12 Reasons Not To Forgive Him 

12 Reasons Not To Forgive Him & Be Happy For yourself

After being in a relationship for months or years, it is easy to let some things fly when your boy misjudges you.

Because honestly, you are too invested in a relationship, you just don’t want to throw in the towel so easily.

You may love him and might see a future with him, but there are some things that are just unforgivable. If you feel that he is the love of your life, then he should work accordingly.

reasons not to forgive

And he should also behave at his best, especially if he feels that he can’t afford to lose you.

Mistakes in a relationship are normal. We all make mistakes, but there are some things if your man does to you he should never be forgiven.

If you allow him to get away with things that are disrespectful to you and your relationship, you will only move towards a lifetime of betrayal, disrespect, and sadness.

Below are some of the most terrible things that your man can do to you and the relationship, and the reasons why you should NOT forgive him.


Puts Pressure On You

Irrelevant to, what he is putting pressure about, if your boyfriend pushes you to do something you are not comfortable with, he clearly doesn’t respect you.

And if you continue to oblige them by following their orders, soon these pushy requests will turn into bigger demands down the road.

 So to cut ties with him right away is the best thing you can do.


If He Continues To Bring Up The Past

You have to leave the past forever if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship. This means that the old arguments have to be rested completely. You can’t go be happy while going back again and again.

But if your lover cannot help but bring up past events and circumstances, he will never be able to take your relationship in the right direction.


Flaking On You

If he is running late for some dates, cut him a little slack. There might be the worst traffic jam ever, where he got stuck, or perhaps his alarm clock went off.

But if your man goes out and fails to show when both of you make plans, he clearly respects neither you nor your time.

A man who is madly in love with you and is committed to making you happy will want to spend all his free time with you. So cut this flacker loose!

reasons not to forgive


Communicating With His Ex

When it comes to new relationships, Exs are a difficult subject. Only if your man has been living under a rock all his life, he will probably be around an ex or two. If he is keeping no communications with his past lovers, there is nothing to worry about.

But if you find out that he is sending a flirty message to his ex-girlfriend, don’t forgive him. It is time for you to get a new lover.


He Disrespects Your Friends & Family

A man, who loves you, will always be submissive with your family and friends. He will like and love your friends and family. So if you notice that your man is taking digs at your friends & family, it is obvious that he does not care much for the people who mean the most to you.

This kind of man certainly does not get a second chance to make things better. And you also should not give him any chance and shouldn’t forgive.


Getting Physical

Someone who hits you; lays his hands on you, is a man who does not respect you at all! He has issues that you won’t be able to help him. When he goes physical, your life is in danger. It’s not about one slap or one punch. It’s about their behavior.

Do not try to question why he goes physical, just go as far away from him & as possible and as far away from the situation as possible. You don’t want to regret your relationship with a broken nose. Isn’t it?


He Doesn’t Trust You

If you man snoops through your laptop and phone, he clearly doesn’t believe you. Even if there is nothing to hide, a snooper will go digging you for any kind of secret information, so that you feel guilty.

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Someone who does this at you clearly has trust issues, and no relationship can be good without trust and respect. When you catch him in the act of snooping, don’t give them second chance and walk away.


You Are Not His Priority

You should be a priority, in his life if he truly loves you and wants to be with you. So if you notice that he is no longer spending time with you and that his friends got off on their days off, he is clearly not attached to the relationship.

You need not beg for her attention, it will only make things worse. Do yourself a favor and dump him, before he does that to you. Now he can chill with his friends all the time in the world.


Blaming You For Everything

He blames you for everything. It is like being with a parent who bothers you all the time. You start feeling like a child who is being ripped off, and no one wants to live that way!

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He does that to make himself feel better. He blames you for everything because he feels insecure. If you stay with him for long, this type of treatment will destroy your self-esteem.

Even if he apologizes a million times, it is unlikely that he will change his ways. It’s time to walk away for you.


He Doesn’t Respect You

If he abuses you or belittles you then he has no business in your life. You should not accept disrespect from anyone, so go ahead and make sure that he is no more in your life.

These issues are not small and are big and alarming. So, don’t ignore and act.


He Is A Big Liar

Everyone lies a little here and there, but if your man constantly lies even about the smallest things, then he clearly has problems with the truth. He is a pathological liar, who lies about the most insignificant things, without any reason.

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As time progresses, you will not be able to separate his lies from the truth. Would you like to be with someone you can’t trust?


He Cheated On You

The ultimate betrayal is when he steps outside of the relationship and hooks up with someone else. It is crushing, it is harmful, and it can make your whole life a continuous painful experience.

Yes, people have changed their ways, but what if he doesn’t? Can you take the risk of being cheated on again and again? You don’t want drama in your life by staying with a cheat. It is best to cut the string with him and move on.

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