Relationship Rules


10 THINGS NO WOMAN SHOULD DO IN A RELATIONSHIP ~ Nobody is perfect and nobody has an ideal relationship. We all have things that we must improve in our lives and relationships.

Men and women both are far away from perfection and they have things that they can improve. Therefore, in order to have a more blissful, extra-satisfying relationship, what women should never do in a relationship, we will learn here.


Relationship Rules
Relationship Rules

Don’t Ever Talk About Tour Ex

This is but natural that your partner would not like to hear about a person who you had loved once. Would you like to listen to your man’s EXs? It’s OK to talk about them, when it’s relevant but strictly not all the time. Don’t ever compare your man with your EXs, for the simple reason that, you too would not like to be compared with his EXs.

These things will get into arguments and fights only to spoil the mood and relationship. So avoid it.

Don’t Talk About Other Men

Men can also meet with as much inhibition as women get when they feel that their woman’s eyes are on some other man. Consider how you would react to the closed chance that you found your man staring or playing with another woman.

All of them, in the light of that, well actually rebuke your man for blowing up when you do something similar? Most men generally do not care that you think another man is attractive, although discussing it with your better half is probably not a smart idea. Some things are better implied in this situation.

Don’t Msg Others When You Are With Your

Of course, it is not a problem replying to a few msgs, but when you are with your partner, and constantly busy in msging on your phone, your man will surely feel neglected.

Prefer to ignore your phone completely unless it’s urgent to respond. Spend some quality time with your man to make them feel that you care for them. Remember a good relationship always needs efforts from both the partners.

Don’t Flirt With Others

A good relationship demands commitments from both the partner. Flirting with someone while being in a relationship, is a big No. this will only damage the trust your man has on you. Stay away from flirting if you don’t want to break your relationship.

Don’t Apologize All the Time

If you have done something wrong, you obviously want to apologize, but don’t say sorry, unless you really are. For example, you should not apologize for watching your favorite TV show or for not putting lipstick or small things like that. Learn how to simplify yourself, because reducing your pressure will benefit your relationship.

Not Allowing Your Partner To Have Enough Time

We all need a small time to revive and maintain different relationships. It is not specific or beneficial to invest energy only with your better half, so make sure you allow your partner to meet their personal needs.

Don’t Forget Your Friends

Never ignore your own friends also. You need the same amount of friendship as your partner does, so make a point to maintain your other relations too. A strong friendship help as opposed to hurting great long-run relationships, so keep a balance between your love life and friends.

Don’t Talk Bad About Any Other Woman

Strong women support other women, attempting not to cut them down. Speaking badly about others indicates signs of insecurity and low confidence, so regardless of whether you are feeling insecure here, as compared to another woman, try to remember your great characteristics.

It is okay for your life partner to accept many times that you feel insecure, yet speaking critically about other women will not help the situation or boost your confidence. So don’t talk bad about any woman.

Not Listening To Your Man

We all want attention when we say something to someone. So, when your partner interacts with you, keep the telephone down and pay attention to what he has to say.

Because you also won’t like your partner to ignore you when you are saying something to him. So give them the respect you would expect from him.

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Everyone wants attention and for people to hear what they are saying. So, when your partner talks to you, put down the phone and really listen to what they have to say.

You wouldn’t want your partner to ignore you or half-listen to you, so give them the same respect you would want.

Don’t Take Your Man For Granted

Relationship Rules
Relationship Rules

Don’t forget to appreciate your man’s efforts and actions to make you feel special. If they take you out for a beautiful candlelight dinner or get a new dress for you, appreciate that.

See, being a partner, it’s not required for them, but if they are doing so, that means, they want you to feel their love for you. So, please appreciate and acknowledge.

Over the long haul in a relationship, we can start to take our partner for granted, and this is normal. But here, please remember, you take them for granted because of your love only and not for any other reason.

So basically it’s all about love and knowing each other.



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