12 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

12 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Reasons You Are Still Single – Though You Are A Catch

Though you are amazingly awesome yet you are single. And this is not what you want; you want to be loved and looking for a man in your life.

So, what are you doing wrong?? Well, you might feel or say; “absolutely nothing”.

If you are not aware of where you are lacking here are 12 reasons you’re single even though you’re a catch.

12 Reasons Why You Are Still Single
12 Reasons Why You Are Still Single
  1. You Feel Men Are Not Serious About Relationships.

We live in a society where hooking up seems to prejudice serious relationships. Hooking up is only fun and the one-night stand is completely a different taste and subject.

I agree it’s hard to find someone who takes relationships seriously and worth being with, but it’s not impossible too. Good people and good men exist, the way you do.

  1. You Feel you Don’t Need Any Man.

Sometimes, you might think it would be good to be a partner in crime, but you certainly wouldn’t spend all your time pinned with a man; and you don’t feel that there is anything bad about it.

Instead, you prefer leading your single life and don’t look out for finding someone.

  1. You Are Waiting For That Person, Who Is Worth Your Awesomeness.

Since you are amazingly awesome, you don’t want someone, who doesn’t match your awesomeness.

It might be totally worth waiting for, but you need to ask yourself if you really can afford that wait.

  1. You Don’t Have Time for Yourself.

You are an independent and successful woman. You have projects on hand to complete on time, flights to catch every second day for conferences and meetings; you have people to handle at work and you don’t have time to think and look at your life at all.

And if you don’t have any of the above to do, then you need to ask yourself, why you don’t have time for yourself?

  1. You Don’t Believe In Settling Down.

12 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Do you know what kind of people goes for settling down? People, who think they are running out of time to find something real and for those who feel true love is not in the cards.

However, this doesn’t apply to you. You believe, he is out there and you are not willing to settle down with anything less.

  1. You Are Career Oriented.

Even if you are focused on your goals and career, who is not at the same level? 2020 has witnessed more successful women across the globe and most of them are not single.

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You surely should be proud of what you are good at. Do well in your professional life, but don’t let that hit your personal life.

Even with a good partner you can fulfill your career goals and live up your dreams of being successful.

  1. Your Friend Circle Distracts You From Being In Love.

You have some great and good friends. Good friends are blessings. No one wants to lose good friends.

And once we are in love, the time we can spend with our friends; normally becomes one-fourth of the time we used to spend with them.

If you are afraid of losing your friends after being in love, you are mistaken. Your partner may also become good friends with your friends and you all can have a good time together.

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So, you need to come out of your biased fears of losing friends and take a step ahead for your happiness and life.

  1. Your Confidence Speaks Loud.

If that applies to you, even the strongest men around will think twice, before approaching you with their hearts and feelings. So, please try to carry a soft look, whenever it is possible.

  1. You Don’t Focus On Yourself.

You need to understand yourself in a better way. You need to know where you are heading, what you are looking for from life, and if you are happy the way you are living up being single.

If you have other priorities in your life, you need to address them first, before you look for someone.

Don’t offer your half to someone in love. Make sure that you are absolutely free from all other things and only then take the next step.

  1. You Don’t Have Time To Meet People.

Well, if you fall into that category, you might not be wasting your time reading this article.

So, I believe, when you feel, you don’t have time even to eat properly, then how come you will make time to meet someone, is not true.

When we want to do something seriously, we make efforts and don’t come up with lame excuses.

You surely can take some time to meet people and know them for your betterment and happy life.

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  1. You Love Your Single Life.

Now, this is simple. If you really love your single life, and happy with the way, it’s progressing, then what is the point of reading this post?

So, whatever you say, you actually are not that happy, as you pretend. Accept it! There might be some obstacles in your mind, where you are not ready to let someone in and interfere with your life and the setup, you had been in, for long.

But, that’s only an assumption. Change is not wrong. You never know if being with someone might make your life more wonderful and happier.

And in case it doesn’t go in the right direction, you can always move on, after all, you are not a tree.

So, why not give a chance, take a risk, and love someone, rather allow someone to love you, the way you deserve to be loved?

  1. You Are Not Ready.

Everything ends here. If you feel that you are not ready for someone in your life, don’t push yourself. Try when you are 100% ready.

We might become what we wanted, we might achieve what we worked for, we might have everything with us, and still, we might miss someone, who would love us and care for us.

We all need love just to be a little happier and to have the sense of being loved by someone special in our life. Go for it, before it’s too late to act.

Be happy and be safe!



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