10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship ~

Fight and disagreements are part and parcel in any relationship. It’s next to impossible to agree 100% every time with someone, who you share so much time of yours.

This is quite natural and normal. The magic that matters is, how one resolves these issues without moving out and staying together with the same love and care for each other.

Any disagreement or spat, be it a small or big one, if not resolved properly, can really cause some big damage to the relationship.

0 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship
10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

By addressing these issues properly and carefully one can always ensure better days and years to come for their relationship journey, with each other. 1

Major reasons for conflicts in a relationship

You need to identify first the reasons for these conflicts. Getting into the root of what actually is causing these conflicts is very much required. If you analyze deeply with a clear mind, you surely will find them.

You can address the problems and conflicts only when you know, what they are. No relationship doesn’t taste like sugar and feels like heaven always.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, struggles, and pain. But most relationships get over on some common causes which can be addressed at the very beginning or at the origin point itself.

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If partners in a relationship, struggle to get along, the below-mentioned points can be the reason:


One of the most common causes of relationship conflicts is Co-Dependency. Both the partners become reliant on each other, in some unhealthy way, whenever there’s a codependency problem in the mix.

Feeding each other’s sicknesses and allowing each other’s unhealthy patterns of living; become a common thing for Co-dependent partners. It is a toxic and heady brew that leaves them stuck and miserable for years. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

Lack of interest

Though sad but it is true when a relationship starts getting old, both the partners become insensitive to each other. They lose interest in each other and don’t make any effort to keep their relationship happy and healthy.

Lack of interest can be there for any reason, like a personal loss or just because of being neglected for a long time.

Unaddressed mental and emotional health issues

When we leave our mental and emotional health issues on the back seat, slowly but steadily some serious problems start taking place in our relationships.

How can one see their partner’s needs when they can’t even take care of their own needs? And that actually leads to a dead-end of a relationship.


Be it physical or emotional unfaithfulness, this only kills a relationship by giving every justified reason for conflict and breakdown.

Normally an emotional disconnection drives this type of action, but the result remains the same-arguments, conflicts, and losing trust. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

Issues with family

Now, this is something where both the partners have no control. If there is a problem with family members, it will be tough to concentrate on relationship issues and the needs of their partner. Family issues can always create problems where you least expect them. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

Fighting in a relationship is absolutely OK. This actually proves that you are a healthy and normal couple. What actually matters, that how do you two handle the fights and conflicts. When things go worse, resolving them in the best possible way is what matters.

Getting into the root of a conflict is not always easy but is very much required. Please use the tips, mentioned below, if you are in an argument with your partner, to make things easy for both of you.

  1. Be Straight.

When you want to convey something, which is negative, by nature, it becomes tough to open up. Because you love them and don’t want to hurt. But then, for a healthy relationship, it is required and you need to be straight and frank about that.

If you don’t express your views, it’s not going to be constructive for the relationship. Moreover, that gives a confusing idea to your partner of how to respond.

If they have hurt you, tell them clearly and tell them how you felt. Don’t keep that in your heart without saying to them. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

  1. Discuss but don’t blame.

To discuss and to blame are two different things. Discuss the points of your disagreements, but don’t play the game of blaming. Obviously, you will do that only, in case you don’t want to finish your relationship.

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Don’t try to assault your partner’s character with your statements and damage your relationship. Telling them, how their behavior made you feel will be enough, without going into the story of the incidence your partner was engaged in

  1. One issue at a time.

When you are discussing an issue, stick with that only. Don’t drag other issues and don’t start jumping over all other issues and topics of conflicts. The discussion should be constructive. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

  1. Check with a different approach.

Only listening to your partner’s disagreement won’t fix it. You will have to understand them and will have to see how they are feeling about that.

  1. Be an attentive listener.

When your partner doesn’t listen to you, it becomes really frustrating. The same goes for vice versa. So, when you are in an argument with your partner, listen to them with all your attention, willingly and with an open mind.

Use body language to make your partner feel that you are listening to them with full attention. Paraphrasing what they said is a great way to make your feel that you are attentive. Offer solutions when you are invited for the same.

Get clarity about the points, what they are saying by asking genuine questions. And remember to make sure that they feel that, you understand their feelings. These things will make your partner understand that you care for them and the relationship.

  1. Set boundaries not walls

Self-worth is very important. Setting up boundaries is always advisable in a relationship. Respecting each other helps to grow the relationship in the best way.

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Having said that, don’t make it a wall and make sure that our partner is comfortable with that. And on your behalf, you also respect them and their boundaries.

  1. While explaining allow them to respond.

When getting into a discussion about conflict, don’t just keep on explaining and saying. Make your explanation simple and allow your partner to respond when they are trying so. Don’t leave your partner guessing about what to say. Be true and specific. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

  1. Don’t be disrespectful.

The worse thing one can do, in an argument is so to be disrespectful to their partner.  Making small sarcastic remarks and hitting them below the belt might give some inner peace at that moment, but if one cares for the relationship, they will never do that.

If one does that, they are taking the relationship in a worse direction and not helping to resolve the issue at all. No name-calling and sarcastic comments on each other, if you want to take your relationship to the next level.

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Seeing each other’s hurt with an open mind will only help to make things working. Ugly words used in an argument are not going to help it. Behave as mature people and don’t be a kid. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

  1. Take a break.

You can’t solve all the conflicts at once. Take a step back, take some breath. Both the partners need to gather their thoughts and compose themselves before a new discussion.

10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

Don’t hesitate to pause when things start going nasty. When both of you feel emotionally stable and ready, start the discussion. But not from the point, where it was paused. Remember, it’s a fresh discussion. So don’t go back to the square.

  1. Avoid negativity taking control.

In case one of the partners behaves badly with the other, it becomes difficult to remain positive towards the relationship. But in case you want the relationship to last and don’t want to lose them, you will have to keep the negativity away from your mind and words. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

You can’t react in the same bad way, to avoid making things worse. If you do so, it will end up as a nasty closing and the relationship can be over forever soon. Try the best way to respond to the negativity, that is – responding with positivity.


Relationships are important in all our lives. They give a different meaning to our lives altogether. But the same relationship can be very challenging to manage with regular conflicts going on every now and then.

That’s why you first need to check out, if the relationship you are in, is worth saving at all or not. If it’s worth saving you should follow the tips mentioned above. And if you honestly feel otherwise, you know what you should do with that. 10 Best Ways to Resolve Conflicts In A Relationship

Remember, it’s your life and you have every right to be happy, with them or without them…


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