marriage is one of the most wonderful stages of a human being, but it has a negative image also for some. 

Precisely because people who are not fit for marriage, gets married.

It is not the fault of the marriage itself; it is the fault of couples who are not mature or intelligent enough to lead a happy marriage.

Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

But what do you do to change that? It is easy, we have to analyze the “before” stage of marriage when the infatuation is in the heavens and makes it difficult to be objective when you have to answer certain questions that can radically change the way marriage is perceived.

What are the advantages of asking these questions? Ugh, many, but the most important is that it gives us the courage to know if we can really lead a happy marriage, in harmony, maturity, and above all, commitment without reservations or regrets.

Let’s Check The 15 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

  1. Why do you love me?

Most people think this question deserves no answer. “I love you because I love you, for the way you are, for who I am when I am with you “Wrong answers. Everyone needs to know with PRECISION, the details that make the other person in love with you.

 If you don’t define exactly the things you love about each other, it will be difficult to then hold on to it when things change or decrease.

“I love you because you cook delicious spaghetti”, “I love you because you listen to the Beatles”, “I love you because you like to go for a walk with me”, “I love you because you like to take my hand all the time”, “I love you because you dress in a certain way”.

Those are things that stay in the mind and help a lot to define a unique relationship.

  1. Will you constantly remind me how much you love me?

People don’t just want to hear that, they need it. And we need it because we know that love doesn’t last forever.

We need to know those words, accompanied by actions, are an indication that love still exists. Of course, we do, many of us are forgetful and assume that our partner knows that we love her, but for that is technology.

Set an alarm on your phone “Remind Julia that I love her “ at least twice a week, and at some point, a small present will make you the best man in the world. It is simple, believe me.

  1. Will we grow together and not apart?

This question is tricky because even though they are done individually, the couple is the fruit of their efforts and work. Remember that “the firmer temple is built with separate pillars.”

However, growing up as a person doesn’t mean turning away from each other and doing everything on your own. Sharing is the key and communication will always be useful.

  1. Why do you want to spend your life with me?

“Because I love you” Wrong answer! Marriage life is a journey that TWO people make and each may have a different destination.

It is important that you know which paths you want to take and whether you are willing to sacrifice or share those journeys.

Never embark on an adventure in which everyone wants something different at all costs and without caring about the other. That’s how divorces are created.

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  1. Will you always do your best to keep the romance alive?

It’s not an easy task, and yes, everything is mental, because maintaining romance for life is something that requires concentration, creativity, and a lot, but a lot of work.

Why? Because surprising each other is something that gets harder every year. This often requires external help, such as books, blogs, and a couple’s therapies. Everything is fine, in order to keep the flame of love on.

  1. Are you willing to LOSE some battles to keep the peace between us?

Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

Master the ego: one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. No matter how competitive you are, it’s always best to sacrifice your pride and swallow it to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Many times it is not worth giving way to stress and arguments to satisfy our ego. Remember that 99% of arguments are not arguments, they are opinions, and opinions can change.

  1. Can you stay with me in difficult times?

Happy times are a breeze. But the hardest times will destroy your relationship if you allow it. And there will always come a time when you wonder if it’s worth following and fighting for what you once considered “excellent and beautiful.”

The answer is the hardest to take, but if you dare to follow in spite of everything, you will see that everything will be better and besides, you will have life lessons learned.

That’s why it’s good to meet your partner in their “bad times” before they get married.

  1. Can you promise to put our relationship ahead of all things?

Life has a lot to offer and often our appetite is insatiable, and I don’t mean food, but better opportunities at work, a new car, a new house, a lover, etc.

Prioritizing the relationship is an advantage that allows us to be humble and value what we have. Often saying yes to a better position means subtracting time with your family.

Working extra to buy the Porsche of your dreams will make you spend less time with your wife. It is better to define whether or not from the beginning.

  1. Do you promise to do your best to keep the passion on?

Guys, sex is fundamental. It’s the piece that joins the puzzle. Let’s leave the sorrows and taboos out. In a marriage, it is worth everything, everything that makes us happy and satisfies us as a couple.

Yes, lingerie, games, fantasies, role-playing, travel, places, positions, forbidden things, masturbation: everything goes and is fine.

Sex is something that must be talked about with confidence and without sorrow because believe me, it is better a conversation a little painful at first than a life of regrets.

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At some point sex will be affected by pressures, age, changes in the body, but everything can be composed, fixed, and modified to keep that spark on.

  1. Will you be an exemplary parent?

Similarly, it’s a simple decision. No tricks, no conditions. Just decide you will be and then act on your decision. You know what you have to change or empower to be an exemplary parent.

 And above all, tell yourself that your goal is to be a parent that your children remember with gratitude, respect, and admiration.

  1. Are you committed to continuing to pursue your personal goals?

Marriage is NOT the end of the person you are and the beginning of a new one. And while being married requires changing many things, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your goals, dreams, purposes, ambitions.

It simply means that now both must-see for themselves and for the other person.

And of course, communicate with each other to reach agreements and support each other to achieve each other’s purposes.

  1. Can you promise me that if life ends soon for me, you will continue to live it for both of us?

Yes, guys, life is like this, as we said: unpredictable. There are times when one will leave soon, and even if we do not want it.

Marriage must allow us to be mature, avoid envy, and let the other person follow his life to the fullest, because death is inevitable, and because it is as necessary as it is painful.

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If one leaves first then the other, death should not ruin or end his life, on the contrary, he must be sure that he can move on without fears, bonds, or regrets.

Marriage is a stage of growth as a couple, a page of our life, when it is over, life goes on.

  1. If I am the first to leave, will you be with me until the end?

Being together is what makes sense of our lives. Being in married life means going out together, holding your hand when the other can no longer do it, and kissing even if the other can no longer kiss you.

No one deserves to be left alone and if life in marriage has been good for both of us, they both deserve their undisputed company. Besides, planning on this is good and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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Death is part of our humanity and must be talked about and planned in advance. Life is unpredictable.

  1. Do you promise to support me when I can’t do it on my own?

Not only economically, but mentally and morally, even physically if necessary, your support should be there. No one knows what life holds for us or the surprises it has for one.

The unexpected always passes and leaves us weak and often with permanent damage. Do you think you can carry your partner when they can no longer walk when they are pregnant when their feet are swollen?

  1. Will you make an effort not to neglect?

Boys and girls, this point is essential, probably one of the most important. Love comes through their eyes, and that’s what attracted them in the first instance.

Maintaining a healthy body is critical after and during the marriage. Exercising, eating properly, staying relatively attractive for the other person is something that certainly requires a great effort, but it is better to do so than to allow it to flourish, repentance, and rejection of proxy of the relationship.

 To love each other is to love the other person. Your image counts in marriage, and more than you can imagine.

Take Good Care Of Yourself. Bye for Now!


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